Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 2/24/16: Patience Wears Thin

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 2/24/16)

Patience Wears Thin

– Another week, another match where ROH World Television Champion Roderick Strong takes on “the world.” This time, it was Jonathan Gresham. We had a brief promo before the bell from Veda Scott, who tried to buy Cedric Alexander that TV Title shot, tying back to when Gresham upset Alexander, as Gresham valiantly turned down a check offer. Good explanation from commentary in questioning the legitimacy of Scott’s promise, saying that she couldn’t have had that much money from the lawsuit settlement and having a possible clause that’d get her out of dishing out that cash. As for the match, it had the makings of a Strong squash, as he boasted beaming confidence en route to his match against Bobby Fish that’d take place at ROH’s 14th Anniversary. Gresham put on an impressive showing, perhaps his best to date, moving around with ease, switching from submission to submission, even scoring a close near-fall on Roddy before a knee strike did him in. The post-match interaction with Fish and Strong fit their feud, as Fish attacked Strong coming out of the crowd and taunted him to fight, only for the heel Strong to raise his belt and back away.

– Where Mickie James is Hardcore Country, The Briscoe Brothers are Charismatic Country. They hyped the main event tag match against ACH/Alex Shelley in general bearded yelling fashion.

– ROH World Tag Team Champions War Machine got their buffer bout in the form of manhandling Tough Guy Inc. (who had an odd chemistry themselves) and despite some clunky spots, the overall message was sent that they were ready to defend at ROH’s 14th Anniversary against The All-Night Express, who came out wielding weapons and bold threats. Decent hype.

– Like many of his previous backstage promos, Silas Young talked about how his patience ran out for The Boys as they chose to associate with Dalton Castle than take advantage of the opportunity to be “real men.”

– It of course wouldn’t be ROH’s 14th Anniversary without a Superkick Party and some hype to go with it, as The Young Bucks cut a promo on the ramp, building up their associate in The Elite, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega.

– We saw more hype for the BJ Whitmer-Adam Page feud, brief as it is, as Whitmer returned to the ring after months of injuries and ended the match with an Exploder and then delivered another one. His opponent Chase Brown had an odd look to him, kind of a given for a guy who brought cauliflower to the ring with him. The post-match interaction was okay, as Whitmer called out Page only to be attacked by behind, with Steve Corino also interrupting him. For an angry heel who just turned face without explanation, it’d be nice to actually hear from Page rather than have commentary try to explain it for him. We get that he was so riled up, but why not have him express that?

– The biggest match on ROH’s 14th Anniversary Card also got its share of hype, with an excellent promo exchange between ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole, the three guys who’d battle later in the week. Cole stayed true to his heel self, by denying to call O’Reilly on main event level and saying that Lethal hadn’t beaten him among his growing list of defeated names. Lethal also had his moment as well, referring to O’Reilly as a “kid” and putting over that The House always wins and didn’t want to wait for the PPV to fight. We wrapped it up with O’Reilly coming out and making like he’d speak before sucker-kicking Lethal, which sparked an ensuing brawl between the main event participants, which ended with O’Reilly standing atop both men. Great segment.

– In an odd choice for a go-home main event, we had ACH/Alex Shelley against The Briscoes, with Christopher Daniels on commentary to hype his match with Shelley at ROH’s 14th Anniversary. ACH was his usual floppy self, while the Briscoes looked good as they geared up to fight “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin/Hiroshi Tanahashi at the PPV. Okay match which ended with Daniels trying to get the best of Shelley, as he held his foot down on the apron to prevent him from breaking the winning pinfall. The show ended on an awkward note, as Kazarian/Chris Sabin came down to the ring, only The Addiction beating down Shelley until ACH pulled him out from the ring. Basically, Addiction wasn’t pleased that Sabin didn’t touch Shelley, which probably hints at a Motor City Machine Guns reformation.






Quick Results

  • ROH World Television Championship – Roderick Strong (Champion) def. Jonathan Gresham via pinfall to retain
  • War Machine def. Tough Guy Inc. via pinfall
  • BJ Whitmer def. Chase Brown via pinfall
  • The Briscoes (w/ODB) def. Alex Shelley/ACH via pinfall

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