Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 3/2/16: A Reborn Rush Of Real Bruising Fury

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 3/2/16)

A Reborn Rush Of Real Bruising Fury 

– Even though it’s a feud that’ll never end, it hasn’t stopped short of being entertaining with many stipulation bouts that have teetered the momentum both ways. Which feud could we possibly be talking about? Well, it’s the Silas Young-Dalton Castle one of course, with Dalton’s Boys and The Beer City Bruiser thrown in for good measure. This opening tag match with Young/BCB-Boys had some hype for a few weeks now and they upped the ante by having Young put his ROH career on the line out of overconfidence, perhaps placing a little anger from getting attacked from behind by Castle before the bell on that decision. This was a fun match while it lasted, with us getting to see what The Boys could offer in the future if they develop further. Some of their spots didn’t connect and there are times where we wish they could talk and not be ROH’s version of The Usos, but we won’t complain. In the land of Post-ROH-Pay-Per-View TV, this gave a seemingly throwaway show a little reason to watch. We even rooted for The Boys there for a moment, but reality came crashing down in the form of cannonballs, particularly from BCB that finished them off. Given how Castle had to be held back by security before the match, it was logical for him to have a second go at things. This feud won’t die and we’re loving every second of it.

– The Adam Cole-Matt Sydal main event said “cool, but throwaway” but that’s not to say it didn’t get any hype, as Cole cut a backstage promo putting Sydal over as a good pro wrestler but because he beat him not even being one-hundred percent last time, there was definitely no hope now that he was one-hundred percent.

– Smart move to have the ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2016 Semifinals carry the bulk of the filler-esque show, giving it interest in other places. The Semifinals match between Brian Fury and Action Ortiz was a decent pairing. Fury was put over as an experienced 17-year veteran who knew how to bend the rules, while Ortiz had praise from Tommy Dreamer as someone to watch. The chemistry was so-so, but we were amazed Ortiz could fly the way he did, but that attire… what on earth was that? The finish tied into Fury bending the rules by landing a low-blow “inadvertently” when he fell on his back and kicked his legs up, but pulling off an impressive Pop-Up Powerbomb. Fury’s post-match promo was generic, but decently delivered.

– The ROH Top Prospect Tournament Semifinals match between Punisher Martinez and Lio Rush was the better tourney match with an obvious size difference helping to tell a solid in-ring story. Martinez is the kind of guy Vince McMahon would love, being six-foot-six and all, while Rush was scrappy enough with his offense to be the perfect underdog. We were particularly impressed when Martinez flew over the top rope and then leading into the finish, where Rush countered a top rope powerbomb attempt into his own finisher, the Rush Hour. His post-match promo was also finely delivered, selling the injuries well the whole time. The tournament finals were hyped for next week.

– The Cole-Sydal match was a good main event, with Sydal being “at peace” while Cole was more aggressively straight-forward. Sedan pulled out some impressive moves from his aerial repertoire while Cole had some harsh answers in the form of kicks. The action became progressively faster towards the end and it all built up to a surprising upset win when Sydal hit the shooting star press for the win. Our only gripe with this is where it falls on the ROH TV timeline. Does this mean that Cole has now lost two straight matches (including the 14th Anniversary Show) and is slumping or does this match serve no other purpose than filler?






Quick Results

  • If Silas Young Loses, He Quits Ring Of Honor – Silas Young/The Beer City Bruiser def. The Boys via pinfall
  • ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2016 – Semifinals – Brian Fury def. Action Ortiz via pinfall to advance 
  • ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2016 – Semifinals – Lio Rush def. Punisher Martinez via pinfall to advance 
  • Matt Sydal def. Adam Cole via pinfall

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