Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 3/2/16: Climbing New Heights

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/2/16)

Climbing New Heights

– The opening video did a good job of recapping ongoing storylines, like seeing who Marty “The Moth” Martinez’s sister was and why he was obsessed with Sexy Star, with The Mack getting thrown in and the biggies – Catrina looking to get in Prince Puma’s head and granting Pentagon Jr. a matchup against him at her joy, as well as how the ladder match main event for the LUG Gift Of The Gods Championship was formed, with Catrina diverting Champion King Cuerno’s request to fight LUG Champion Mil Muertes to making him defend against Fenix.

– The Muertes-Catrina cutscene established their rocky relationship, since he was angry for listening to her advice and wanted a piece of both Pentagon and Puma. Catrina held a mental edge, saying she knew him since he was a “scared little boy” and reminded him that the Gods put him in a tomb, to which he responded in classic Muertes style – hands around her throat, feet off the floor. She denied his request to take both on before disappearing. Good stuff that tied into stuff from past season.

– An all-female match in LUG?! Shut. The. Front. Door. Anyways, the Sexy Star-Kobra Moon wasn’t OMG-terrific, but decently advanced the storyline saga that Sexy finds herself in with Martinez and gave Kobra Moon a second outing. We’ve seen more of the same from her, since she’s still a snake and all in this Max Moon-esque get-up, whereas her vignette a few weeks portrayed her as this badass closer to Ivelisse’s character. Sexy’s pendulum-like submission was awesomely brutal, but only led to the finish where despite having Mack at ringside, she was still distracted by “Moth” and that cost her the match, as Moon caught her in a dragon sleeper submission.

– Loved the “blending” of cutscenes, as another Famous B used car informercial aired, with him offering training services and beating up generic luchadors…. which El Dragon Azteca II was watching on Rey Mysterio’s television to Mysterio’s dismay since he wanted EDA II to be ready for his “destiny.”

– Another top highlight was the vignette for Cuerno, which portrayed him as a proud badass hunter, as he sat in a chair donning a cowboy hat and several animal heads on his walls, talking about how he felt no remorse after a successful hunt, only satisfaction. It also hyped the ladder match in that he expressed he didn’t want to be just a hunter, but now a god.

– It was nice to see Puma and Pentagon go at it for a few minutes with an awesome exchange of aerials and chain wrestling before Muertes crashed the party, essentially laying both of them out, tying back to his earlier mission of wanting to defeat both of them. The double Flatliner was well-executed, as was the symbolism of him ripping off the arm sling. Muertes is back and ready to play, folks. Get in the sandbox.

– The following Muertes-Catrina cutscene basically hyped next week’s big three-way LUG Championship match with him, Puma and Pentagon. The exchange between the two was interesting here, since he called laying both his opponents out “nothing” and sought to defend his Temple, while Catrina smirked behind his back at the last line. Is she secretly pulling for Fenix again?

– Aztec Warfare in three weeks? Color us excited. If last year’s was any indication, we’re in for a treat. Yeah, you’ll want to read about that. Feel free. #NoCheapPlugs

– The GOTG Championship ladder match main event between Fenix and Cuerno gave us another exciting option in their rivalry catalogue, while falling below their Last Luchador Standing match, still delivered an excellent bout with well-timed spots and things you don’t see in wrestling enough these days. LUG has that ability to blend itself to different styles and this was sort of that throwback to Extreme Championship Wrestling’s heyday. The biggest highlight here was Fenix’s stellar Tope Con Hilo off Catrina’s office and over a ladder onto Cuerno below. It went back-and-forth to the finish, but to our surprise (and slight delight) it was Fenix who regained the Title after pulling off an impressive top rope huracanrana onto a table below. The finishing visual of Fenix staring down Muertes back on his throne was symbolic in many ways. This is the Stone Cold Steve Austin-Rock of LUG, the ultimate feud. We almost expect Fenix to battle Muertes at Ultima Lucha II for the Title. That’s what they have to be building towards, but the ride there so far has been great.






Quick Results

  • Kobra Moon def. Sexy Star via submission
  • Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma to a no-contest
  • Gift Of The Gods Championship – Ladder Match – Fenix def. King Cuerno (Champion) to regain Championship 

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