Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/19/16: One Last Time

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/19/16)

One Last Time

– The opening video showed how Matt Hardy was undefeated through the TNA World Title Series until he met with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III and lost. Desperate for another chance, he put his own career on the line if he lost again. EC3 upped the ante and made it a Last Man Standing match. On this show, we’d get the big-time bout with these two potentially writing Matt’s final chapter. Little did we know what they were really setting up…

– The opening in-ring segment with Jeff, Matt Hardy and Tyrus set up the opening match perfectly while also building up the main event. Jeff was solid on the mic, expressing his concern that even though the Hardys were synonymous with risk-taking, this one might’ve been too big for the occasion. Matt sold the sentiment that he did it because he felt he let his brother and the fans down and wanted to cement his legacy, maybe if he was crazy enough to bet it all, it would pay off. Tyrus’ involvement in the segment saw him pick a bone with Jeff for silly insults last week implying he couldn’t read, but we now see that all the pieces were being set up for Jeff to be taken out by main event time.

– The Jeff-Tyrus match wasn’t much to gloss over, but served higher storyline significance, as the story was Tyrus doing just enough to Hardy’s previously injured leg to knock him off his game, but not escape a Twist Of Fate. Tyrus got DQ’d, but Hardy being helped to the back by an official would have significance later.

– So, you have The TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Wolves gunning for their biggest opponents yet: Beer Money. The tiles were laid down, but the later blueprint was ripped up when Crazzy Steve and an unseen accomplice attacked the Tag Champs, as Steve laughed maniacally. We’re intrigued to see who this mystery person is.

– Sure, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Awesome Kong don’t light up the ring like they did in 2007 or 2008, but they can still tell solid in-ring stories backed by better storylines. With the recent build of Kong as the new leader of The Dollhouse and her march to #1 Contender for Kim’s Title, we felt it was time perhaps for a Title change to cement this newfound persona. The match was okay, overshadowed by ringside shenanigans, as Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne helped “even the odds” when Dollhouse members tried to intervene in the match. The story was Kim still standing atop the Division looking for another contender. We have a feeling this story with Kong is yet to be over, but the pinfall loss doesn’t help that case.

– The Beer Money-Jessie Godderz/Eli Drake match was a smart way to get the still relevant Beer Money over while also establishing two younger heels as a team, with the underlying storyline of Beer Money still wanting to finish business with Eric Young/Bram.

– On paper, Matt and Reby Sky telling Jeff to take care of his knee and go to the doctor was perceived on paper as them caring for Hardy’s well-being in that “family” way, but was actually revealed to be all part of their master plan later, officially taking him out of any potential intervention.

– The Kurt Angle-Lashley segment set up the next logical match for the Angle Farewell Tour and why not? These two lit it up for the Title when they fought last year and the feud had a bit of a personal edge when Lashley was eager to avenge his biggest career loss when he lost to Angle and brought the perfect intensity at the very end when the challenge was accepted. This was one of Lashley’s better promos and that carried everything.

– As good as that was, we’re frightened of what will come of a Lashley/Raquel pairing. Raquel comes off as robotic and monotone in her delivery and gestures. Why?

– So far, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett comes out with Maria after she sets up his introduction and after the match, he proclaims a goal to “build a kingdom.” We saw the exact same thing happen here with Bennett’s defeat of Pepper Parks and despite his well-delivered promos and look, we’re still not sure what “The Miracle” is supposed to be.

– EC3’s backstage promo said this was something Matt volunteered and despite that, he wouldn’t be beat. He made comparisons of families and how his Title was the bigger sacrifice for him. They backed up to reveal an ambulance. Great promo and poor EC3 had no idea what was coming.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing match between Hardy and EC3 received plenty of TV time B.oh guys started out brawling and slowly told the story of Matt resorting to dastardly tactics like low-blowing and putting his hands on the Referee, while EC3 looked sympathetic as the match progressed, especially with a Twist Of Fate with EC3’s head in between a chair with blood coming out of his mouth. Matt further heeled it up by pulling a hammer out of his wife’s diaper bag, then revealing that Tyrus was now aligned with him despite Ec3’s attempts to fight back. Josh Mathews was brilliant on commentary here, as he became progressively disgusted by Reby, Tyrus and Matt’s actions. The shot to EC3’s head with the Title ended any hopes for the streak to continue and Matt was new Champion by way of selling out. His post-match promo may have been his career moment, as he dawned the occasion a “new era” and that he earned his successes for himself and was a self-made multi-millionaire. Obviously, the new heel stable of Reby, Matt and Tyrus gives the company a new creative direction and EC3 can finally get a babyface run and really take reign as the face of TNA. Creative has shown how to execute a clever double turn and certainly nobody saw it coming, but we’re intrigued to see what else unfolds. What will Jeff do? Will “The Miracle” join this new group with his recent promos as hints? Lots of possibilities.






Quick Results

  • Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy) def. Tyrus via DQ
  • Knockouts Championship – Gail Kim (Champion) def. Awesome Kong (w/Marti Bell, Jade, Rebel) via pinfall to retain
  • Beer Money def. Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz via pinfall
  • “The Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria) def. Pepper Parks via pinfall
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Matt Hardy def. Ethan Carter III (Champion) to regain Championship 

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