Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 2/16/16: Uncaged Redemption

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/16/16)

Uncaged Redemption

– The opening video did a decent recap on some of the bigger storylines, like Ethan Carter III stemming back renegade-style to gain revenge on the Matt Hardy Brand, also hyping the TNA World Tag Team Championships match between the Champions, The Wolves and Decay, happening in Monster’s Ball.

– The backstage segment with EC3 and Dixie Carter was short, but sweet in giving us the news that EC3 would get his rematch against Hardy in a steel cage match at next week’s Lockdown event, with EC3 thanking her and saying he had something personal to do.

– The opening in-ring segment between EC3, Tyrus and Hardy was a good way to set the track for a babyface EC3 wanting revenge, targeting Tyrus, his former bodyguard first. Tyrus on the other hand, also defended himself well by saying he knew all of EC3’s secrets and tried to convince him he didn’t want this. EC3 looked brave for taking the first strike, brawling around until Hardy found the right time to join the fray briefly, before EC3 got the momentum back, as the heels backed out of the ring. Liked the announcement early on that Hardy/Tyrus would fight EC3 and a partner of his choice. We had predicted Rockstar Spud would somehow end up in there, slowly but surely.

– The King Of The Mountain Championship match between Champion Eric Young and James Storm started with a decent promo exchange between Young/Bram and Beer Money, with everybody simply wanting to fight. Storm was the highlight here, saying that Young hadn’t beaten him despite beating Roode on a few occasions, giving us a reason for the match. The action was okay, but it wasn’t long before the double countout ended things abruptly. Yup, that makes the KOTM Title look better. The “bad blood” led to a long, overdrawn brawl between the four that went backstage and lasted almost until the last segment. As silly as that was, it at least set up the steel cage match next week between BM and Young/Bram.

– The backstage segment with EC3 and Drew Galloway was good, as it made sense for Galloway to want to team up with EC3 since he had previous problems with Hardy/Tyrus, aka “common goals,” and EC3 politely turned it down, saying it was a battle only he could fight on his own. Liked the line Galloway dropped in there about him putting over his briefcase that could change momentum (and the Champion) at the turn of the dime. We still had a feeling Spud would work his way in.

– “The Miracle” Mike Bennett had a better showing on this episode, as he pleaded his case to be an inevitable TNA World Heavyweight Champion while doing the heelish thing of complaining about being cheap shotted by Kurt Angle the previous week, wanting to beat one of “Britain’s own,” Mandrews. This was a more proportionate squash match, most noteworthy with Bennett changing his finisher name from “Divine Intervention” to “Miracle In Progress.” Pope’s line defending Bennett’s post-match beatdown as a “revival” was funny. Galloway making the save with Bennett slipping away furthered the feud and we wonder if something happens with these two at Lockdown.

– The backstage segment with The Decay was mainly about an unnamed male proclaiming he “remembered Rosemary and would see her soon” while Decay was cozy behind caged bars. Right. Maybe he’ll be another member down the road.

– Bennett got even more heat when he beat down Galloway and Mandrews backstage after Galloway claimed that he was someone who never backed up his big talk. Finally, this is the Bennett we were hoping for. Still don’t quite get the whole “Miracle” thing, but Bennett’s getting over on his own natural abilities.

– We had lots of fears over what or who “Odarg The Great” could possibly be. Ugh.

– The backstage segment with Hardy, Tyrus and Spud made a lot of sense, since the heels were trying to beat Spud to the punch, by trying to convince him to not stick his nose in their business anymore, referencing Tyrus’ attack on him last week. This almost confined our suspicions that Spud would end up with EC3 one way or another.

– For us, the show’s highlight was the Monster’s Ball match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships between The Wolves and Decay. Monster’s Ball is mainly synonymous with spot-fest weaponry battles with little relevance, but this amped things up a few notches than usual. Perhaps it was the look of Decay mixing with the Wolves’ ability to adapt to a hardcore style? Either way, this was fun all throughout and the crowd especially was into it. We had some nice table spots, a suicide dive spot on a barbed-wire board, thumbtacks on a chair, among others. Sure, Janice made an appearance, but we got past that one. The finish made the Wolves look smart by using Rosemary’s own mist on her and then tossing Crazzy Steve onto a thumbtack-covered chair. Decay was in their element and didn’t lose much here. All in all, probably the most memorable Monster’s Ball to date.

– The Spud-EC3 backstage segment was key, with Spud referencing their long history and trying to do the right thing only to be turned down by EC3, who said Spud helped others too much and wanted to go alone.

– Another week, another match where Gail Kim dominates The Dollhouse. Basically, Kim/Madison Rayne beat Marti Bell/Jade with decent action, but it’s hard to take DH seriously at this point. They look like afterthoughts without a pure leader and even despite the post-match attack, they didn’t gain much since they got beat down by Velvet Sky and ran away. On that note, we did like the announcement that the six would battle in Lethal Lockdown next week.

– Now to the dumb stuff. Mahabali Shera has a new partner from India and he’s… Grado in a blue singlet and a blue mask. Oh, he’s Odarg The Great? Oh dear god. Josh Mathews covered it well on commentary when he exclaimed, “Seriously?”

– The Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz-Shera/Odarg match was average action-wise but annoyingly inconsistent with the storyline we had been previously getting. Firstly, it’s obviously Grado in a mask/singlet and with the same theme music. You’re telling us if we get fired from a job, we can simply wear a mask, rename ourselves and the job is still ours? Don’t even get us started that this isn’t the first TNA talent to go with a ring name that spells another word backwards (yes, Rellik, we’re talking about you) and then on top of it all, how did this fly over the head of Drake, who was so hellbent last week on making sure Grado was out of TNA for good, since he was an ex-employee trespassing on company property? Drake tried to rip off the mask during the match, but seemed more shocked than angry about being pinned to end the match. What happened to all the talk of getting screwed last week? Will we ever see Grado’s “proof”?

– The backstage segment with Drake, Godderz and Odarg didn’t leave things any better, even if we began to get angry and suspicious Drake again, before he was approached by Odarg, who bragged about beating him in the ring.

– The tag team main event between EC3/Spud and Hardy/Tyrus provided good action, with the predictable outcome of EC3 coming out first and then Spud coming down to help him when the numbers game caught up to him. The best part of it all was Spud getting to show what he can do best in the ring (even if they resorted to a low blow) and then EC3 getting the pinfall on Hardy to gain some momentum. That said, you could probably say that Hardy retains the Title next week, but this at least makes it look possible that EC3 can pin this new “iconic” Hardy.






Quick Results

  • TNA King Of The Mountain Championship – Eric Young (Champion) (w/Bram) and James Storm (w/Bobby Roode) to a double countout; Young retains 
  • “The Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett) def. Mandrews via pinfall
  • TNA World Tag Team Championships – Monster’s Ball – The Wolves (Champions) def. Decay (w/Rosemary) via pinfall to retain
  • Gail Kim/Madison Rayne def. Jade/Marti Bell (w/Rebel) via pinfall
  • Mahabali Shera/Odarg The Great def. Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz via pinfall
  • Ethan Carter III/Rockstar Spud def. Matt Hardy/Tyrus via pinfall

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