Notes In Observance – WCWC 2/27/16: Once And For All

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 2/27/16)

Once And For All

– We kicked things off with a decent opener between Marcus Malone and The Bonus Boyz’s Clutch Kucera, seemingly designed on paper to be a way to keep Malone’s winning momentum going by giving him an opponent that outsized him turned out a bit different. Sure, Kucera was put over by commentary for his old linebacker days and it helped Malone in terms of selling all the big moves, but we would’ve booked this a bit differently. The finish of Brown blatantly stopping Malone’s impressive Blockbuster finisher was okay, but that should’ve been a DQ win for Malone. Instead, the Referee throws the match out amidst the “controversy,” but what’s so controversial? Malone’s opponent’s partner stopped the pinfall getting physically involved. Albeit, Malone got the last word by cleaning house of The Bonus Boyz after the bell, but “moral victories” don’t get ’em over. You could’ve had the exact same thing play out and gave Malone another win.

– It was about time we had a clash between The Whirlwind Gentlemen and The Wrecking Crew. It just makes sense to put them in battle together. This Special Tag Team Attraction match pitted the WG against WC’s Kassius Koonz/WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III. The heels wanted more gold, while WG looked to get back to winning ways after losing their belts so unceremoniously. The match’s story involved utter heel domination of Jack Manley, who worked most of the bout until the hot tag to Remy Marcel, ending in a finish that advanced the feud between Grappler I and G3. G1 came out to distract G3 and that allowed WG to get the victory. Pretty basic booking, but this was one of the show’s better parts. Nice touch having Dr. Goldfarb get walloped by the Grappler’s battle “dust cloud.”

– This might’ve been a first of the year having Gangrel cut a backstage promo, so we were a bit thrown off to remember anything he actually said, but we’re sure he wanted back his WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship from Champion Caleb Konley. In fact, the two would fight in a Best-Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls match for the main event and this gave that some necessary hype.

– “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea continues to be a key part of WCWC programming, displaying an intense look and style to go with his popularity amongst the fans. Brown made a formidable opponent, being the boxer from The Bonus Boyz but holding his own in singles competition as we’ve seen. It was displayed early on that O’Shea overpowered Brown, but Brown used some impressive maneuvers to dictate the pace and that forced O’Shea to come out of his comfort zone, all of it eventually ending in a Gunslinger for O’Shea to win. We never doubted the result here and it was a good way to keep O’Shea in the win column. If only they could’ve done that with Malone at the start of the show.

– Anybody who’s followed WCWC in 2016 will know that Gangrel and Caleb Konley have had one rivalry. All of it was over the company’s top belt, so it’s all good. Gangrel will always be Gangrel and the people will love him regardless, but Konley has really impressed us with this WCWC run, making the perfect brash heel, winning the belt cheaply and setting up this “once and for all” affair. These are two guys who know each other’s moves and that kind of chemistry can’t be replicated, so this made for a good match no matter what. The first fall was formulaic, both guys feeling each other out until Konley won by pinfall using the ropes. The second fall was more along of what the feud has consisted of – Konley wearing Gangrel down and coming close to putting him away, but being undone by being caught by the Referee on a pinfall attempt and an Impaler DDT. Gangrel winning the second fall wasn’t doubted at that point and it was all to the final fall, which went back to traditional rules. The third fall was the most physical by far and we were kind of taken aback by the sudden ending, where Konley brought a chair into the ring and shoved the Referee for a blatant DQ. We almost thought that Gangrel winning the fall and the match would give him the Title back, but we breathed a sigh of relief when they brought up the third fall being under traditional rules and Konley retained. It came off like a weak way to keep Konley Champion while giving Gangrel some sympathy, but the match was good. Now, we wonder if this was really “once and for all,” but we’re ready for Konley to take on someone new for a change.






Quick Results

  • Marcus Malone and Clutch Kucera (w/Sugar Brown) to a no-contest
  • Special Tag Team Attraction Match – The Whirlwind Gentlemen def. Kassius Koonz/Grappler III via pinfall
  • Mikey O’Shea def. Sugar Brown via pinfall
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Best-Two-Out-Of-Three Falls – Gangrel def. Caleb Konley (Champion) two falls to one; Konley retains Title due to final fall ending in DQ 

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