Notes In Observance – WCWC 3/12/16: The New Generation

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 3/12/16)

The New Generation

– After last week’s stellar introduction to sports agent Kate Carney and her establishment of clientele like The Bonus Boyz (BB) and Ethan HD, they continued to build off that with a backstage promo from Carney/BB where she again reemphasized her point that in this business, it was easier to make money than friends and BB wanted to make a name for themselves. The way Carney carries herself with confidence is impressive and her well-spoken nature definitely has our attention.

– The opening tag match between BB and Mikey O’Shea/Crash Test Cody was a fair follow-up to last week’s angle, starting off with the babyfaces (O’Shea particularly) out for BB’s blood and seeking revenge. CTC was a good partner for that mission. We liked the in-ring story of BB being taken more seriously in the ring, dominating with frequent tags and high-impact moves, isolating CTC, who looked tough by trying to take both his opponents on single-handedly. It was only a matter of time before O’Shea got tagged in and that proved to lead to the turning point, that even Carney’s apron distraction attempt couldn’t deter. We do see why they’d establish that Carney’s tactics won’t always work and she’s vulnerable, but why not take the opportunity to keep the new heel group hot and give them a cheap win? We would’ve booked that differently instead of O’Shea getting the pin with the Gunslinger, but for what it was worth, everybody here looked good.

After his 17 matches with WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Caleb Konley this year, it’s about time Gangrel moved on to something new. Not a bad time to cross paths with the dastardly Wrecking Crew. We got a kick out of Jeremy Blanchard’s backstage promo that poked fun at the “Vampire Warrior” and Morty Lipschitz was on commentary ripping on Gangrel’s look for our hearing pleasure as Gangrel battled WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III. The story here was Blanchard being a factor as usual and leading to what was first perceived as a pinfall victory for G3 via use of an illegal chain before having the decision reversed by a second official. This was the rare moment where The Wrecking Crew’s ways screwed them over and Gangrel gets a potential future Legacy Title shot out of it, keeping him busy creatively speaking. Everyone wins.

– After being clobbered in the cranium with an 8-ball last week, Remy Marcel wanted revenge against one half of the WCWC Tag Team Champions, Greg Romero, in singles action. This followed up last week nicely, as we saw Romero’s allies, Mr. Tubbs and “Rock God” Ricky Gibson helping their guy out. Marcel-Romero had nice chemistry in the ring, an easy styles clash. It was also nice to see resorting to the 8-ball lead to a loss for Romero since Marcel outsmarted him, using the distraction from outside for the win. So, for the record, that was 0-2 on the night for WCWC’s two biggest heel factions.

– The in-ring angle involving The Grappler, Matt Striker, G3, Marcus Malone, CTC and Gangrel was fine as far as establishing “The New Generation,” also advancing the ever-growing Grapplers feud. We forgot how good Striker can be on the mic as a heel and you couldn’t help but hate the guy as he practically called G1 a disabled, old man with poor grammar. He upped the ante by pouring water on G1, leading to a brief scuffle, to which G3 assaulted G1. This ended up drawing out Malone (G1’s advocated protege of sorts) and Gangrel for further babyface support. We thought maybe the goal was a multi-man match, but that didn’t come to fruition. Not exactly.

– Instead of cementing Malone with consecutive wins, they have him approach success and fall just short. However, the idea that he could hang with someone like Striker in the ring was the desired goal and that succeeded. Striker’s heel antics went above and beyond, even resorting to trying to get flowers from a fan, just because. A brief flurry of offense by Malone let us know he was alive, but it was Striker who came out on top. The added touch of him ringing the bell extra times was priceless. Is Striker here to stick around?

– In his own muscled mustachioed way, Eric Right made us believe in a backstage promo to hype the main event, that he was a contender to Konley’s Pacific Northwest Championship, against all odds. Him and that sleeper.

– In retrospect, the pairing of Konley and Right was a smart one. The gritty “No gimmicks needed” heel Konley was the perfect foil for the “Gentleman Brawler.” The main event was certainly the right slot for a match of this caliber, but we wish the bout had more life than it did. This didn’t catch fire until the end, when the finish saw Konley cheat his way out of losing the Title again, throwing the Referee to the canvas upon being caught in Right’s Sleeper. Sort of an abrupt ending to the show, which we weren’t crazy about, but at least Konley maintains momentum as the cowardly Champ looking for his next big challenger.






Quick Results

  • Mikey O’Shea/Crash Test Cody def. The Bonus Boyz (w/Kate Carney) via pinfall
  • Gangrel def. Grappler III (w/Jeremy Blanchard) via DQ
  • Remy Marcel def. Greg Romero (w/”Rock God” Ricky Gibson, Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall
  • Matt Striker def. Marcus Malone via pinfall
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Eric Right def. Caleb Konley via DQ; Konley retains 

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