Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/10/16: Last Luchador Standing

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/10/16)

Last Luchador Standing

– Lucha Underground’s Second Season hasn’t missed a beat thankfully, and the central plot so far was been Catrina (the new boss) doing stellar work to intimidate the rivals of Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes, while Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. butt heads all for the goal to face Muertes. Pentagon literally left his mark on Murrtes when he broke his arm and now Muertes sits on his epic throne atop the Temple in an arm sling and un uneasy expression.

– On this episode, we saw Kobra Moon’s debut, who came off like a badass woman in the hype vignette, yet here was a sexy snake or serpent. She looked like a Mortal Kombat character, which fits the LUG universe realm, but something was inconsistent with who we previously saw. That said, her moves were fluid against Bengala (purdy cat man) and it was expressed that despite the sex appeal, her moves were deadly. Perhaps a more revealing outfit would’ve made this easier to show, but what we got was good. Her body scissors submission finisher was pretty-looking.

– The backstage segment with Fenix and Catrina progressed the Fenix storyline, as he pleaded for Catrina to give him another shot at Gift Of The Gods Champion King Cuerno, since he was eager for a shot to get his old belt back. This tied into Catrina’s previous “relationship” with Fenix as she mentioned she still gets a “little excited” when he’s near. Loved Fenix’s line of gunning for Muertes/Catrina after being finished with Cuerno. Gave us something to look forward to.

– The Aerostar hype video was a lot to digest initially but the reality of it is that Aerostar is a time-traveling warrior from outer space who can also fly. LUG’s cinematic elements are insanely brilliant.

– The Cuerno-Catrina backstage segment was the hour’s most intriguing part, as Catrina tried to convince her bounty hunter to take down Fenix for good, that taking his Title simply wasn’t enough. Cuerno covered well for himself, saying he did what Catrina asked, to which Catrina laid down a good line that “even the best hunter” would fall prey to Muertes. All in all, this set up the golden announcement that the main event would be a Last Luchador Standing match with Catrina demanding Cuerno put down Fenix for good. You can tell Catrina was trying to eliminate Fenix from the equation entirely, since he knows what it’s like to beat Muertes.

– The Jack Evans-Drago match was an excellent example of the best lucha-libre LUG offers Both guys worked an insanely fast pace that even we got tired from watching them run around. Evans retained his rudo character with a technico moveset from previous season by biting Drago’s thumb while applying a submission maneuver and got massive heat from that point forward. The spotlight was all on Evans as he ended up winning by using the ropes for slight leverage and cut a great heel promo as he announced himself as the winner and renowned himself as the “dragon slayer.” Looks like we have a feud brewing here.

– The Texano hype video portrayed him as a proud Mexican cowboy, picking fights with random bar thugs and tying into his past history of getting humiliated by Chavo Guerrero and Blue Demon Jr. Basically, he’d return for the next week. Let’s see how that goes down.

– Catrina continued to make her rounds intimidating everyone she came across, planting seeds of doubt in Prince Puma’s head, maybe convincing him to join the dark side by bringing up his “dead” former mentor, Konnan and how he begged for forgiveness before having the casket closed on him, questioning if he was looking to be forgiven for his own sins or failing Puma. Good for Catrina, hit him right where it hurts. This also hyped Puma’s match next week with Pentagon nicely.

– We went into the Last Luchador Standing match between Fenix and King Cuerno with high expectations given the talent involved and we loved Matt Striker being frustrated over the idea of Cuervo’s GOTG Title not being on the line and what it meant here. The two went at each other with high-impact and quick-paced moves, yet also leaned towards the brutal side of the stipulation by welcoming ladders and tables to the equation. The finish was quite fitting and innovative as Fenix fought all the way back to stand atop Catrina’s office and topple the ladder with Cuerno on it over backwards to a table below. Another key aspect to the match was in the several shots of Muertes atop his throne, showing signs of uneasiness when Fenix was on the offense and a more relaxed nature when Cuerno was winning. Needless to say, Muertes wasn’t pleased with the result. Best of all, Fenix losing the GOTG Championship didn’t put him in the background, as it only likely strengthens his comeback. We still see a Fenix-Muertes ultimate showdown happening sometime soon, maybe at Ultima Lucha II, but for now, we know another Fenix-Cuerno match is likely happening.

– The final segment with Captain Vasquez, “Officer Reyes,” and “Officer Ryan” was utterly brilliant and gives us both a new look at the former Cortez Castro character and introduces Joey Ryan to the LUG universe. The gist of it was that Reyes/Ryan’s mission was to bring down Dario Cueto and pretend to hate each other during the spy mission. This tied into Catrina giving The Crew “an invitation” to the Temple and how Reyes wanted to take down Cueto after the murder of Bael. Definitely want to see where this goes.






Quick Results

  • Kobra Moon def. Bengala via submission
  • Jack Evans def. Drago via pinfall
  • Last Luchador Standing – Fenix def. King Cuerno 

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