Notes In Observance – WCWC 1/30/16: Bottoms Up

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/30/16)

Bottoms Up

– Unlike some wrestling programs that broadcast live on Monday nights, we applaud other companies like the West Coast Wrestling Connection for actually containing storyline consistencies. How simple is that for convincing television? Let’s get to the fun.

– The Darin Corbin-Cameron Cole match focused on Corbin’s “lucky win streak” momentum, since he beat Jessy Sorenson last week by countout and nothing could stop him. We love Corbin’s over-the-top mannerisms and facial expressions, coming off as a swarmy guy you don’t want to like. We wish he’d say more in his promos than threats of “Ginger Snapping” people, but hey, they’re starting to get somewhere with him. On the other side of the bout, you had Cole, who recently came off a loss from Ethan HD. The action consisted of a mix of technical style maneuvers and smartly played stalling tactics by heel Corbin. Before Cole could cap off a convincing comeback, Corbin poked his eye behind the Referee’s back to up his winning streak to two. We’re all for it, but damn, everyone gets one over on this Referee.

– Mikey O’Shea was out for revenge this week against Caleb Konley and continues to get pushed as WCWC’s heartiest competitor. Konley felt he had beaten O’Shea many times before and had no problem this time doing it again. The action was okay, though sort of overshadowed by the commentary of Grappler I, who addressed his desire to prove he still had it to the “new and improved” Wrecking Crew and “flipped out” when asked about Alex, who he regarded as his “brother from another mother.” Are we supposed to cheer for Grappler I? He’s the good Grappler, right? Why are we portraying the babyface as an irritable, imbalanced individual? It’s building to something surely. Also liked the finish where O’Shea outsmarted Konley’s latest devious low blow plan by wearing “protection.”

– Greg Romero, Mr. Tubbs and “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson continue to be the company’s most intriguing heel act, and it’s not even close. Between Romero’s brash persona, Gibson’s flashy annoyance skills and the colorfully styled Tubbs, what’s not to love? Justin Alexander came into the match with a chance to impress, but didn’t shine much here. Sure, you had the out of him having to fight off Romero’s allies on the outside, but this felt thrown together last minute and was mildly unspectacular, despite Morty Lipschitz’s entertaining input on commentary. Romero won yet again with his eight-ball wrapped in a t-shirt shot. Will the Ref ever catch on to why his own shirt wins him so many matches? Cotton ain’t that powerful, son…

– Before WCWC, Jessy Sorenson was synonymous with missed opportunities and an unfortunate neck injury. Here, he gets to shine as sort of a “Southern” Randy Orton, being built well so far. His backstage promo hyping the main event against Hammerstone, as he sought revenge made perfect sense as he put over his opponent as someone he did many battles with elsewhere and this time it was with a definitive purpose – bottoms up. Can’t be broken. Word. Also dug the “replays” from last week that showed the reason for the match being booked, driving the emphasis that Sorenson sought retribution.

– With all the build for Ethan HD, you’d think his Title shot against WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Gangrel would’ve been treated with more care, but they opted to tell the story of “The Vampire Warrior” still able to persevere despite going to war last week with Konley in hardcore rules. Ethan was apparently unafraid of vampires and held his own, but it was only a matter of time before the Impaler DDT ended his hopes. Meh.

– Oh, Hammerstone and his metaphors. We guess Sorenson kind of does resemble a zebra escaping a lion. Hammerstone’s backstage promo also provided worthy main event hype, ending with the well-delivered claim that Sorenson could be broken. To this point, Hammerstone was Sorenson’s biggest threat.

– The Hammerstone-Sorenson match was beautifully worked by both men. We liked Sorenson not waiting for the bell to ring to attack his opponent, selling his anger, while Hammerstone nearly ended the match by hitting the big boot for a close near-fall. He then eventually settled into sheer dominance, going for his past injured neck rather than his knees like past opponents. It set up Sorenson’s comeback well and led to a Bottoms Up for his gutsiest victory yet. What’s next for Sorenson?






Quick Results

  • Darin Corbin def. Cameron Cole via pinfall
  • Mikey O’Shea def. Caleb Konley via pinfall
  • Greg Romero (w/Mr. Tubbs, “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson) def. Justin Alexander via pinfall
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Gangrel (Champion) def. Ethan HD via pinfall to retain
  • Jessy Sorenson def. Hammerstone via pinfall

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