Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling 2/3/16: All Hail The Greek God

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 2/3/16)

All Hail The Greek God

– Even despite its 30 minutes, we dig the sleek, sports-like feel of the company’s broadcast presentation right down to the patriotic logo. This is how pro wrestling should always be presented. We even dug the show’s continuity factor by refreshing viewers to the events that unfolded last episode, when The Heatseekers became the first AML Tag Team Champions by “serving” dirty deeds to The Washington Bullets during intense battle by showing the contest’s final minutes. Of course we didn’t get the excellent post-match promo here, but we appreciate that attention to detail, even when anybody could simply look the episode up on YouTube and just watch it for themselves.

– This week’s featured match was a three-way for the AML Wrestling Championship from “Showcase Of Champions” during WrestleCade Weekend 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC between Champion Caprice Coleman, Ethan Carter III and Greek God Papadon. EC3 and Coleman were extended versions of their respective characters in TNA and Ring Of Honor, while Papadon bathed in the spotlight as the overconfident heel, using numerous opportunities to get under fans’ skin by demanding respect via the ring announcer. EC3 started as a babyface, playing along with the crowd’s chants and cutting a promo on Papadon with a joke early on. Coleman was his usual charismatic babyface self, looking like an esteemed reverend of sorts. EC3 “turned” halfway through by apologizing to Papadon and forming an alliance, giving Coleman the sympathetic underdog role. The alliance was short-lived when both men tried respective pinfall attempts to the other’s dismay. These three had great chemistry from bell-to-bell and that was all you could ask for. Coleman flashed some aerial maneuvers and seemed to be heading towards a successful defense before an abrupt derailment when Papadon secured a pinfall with help of the second rope. Everybody seemed shocked and that was covered well on commentary. We’re intrigued to see what Papadon can do as new Champion as he’s certainly an excellent heel. We liked the post-match segment, as Coleman cut a promo that getting back up after being knocked down was as important as anything else. It was decent to see EC3 go back to babyface mode by giving Coleman his undivided support. The ironic thing is that what we saw here on AML is what’ll probably transpire soon on other wrestling shows, since Coleman’s primed for a notable heel run in ROH and EC3 has been given the green light for a newfound babyface run in TNA. If this show indicates anything, we have no reason to be concerned about those creative decisions.






Quick Results

  • AML Championship – Three-Way – Greek God Papadon def. Caprice Coleman (Champion) and Ethan Carter III via pinfall to become new Champion

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