Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 1/18/16: The Biggest Highlight Reel Of All Time

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/18/16)

The Biggest Highlight Reel Of All Time

– It’s the opening segment crew… Here comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, the unlucky man who defends in the actual Rumble match. It made sense for Reigns to want to call out Lesnar considering how the last Raw ended. Interesting that Chris Jericho comes out, since he would host Lesnar in the Highlight Reel segment later on. The segment was later hyped involving Reigns. Out came the goofy League Of Nations. At least Sheamus’ promo intended to put a target on the actual other competitors in the match. WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio pleased his case of winning the biggest Rumble match, followed by Rusev saying everyday was the Rumble in Bulgaria. Jericho basically traded insults with everyone. For what it was, the match made between Reigns and Rusev with Jericho as special guest referee made sense.

– The Reigns-Rusev match started on a confusing note since Jericho’s music was playing and he was already in the ring. Jericho ejecting Sheamus could be something that gets followed up later on, as was Barrett and Del Rio also. Couldn’t he have just ejected LON from the get-go as Referee? They’re trying to get Reigns over with Jericho and it’s kind of working, but we’re intrigued to see where this Highlight Reel segment will go. Reigns winning was no shock and gave him some momentum.

– The Jericho-Steph backstage segment is always good, as she threw her authority weight around and dissed him for not having authority to make himself Referee. Steph talked about Jericho putting Reigns on his show changing up her show plans and warned not to do it again. Interesting.

– The Brie Bella-Natalya match surrounded around the Canadian’s return, who also brought out Paige, who are now besties again apparently. A Total Divas sneak preview on actual Raw air time when Royal Rumble could be pushed? Ugh. Well, the quick submission victory was nice. This didn’t last too long thankfully.

– The Six-Man Tag match between The Dudley Boyz/Ryback and Luke Harper/Erick Rowan/Bray Wyatt was pretty average and monotone, if not for the reason that The Wyatts were pushed as big threats for the Rumble match, with Dudleys and Ryback’s comeback hopes squashed. Liked Harper getting the fall too.

– Oh god, it’s The Big Show and he’s in the Rumble match. We smell a squash. Oh he’s apparently all smiles. His opponent is Heath Slater from Social Outcasts, as he hyped them trending when they win the Rumble. Ha. A quick KO punch ended things before the other members tried to attack him, but ended up knocked out. Dallas had the funniest moment when he knocked out on the outside in his victory lap.

– LON sans Rusev was angry and Steph riled them up purposely to make them want to prove they weren’t scared of Jericho. We smell shenanigans for the Highlight Reel.

– Interesting that the drawing of number one deserves its own segment and better yet, it’s Steph/Vince making the announcement. Steph’s hint that it could be someone never seen before was tongue-in-cheek. Another 1999 reference… Okay. They picked one and then put it back because it couldn’t be opened and Reigns was selected. They did the moment again for a sufferable couple minutes. Another way to “stack the deck.”

– The Becky Lynch-Tamina match saw WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and her dad on commentary. On that note, what on earth is Team BAD’s new theme? Damn, that was horrible. On the plus side, loved Charlotte’s cold confidence while watching the match. Lynch won with the Disarmer with the story being that the Champ had yet to respond to the challenge. Lynch’s post-match promo saw her try to beg for the Title shot, where Charlotte refused it because she already beat her. Lynch shines on the mic here insulting both Charlotte and Flair. Flair accepted on Charlotte’s behalf, and the Champ didn’t look happy. We wonder if Lynch will actually win this.

– The WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose/Kalisto-Sheamus/Del Rio match with Kevin Owens on commentary (always a treat) pushed two feuds in one match, which is always ideal for the go-home show. Owens’ constant jabs at Byron were funny. Ambrose had ample energy, Kalisto matched him and then you had Del Rio and Sheamus working a more aggressive style, making for an entertaining match. The finish was pretty good with Kalisto almost winning with the Salida Del Sol only to get Brogue Kicked while Ambrose was taken out with the running enziguiri when Owens distracted him.

– The idea of The New Day holding a funeral for “Francesca The Trombone” was funny, and it hyped the Big E-Jey Uso match.

– The Royal Rumble “Numbers” hype video always gets us excited every year.

– The Jey Uso-Big E match had the humorous touch of Kofi and Xavier being dressed in suits. This would hype the Usos-New Day Tag Title match for the Rumble show. The finish cleverly put heat on the champs as Xavier helped Big E get the victory.

– The Titus O’Neil/R-Truth/Mark Henry had the boys eager to give a “dirt nap.” Neville joined in for an awkward moment, but the purpose was to “keep the dream alive.”

– The Eight-Man Tag match between Stardust/Tyler Breeze/Ascension and O’Neil/Neville/Mark Henry/Truth was Rumble hype filler if we ever heard of it. The one interest was Henry being revealed by Michael Cole that this could be his last Rumble, one of the last things he never accomplished was winning the Rumble (and the World Title, but could do both). The finish was the faces doing their finishers on Breeze, but would’ve been cooler had O’Neil not tossed Breeze over Henry, who couldn’t catch him. Botchamania runs wild.

– The final Highlight Reel segment featuring Jericho, Reigns, Heyman, Lesnar, LON and The Wyatt Family started with an intense Jericho-Heyman exchange where Jericho set it up and Heyman “brought the money.” Lesnar came out immediately upon Jericho asking what if he eliminated Lesnar to win. Reigns came out right after Lesnar which made sense. Loved the brief standoff between all three guys. Reigns gave Lesnar a defiant Spear, then LON came down to the ring to attack Reigns before Lesnar eliminated them. Reigns again Speared Lesnar before The Wyatt sounder went off. The family surrounded the ring. Harper then kicked Lesnar, followed by Rowan and Strowman. Wyatt then gave him the Sister Abigail. Interesting way to end things out.






Quick Results

  • Chris Jericho As Special Guest Referee – Roman Reigns def. Rusev via pinfall
  • Natalya (w/Paige) def. Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) via submission
  • Six-Man Tag – Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper/Erick Rowan (w/Braun Strowman) def. The Dudley Boyz/Ryback via pinfall
  • The Big Show def. Heath Slater (w/Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel) via pinfall
  • Becky Lynch def. Tamina (w/Naomi) via submission
  • Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio (w/King Barrett) def. Kalisto/Dean Ambrose via pinfall
  • Big E (w/Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston) def. Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso) via pinfall
  • Eight-Man Tag – Neville/R-Truth/Mark Henry/Titus O’Neil def. Stardust/The Ascension/Tyler Breeze via pinfall

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