Notes In Observance – WCWC 1/9/16: Gangrel And Konley Meet Again

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/9/16)

Gangrel And Konley Meet Again

– We commend the solid job of Todd Keneley (of past TNA fame) and Jeff Akin as commentators, making new viewers welcome to the growing phenomenon that is the West Coast Wrestling Connection. They opened up the show by hyping the big main event for the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Champion Gangrel taking on “The Obsession” Caleb Konley. Damn, autocorrect’s relentless on not letting us spell Konley’s name with a “K.”

– The opening match between Ethan HD and Jessy Sorenson spawned two guys riding momentum who’d face off to see who’d come out with an “L.” Ethan HD sort of resembles what you’d get if you mix Enzo Amore with Tupac, but we dig it. Ethan was hyped as more vicious since returning to WCWC and we got to see more of that both in the match where he targeted Sorenson’s injured knee and in his pre-match promo, where he promised to “break” his opponent. Meanwhile, Sorenson was fresh off a victory over Darin Corbin last week and wanted to keep going strong. The two played off each other well, making this contest come off as even as it should’ve. We liked that the finish particularly played to the fact that it was up to whoever struck their finisher first and we saw both guys attempt theirs to no avail before Sorenson hit his trusty forearm strike to seal the victory. The Sorenson victory trail rolls on.

– We’ve previously applauded the heel work of Greg Romero and Mr. Tubbs and we got more of that good stuff here, this time with “Rock God” Ricky Gibson in their alliance in a tag match where they faced “Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea/Crash Test Cody (who has got a white pupil in one eye, sort of like what Rey Mysterio used to have, pretty hardcore) and the four put on an entertaining bout. Morty Lipschitz, The Wrecking Crew’s esteemed lawyer, sat in on commentary for this one, giving us some group presence since they weren’t directly featured on this show. In this contest, it was particularly Romero’s charisma and O’Shea’s believable selling that stood out the most. We also dug the classic heel finish of Tubbs distracting the referee enough for Romero/Gibson to take advantage while Cody had a crossface locked in and his opponent tapping. The heels won and we’re eager to see where it goes.

– There’s something about the Maxwell Chicago character that gets us giddy Whether it’s the one-piece tuxedo singlet or the Frank Sinatra entrance, we’re not sure, but this guy is immensely entertaining. His backstage promo hyped his excitement for his return, not knowing who Justin Alexander was, but was happy to introduce himself. Alexander’s response promo was decent, though ultimately unmemorable. As for the match, the two meshed well in the ring and Chicago’s comedic spots were well-timed to coincide with Alexander’s growing frustrations. One particularly funny spot was Chicago freezing in the middle of a baseball slide under Alexander’s legs, asking for a minute to recover and slowly continued to slide under his legs as planned. We also thought the finish was entertaining, with Chicago doing some kind of fancy swan impersonation before firing off a fierce roundhouse kick for the win, then kissing the referee on the lips and piggy back-riding a stage hand to the back. Wowzers. We want more.

– Caleb Konley’s backstage promo was decent, as he expressed his sheer disdain for one “vampire warrior” and how he wanted to take one of the Titles he had yet to get in WCWC, everything coming together as he hoped. Nice intensity. We also dug Konley’s badass dubstep-tastic theme song, as we can rock a little AWOLNATION too.

– The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship main event match between Gangrel and Konley was a decent back-and-forth effort. Right from the bell, Gangrel came to blows, telling us this was more than your regular match. There was an actual rivalry here. Given Gangrel’s veteran status, he can surprisingly still go, showing no signs of stoppage. The action didn’t last too long before Konley blatantly disqualified himself with a low blow and then struck the Champion with his own Title. Also liked that this drew out members from the locker room like O’Shea and The Whirlwind Gentlemen. Basically, we left off this week knowing that this wouldn’t be the final chapter between Gangrel and Konley. Color us intrigued.






Quick Results

  • Jessy Sorenson def. Ethan HD via pinfall
  • Ricky Gibson/Greg Romero (w/Mr. Tubbs) def. Mikey O’Shea/Crash Test Cody via pinfall
  • Maxwell Chicago def. Justin Alexander via pinfall
  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Gangrel (Champion) def. Caleb Konley via DQ to retain 

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