Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 3/7/16: WrestleCade Trifecta

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 3/7/16)

WrestleCade Trifecta

– This recap will be a three-for-one special, talking about America’s Most Liked Wrestling LIVE! Episodes 48-50, featuring more WrestleCade weekend matches. Episodes 48 and 49 saw action from the WrestleCade “Showcase Of Champions” with the four matches described below.

– The Reality Of Wrestling (Booker T’s promotion in Texas) Heavyweight Championship match between Ryan Davidson against Champion Mysterious Q was a decent opener. Davidson established himself early as a loudmouth unafraid to jaw back with the crowd while also being a credible in-ring threat by grounding Q’s legs and base of his aerial offense. Q on the other hand, relied upon stiff strikes, chops and natural athleticism to pull him through. Commentary tried to put Q over as a “silent, mysterious individual” but Q yelled to the crowd several times to pump them up, so that wasn’t connecting well with us. It might help Q get over with his namesake if he donned a mask, but his style was fine for what it was in the ring. Just when Davidson got a close near-fall, he got caught with a surprise cutter (the QKO?) which ended the match. Q retains.

– The Zane Riley-Colt Cabana match was more along that of comedy mixed with drama, but was also good while it lasted. The original bout was slated to be Cabana-El Blanco Gordito, but EBG was ruthlessly attacked by Riley, who called out the ever-rambunctious car dealer Tracy Myers and establishing that he’d take EBG’s spot. The comedy portion took over most of the match, with Colt having his way with the heavyset Riley, but it was better once Riley got in control. The finish was logical given the consequences, as Riley low-blowed Cabana and was attacked by EBG while the Referee attended to Cabana, not seeing his slow-motion 619 (funny) and that helped Cabana get the win. Cabana will always be Cabana, but Riley stood out in a good way.

– The Wildkat Sports and Entertainment Championship match between Champion Shane Taylor and Zane Dawson was an exciting cross-promotion affair where the “media bully” Dawson had a chance to uncrown Taylor in one of the rare occasions where Dawson found himself outmanned. This was a decent match overall, as Dawson jawed with anybody and everybody who’d lend an ear while Taylor made his comeback and put any of Dawson’s Championship hopes to the grave with a vicious second-rope body splash.

– The AML Tag Team Championship match between Champions, The Heatseekers and Team Axellence was a nice, old-school-esque tag bout where the relentless heels went against the upstart babyfaces. Axton Ray’s spots were particularly impressive and stuck out in our minds. Given how the Heatseekers climbed all the way to the top by winning a tournament and were notorious for breaking the rules, we expected their true colors to bring them to victory and while a low blow attempt, didn’t work by itself, it led to the finishing move where Sigmon pulled the plug on the contest.

– With us seeing The Heatseekers retain the gold, it was time to see who’d become their next challengers, all also going down during WrestleCade weekend. It was The Georgia South Guys, The Geordie Bulldogs, Nuclear Kaasarole (possibly the worst tag team name ever, but Chase Brown was impressive here, so we’ll let it slide) and The Washington Bullets all doing battle in a fatal four-way elimination tag so that whoever did get the nod would absolutely earn it. AML’s best feature remains their growing and diverse tag team division and we got more exposure to other teams in the process. Since WB had long history with the Champs, we expected them to come out by the end of it all, but Nuclear Kaasarole made a name for themselves in this bout, impressing us with some of their big maneuvers. The other teams didn’t do all that much during the match to catch our attention and we liked how the final two teams had separate pinfalls each. The final pinfall was the best part of the match, as it could’ve gone either way, but WB winning was the better call, since it reignites the Heatseekers-WB feud over the gold and WB gets a chance for redemption for the belts they should’ve had from the start. As for WB’s post-match promo, it was straight-forward even though the near “Booker T moment” was a bit too cutesy. The attack from The Georgia South Boys on WB was well-done for heat purposes, even though it was Nuclear Kaasarole who eliminated them. Either way, it creates a mini-program for WB while they await another shot from The Heatseekers.






Quick Results

  • Reality Of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Mysterious Q (Champion) def. Ryan Davidson via pinfall to retain
  • Colt Cabana def. Zane Riley via pinfall
  • Wildkat Sports And Entertainment Championship – Shane Taylor (Champion) def. Zane Dawson via pinfall to retain
  • AML Tag Team Championships – The Heatseekers (Champions) def. Team Axellence via pinfall to retain
  • AML Tag Team Championships #1 Contender Fatal Four-Way Elimination Tag – The Washington Bullets def. The Georgia South Guys, Nuclear Kaasarole and The Geordie BulldogsĀ 

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