Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 3/9/16: Rush Hour

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 3/9/16)

Rush Hour 

– With his flashy tropical personality, ROH has a star in the making with Dalton Castle. It’s easy to fall for his charm and as much of a spectacle he makes with all the colors and his two “Boys,” you want to see more. He has that effect. This episode focused a lot on Castle and while it was TV filler essentially, there was a golden opportunity to advance Castle’s never-ending feud with Silas Young. Castle’s opening backstage promo chatted up tropical sweets and desire for victories while saying Christopher Daniels would have his heart broken. In a very “Dalton” way, did we actually hype the main event?

– The ROH 2016 Top Prospect Tournament has brought us an interesting ensemble of hungry fighters desperate to make a name for themselves. From the way it was going, we could tell the stars were aligned for Brian Fury and Lio Rush to eventually meet. Decent hype on ROH’s part by replaying the post-match comments from each man after their last tourney matches. This was your classic “veteran heel vs. rookie babyface” dynamic and it also worked to complement each other’s styles. Rush pulled out some impressive moves and quickly won the crowd over. He almost reminds us of ACH with the way he moves around. There were a couple of great near-fall teases for Fury, his cheating ways holding him back since Referee Todd Sinclair caught him leaning on the ropes and Rush even kicked out of his pop-up powerbomb. Not long after, Rush hit his Rush Hour finisher to become the winner, the right man clearly going over. Rush earned a future ROH World Television Championship shot in the process, so that should be cool when it does happen. Rush yielded the least experience of anybody in the tournament, so he was the true personification of a “prospect” and he impressed us with this latest outing. We’re also curious to see where Fury’s character goes from here.

– There was a huge tag team gauntlet advertised for next week and we had good promos from reDRagon and The Young Bucks to help hype it up. Both of those teams are already considered favorites.

– The Moose-Kongo match was another notch in the belt of Moose’s growing career, as we had a mini-storyline of Moose wanting to go out on his own without Stokely Hathaway at ringside for learning purposes and build confidence. This was pretty entertaining, since Kongo was a big man (who obviously drew inspiration from the late Umaga) and relied on his size for offense, at one point dishing out a vicious barricade cannonball that the first row clearly wasn’t ready for. Moose also took to the air, hitting a nice top rope crossbody that eventually led to the spear that finished Kongo off.

– Cheeseburger got some highlight love, as they showed him making quick work of Mike “P-Dogg” Posey and his entourage earlier in the show. We also had an announcement that in two weeks, New Japan Pro-Wrestling talent like Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Kushida and other would appear on ROH TV. Sweetness.

– The in-ring angle involving Cedric Alexander, Veda Scott, Adam Page, BJ Whitmer and Jonathan Gresham advanced the Whitmer-Page (because we really asked for it?) feud while also throwing the Gresham-Alexander feud into the equation. Basically, Whitmer attacked Page when he came out for a match that was supposed to take place between him and Alexander, drawing out Gresham when Alexander joined Whitmer in the beatdown. We’ve still yet to know what is fueling Page and what makes him so angry at Whitmer. They need to quickly establish this if they want this feud to have any life.

– The Castle-Daniels main event was good for filler and we liked the added mix of Silas Young on commentary, who gloated about beating The Boys last week and repeatedly expressed that he was out there because “Daniels asked him to be out there.” Funny. The ring work leaned towards comedy with Daniels failing to “keep up” with Castle, but once it turned serious, it was pretty good. Given the clean finish where Daniels won, we’re not sure why Young didn’t get physically involved to give Castle an out for losing, but it at least led to what seems to be the final payoff, as Castle blamed Young for being in the way of his destiny of winning Championships, requesting a Fight Without Honor with Young. Should be fun if it’s indeed the payoff.






Quick Results

  • ROH 2016 Top Prospect Tournament – Finals – Lio Rush def. Brian Fury via pinfall
  • Moose def. Kongo via pinfall
  • Christopher Daniels (w/Frankie Kazarian) def. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) via pinfall

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