Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/17/16: Mucho Miedo

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/17/16)

Mucho Miedo 

– The opening video recapped the storyline between Ivelisse/Angelico/Son Of Havoc and The Trios Champions, The Disciples Of Death, tying Ivelisse into the storyline with Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma, since Puma saved her from getting her arm broken and Pentagon broke Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes’ arm. We’d see Puma and Pentagon fight in the main event. All good stuff here.

– Ivelisse continues to put in an impressive performance, proving to be an important part of this season thus far. The segment with her and Catrina continued their little rivalry, as she blamed Catrina’s Disciples for being the reason she and her boys were no longer Trios Champions and wanted another shot at them. Catrina made a good theme of “mercy” and we liked her throwing her authority around that rematches weren’t automatic in her Temple and needed to be earned, as she said Ivelisse/SOH/Angelico would battle another team she saw “in the running.”

– The Trios match between Angelico/Ivelisse/SOH and Chavo Guerrero Jr./The Crew tied into the storyline of Catrina inviting The Crew down to the Temple, also tying into the fact that Cortez Castro was actually “Officer Reyes” in the midst of an undercover cop mission to take down Dario Cueto. This was a crazy opener, with the babyfaces getting over on their own abilities – Ivelisse was a hearty fighter, SOH held his own and Angelico… Man, what more can you say about his aerials? Downright amazing stuff. He nearly stole the show by himself. The faces winning kept their momentum going and we can see the rematch happening sooner or later, but we expect Catrina to throw a few more curveballs in there. The post-match stuff with Chavo yelling at The Crew only for them all to be run out of the ring by Texano was a decent development.

– Johnny Mundo’s hype video was a show highlight for sure, as he talked up his overconfident persona with footage of his in-ring matches and parkour training to back him up. Mundo voiced that he was LUG’s biggest star and wasn’t being treated as such, since he opened Ultima Lucha and claimed he stole the show anyway, ended the career of Alberto El Patron and then brought up Cage being an obstacle for his quest to be LUG Champion. This furthered the Cage-Mundo feud and the line that this was “his world and everyone else was living in it” was a solid kicker.

– The backstage segment with Officer Reyes and Joey Ryan carried off last week’s final scene well, with Reyes showing clear disdain for Ryan and how he handled business, which sounded just like the Ryan character we’re used to in the independent circuit. Ryan gloating that Reyes did a crappy job being a luchador while hyping his own match was a good hook.

– The Ryan-Cage match gave us some good back-and-forth action, as Ryan soaked in all of his greasy, lollipop-sucking glory. The idea was that Ryan held his own against the “machine” and tried often times to get the pinfall, but to no avail. Cage continues to be an intriguing babyface, deemed as the guy who “stands up for the little guy” and has the support of the people for sure. Cage winning was logical and adds a wrinkle to the relationship between Ryan and Reyes going forward. Loved the initial post-match attack on Cage by Mundo, who used Muertes’ own spear and sent a message to the Champion before his plan backfired and ended up a victim of Weapon X. As we saw, it all culminates to a match next week with the two. We’re intrigued.

– There continues to be all this talk of reuniting the “seven tribes” as we saw with Aerostar last week and this time, being added to the Rey Mysterio/El Dragon Azteca II relationship, as we got more explanation of how to fits into Matanza and Dario Cueto Sr.

– We had immensely high expectations heading into the Puma-Pentagon main event and it didn’t disappoint a bit. Both men put in impressive performances and bounced off each other’s styles in the ring. Even commentary added to the bout, as Vampiro essentially played Pentagon’s mentor, giving us some great insight. The athleticism was almost action movie-esque and the near-falls towards the end tightened it all up excellently. We applauded the finish since it made Puma look like he barely won and protected Pentagon to a level. The post-match angle which saw Puma tease breaking Pentagon’s arm to let go after Pentagon kicked Referee Marty Elias fed into Catrina’s speech to Puma last week about “joining the dark side.” This puts Puma back into a LUG Title Shot conversation, which can’t be a bad thing.

– We’re ever so close to finding out who Marty “The Moth” Martinez’s “sister” is, since we saw Sexy Star finally break free and run into The Mack, who wondered what put her in her current shape, before she pointed to the sister. Judging by Mack’s facial expression, it should be a shocker.






Quick Results

  • Trios Match – Angelico/Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc def. Chavo Guerrero Jr./The Crew via pinfall
  • Cage def. Joey Ryan via pinfall
  • Prince Puma def. Pentagon Jr. via pinfall 

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