Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/12/16: First Stop On The Farewell Tour

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/12/16)

First Stop On the Farewell Tour

– The opening video provided fair hype on recent storylines – TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III getting his groove back by defeating Lashley and Matt Hardy in one night to end the TNA World Title Series on top. Another big focus was the first match of Kurt Angle’s esteemed “farewell tour,” as he’d battle Drew Galloway.

– The opening in-ring segment with EC3, Tyrus and Jeff Hardy gave us a good continuation of the feud between Jeff and his former employer, also tying into Matt Hardy by blood relation. Jeff complimenting EC3 for debating Matt all on his own the week before made sense and EC3 ate it up. We liked the idea that EC3 felt that Jeff needed to “start from the bottom,” as it showed slight cowardice with heel logic and also allowed him to act confident in his own way. There was also some possible foreshadowing with Tyrus’ character, as he was praised by EC3 for always being there for him, yet when he tried to talk, was simply brushed off. Carter was on his game here with his delivery, hyping the crowd for the idea of a Title match right then and there before denying it and then introducing a “young” opponent for Hardy, downright singing makeshift lyrics about the opponent’s ring attire colors. This opponent was Shynron, who has more personality in Pro Wrestling Syndicate, but was a pure generic luchador in TNA. For what it was worth though, he got some mic time, but didn’t do all that much with it. “Master of Motion” is still a lame nickname, no matter which way you paint it.

– The Hardy-Shynron match carried off the opening segment as Hardy made quick work of his opponent while EC3 sat on commentary and broke things down further, purposely mispronouncing Shynron’s name the whole time. Funny. Interesting that Hardy won with his own Twist of Fate finisher and this continued the story of EC3 obviously trying to stall on facing Jeff for his Title. Classic heel stuff right there. Man, what a talent does TNA have in EC3.

– The backstage segment with The Dollhouse and The Beautiful People served as fair hype for their upcoming street fight. We got more Kong promo time, as she called out Knockouts Champion Gail Kim for a fight, this role works so well for her. She’s well-spoken and believable. The Beautiful People also looked tough for standing up for themselves and Madison Rayne throwing the first punch helped set things in the right direction for the match that followed.

– The Street Fight match between Jade/Kong and Velvet Sky/Rayne was good for what it was, with plenty of kendo stick spots thrown in for sheer horror. The action didn’t overstay its welcome and Dollhouse winning helped keep them strong. After all, if you unveil a new leader, it’s always best to push the stable “guns blazing.” Kong’s beginning to look like a huge threat for Kim’s Knockouts Championship.

– So far, Raquel appears to have a robotic voice, purple hair and a big butt. Two of those factors show promise. Her hype video was underwhelming, plus her logo strikes too close to WWE’s Fandango.

– Beer Money 2016 appears to be like The Dudley Boyz 2015 in that they’re solely a nostalgic act and don’t possess momentum per se. The “Beer Bash” segment was an attempt to have King Of The Mountain Champion Bobby Roode and James Storm celebrate their reunion by reminiscing about things they did to each other in the past and how it was all forgiven now. The comedy aspect of things sort of fell flat and never got where they hoped it’d be. The predictability practically had us waiting for a heel tag team to interrupt. At least it was Eric Young/Bram, who make a good team, since they both need something to do and play similar characters. Why not put them together and have them run roughshod? Young looked determined by going after Roode’s Title, but why on earth would he want that piece of crap? There are times we honestly forget Roode holds that Title.

– The King Of The Mountain Championship match between Champion Roode and Young was yet another Roode-Young match that went through the motions with no real sense of urgency. We’ve seen it plenty of times before. At the least, commentary has done a swell job of turning Bram’s “2006” blunder into an excuse that he’s living in the past to forget the present, making him appear even more deranged. If you’re going to put the belt on Young to advance this tag team feud, we’re all for it, but damn, did they have to make Beer Money look so stupid by waiting so long to do their “Beer Money” pose with the referee turned around?

