Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/24/16: Flight Of The Valkyrie

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 2/24/16)

Flight Of The Valkyrie

– The opening video chronicled the Cage-Johnny Mundo and Texano-Chavo Guerrero Jr. feuds, or to put it simply, Chavo-Mexico, because Texano’s a country or something like that. Yeah, we don’t get it either, but roll with it. At least the Cage-Mundo feud offers something different that plays to both men’s strengths.

– Cool opening cutscene with Vampiro priming his protege Pentagon Jr. up in the dojo, living vicariously through him as a way to eventually “be free.” It’s obvious Vampiro sees a lot of himself in Pentagon and it was open to interpretation who they referred to as “her.” It was likely Catrina.

– Jack Evans’ heel work has been exceptional as of late. He continued his magic, carrying himself a la Chris Jericho circa 1998 with his hairstyle and overconfidence. The way he snatched the microphone from Melissa Santos and did his own intro/promo was gold. On the other side, we had “The Darewolf” PJ Black as his opponent. Ring-wise, this was a great pairing, as they had good chemistry and bounced off each other’s moves. It was more about the Evans-Drago feud though, which had good progression, as Drago appeared in the crowd after Evans insulted him before the bell. The finish gives us mixed feelings. Having Drago spew the mist in Black’s eyes to lead to Evans winning was obviously good for Evans and enhances their feud, but Black lost his second consecutive LUG match. Sure, they dedicated airtime to a hype video for him and he had a close nearfall, but hopefully they salvage something for him here. Luckily, the way he stared down Drago and slammed the nunchucks on the canvas was an indication that his character could go rudo.

– The Famous B used car sales commercial was entertainment in of itself.

– Not everybody seems to be sold on Killshot lately. Part of that can be accredited to the character’s vagueness, but you can’t deny his in-ring talent. They’re following the same experiment that has worked in WWE with Kalisto and TNA with Tigre Uno in letting the guy show off in the ring. His match against the Gift Of The Gods Champion King Cuerno wasn’t perfect, only notable for exchanged stiff kicks and calculated athleticism, but it served as a storytelling piece for a bigger purpose. We liked how Matt Striker was vocal in noticing how Cuerno wasn’t defending his GOTG Title for the second consecutive match, wondering what that was all about. The result wasn’t a surprise, but it allowed the Fenix-Cuerno feud to advance, as Fenix ran off Cuerno from the ring when he continued attacking Killshot after the match was won.

– So, Texano was back and wielding war against Chavo/The Crew in Gauntlet action. This was pretty basic, with Texano easily getting through Mr. Cisco with a superkick and then defeating Cortez Castro, who put up more of a fight. We’d seen that Chavo was obviously stalling for time, but had to eventually get in there. The finish was all about screwing Texano over, as Castro used Texano’s bull rope to hold down his feet to prevent him from kicking out, meaning this won’t be a payoff angle here. This feud is boring to be honest. It’s not helping Texano get over as a face and is only making us groan more when Chavo hits the screen. The only cool idea remains that Castro is an undercover cop, but not even that was explored here.

– The show got better with the Dario Cueto-Black Lotus cutscene, as he revealed what sparked his love of violence – his brother Mantanza “saving his life” by walloping their abusive mother senselessly in the back of the head with a plastic red bull, which he currently grasped with full emotion. We learned a lot about Cueto there, or he was simply manipulating BL further to his sadistic side.

– The Catrina-Pentagon Jr. cutscene saw some intense interaction between the two, as Pentagon wanted a match against Prince Puma, while Catrina held over his head what he’d done to LUG Champion Mil Muertes, questioning why she’d give him what he wanted. In true Pentagon fashion, he grabbed her and they engaged in brief hand-to-hand combat when he had her in position to break her arm, with her able to disappear out of it. Catrina got the last laugh by granting Pentagon his match, but promising that touching her was the biggest mistake he ever made. We’re curious as to what that entails.

– The Mundo-Cage main event lived up to the hype, as Mundo’s athletics won us over with some cool spots (the springboard step corkscrew for one) and Cage held his own, using spots reliant upon his power. It was a good balance throughout, as they both pointed at Muertes at various points, making their full intentions clear. The dividend here was the LUG debut of Taya Valkyrie, the AAA Queen Of Queens Champion, as she helped Mundo win and assisting him in a post-match beatdown. She was quite colorful in her attire, but from what we hear of her abilities in AAA, American viewers are in for a treat. She can wrestle multiple styles and gives us another female luchador. It also creates sympathy for Cage and makes you want to see him get his revenge.

– Just when we thought Cuerno was content working with Catrina, we got “the hunter” in full force, as the GOTG Champion staked his claim at Muertes next week, saying he had his Title shot granted to him by way of the Title, demanding Catrina make it happen, broken arm or not. Catrina mentioned the deal and Cuerno didn’t want to hear it, which made her instead book Cuerno to defend the belt against Fenix, dropping an extra bomb that it’d be a ladder match. We know her obvious goal is protecting Muertes at all costs with her powers, but perhaps she still has something for Fenix, since she was granting him a chance to get the belt back.






Quick Results

  • Jack Evans def. “The Darewolf” PJ Black via pinfall
  • King Cuerno def. Killshot via pinfall
  • Gauntlet Match – Chavo Guerrero Jr./The Crew def. Texano via pinfall
  • Johnny Mundo def. Cage via pinfall

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