– In an intersting segment, we had Maria and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett interact with EC3/Tyrus, as Miracle praised EC3 while hyping his own in-ring debut on Impact for the following week. This played up both alleys of the respective characters, as EC3 ate up the praises and lightly acknowledged Miracle, which only angered Bennett about being brushed off. The idea that Bennett already wants a chance at the belt makes sense in the way that competitors should be gunning for the top prize, but we wouldn’t have him aiming or interacting with the Champ so soon. Let Miracle get built up in the traditional way first and then do what you want with him after.

– Mr. Anderson hosting a talk show named “Huh?” already sounded like a head scratcher on paper. We’ve no doubt that Anderson can rock the mic with pizazz (if anyone remembers when he was a blonde-haired Kennedy and embraced his “inner asshole”) but he’s best when he’s either over-the-top or toned down to the point where he lets others shine. This segment had him in the middle ground with pros and cons. What on earth is that Pink Panther-esque theme music? Totally doesn’t fit him. His first guest was Matt Hardy and his wife, Reby Sky. Anderson came off like a heel here, but there were also cases of Matt showing heel tendencies, mostly brought on by his wife’s angered facial expressions and pulling him away from the ring. We also had foreshadowing of the later segment in the show when Matt revealed he had an offer EC3 couldn’t refuse. The content in it was good, but something about this segment left us with a bad taste.

– If you’re going to build up a match between Galloway and Angle, all you needed for Galloway was have him cut a promo from the crowd. This was “fanboy” Galloway at his finest, as he came across genuinely appreciative and eager for a win at all costs. This was exactly the perfect set-up to things. The only thing we’re not sure of is Christy Hemme’s role nowadays. Does she stay in the crowd now?

– We had another backstage promo between Young/Bram, as they vowed to make Beer Money extinct and were proud of themselves. Translation: “Ahhhhh, we’re all evil and deranged and stuff! Look at us being evil!”

– Being that the Six-Man tag between X-Division Champion Tigre Uno/World Tag Team Champions The Wolves and Jessie Godderz/Eli Drake/DJ Z was initially billed as a “Champion’s Showcase,” we had no doubt that the faces would win here, as this basically played out as filler to put the Champions over while letting the Godderz/Drake team continue to clash egos, also entangling DJ Z in this web of uncertainty, given a chance to “prove himself” to Godderz/Drake. Um, didn’t Godderz recklessly beat down DJ Z at one point? Why would they reconcile so soon? At least the finish where DJ Z attacked Godderz after he was inadvertently kicked in the face played into the past tension, but was ultimately unnecessary to begin with. Drake certainly stands out with potential, but he needs to be on his own and not tangled with Godderz. They both excel as separate heel acts, not put together. It’s the opposite of Young/Bram.

– The backstage segment between Matt and Jeff Hardy gave more hype to Matt’s upcoming offer and gave us more glimpses into Reby pulling Matt away yet again, frustrating Jeff since he couldn’t hear what the offer would be.

– The in-ring segment with EC3 and Matt Hardy revolving around the “offer” was a solid way to hype the following week’s show, also playing into the storyline that Matt was desperate to beat EC3, also giving the Champ the ultimate satisfaction in getting him rid of Matt for good if he beat him in the Last Man Standing match. This also might’ve “trolled” online fans into thinking this was how TNA would write off Matt Hardy in lieu of his expiring contract deal, as there Hardys were strongly rumored to rejoin WWE at some point this year.

– The Galloway-Angle main event was everything hoped for – constant, back-and-forth athletic action with both guys on their game. The trade of near-falls and finishers were also great, not falling into the usual formulaic trap that can sometime happen during Angle matches. It all felt very fresh and it was telling that it took a top rope Angle slam to end the match. This is something that can further establish Galloway and Angle will rack up wins on this farewell tour evidently. Good start to it all.






Quick Results

  • Jeff Hardy def. Shynron via pinfall 
  • Street Fight – Jade/Awesome Kong (w/Rebel, Marti Bell) def. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne via pinfall
  • King Of The Mountain Championship – Eric Young (w/Bram) def. Bobby Roode (Champion) (w/James Storm) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • Six-Man Tag – Tigre Uno/The Wolves def. Jessie Godderz/Eli Drake/DJ Z via pinfall
  • Kurt Angle def. Drew Galloway via pinfall 

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