Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/5/16: More Than Your Cheap Pop

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/5/16)

More Than Your Cheap Pop

– The opening video discussed the primed athletes being determined to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion, hyping the TNA World Title Series’ final four – Lashley, Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III and Eric Young.

– We love Billy Corgan and all, but the new theme song is a snoozer compared to the hard-hitting rock style the show previously had. We suppose it’s better than that crappy “Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa” thing that Crazy Town (the “Butterfly” band) penned, but this didn’t exactly get us pumped. Nice to also see Josh Matthews and The Pope actually sitting at ringside in commentary positions.

– Oh god, another Dixie Carter in-ring promo that sounded more like a Pop commercial than anything else. Wasn’t surprised to see EC3 and Tyrus come out so soon. An airing of grievances? Oh boy. The exchange between the two was decent and EC3 had some clever improv lines about the crowd. Oh look, Matt Hardy comes in too, who didn’t even get the chance to fully air his grievances towards EC3 before getting attacked from behind by Eric Young. Let’s guess – Lashley makes the save? How surprising. Decent segment that at least featured all of the final four and put over the tournament.

– The TNA World Title Series Tournament Semi-Finals match between EC3 and Lashley started with promise. Wow, that was a bad botch where Lashley clearly ducked EC3’s boots in the corner and he still sold as if he was hit. The action was pretty entertaining with Tyrus proving to be a big enough distraction where EC3 took advantage to get the win and advance. We’ve seen it all before and this was the chance to tease something more, but they failed in that part.

– The King Of The Mountain Championship hasn’t exactly been regarded as hot property, so we applaud any attempt to give it the John Cena treatment by having its holder, Bobby Roode, defend it a la Open Challenge. We also liked how he emphasized the words “any promotion” as for where his challenger could come from. Did he have to quote the apparent great wrestling philosopher Kid Rock though?

– Nice to see Kurt Angle back on TV again. His in-ring promo provided perspective on his 20-year career to a rabid crowd reaction, evidence by his hometown not far away from the arena. His focus was on announcing matches for his TNA Farewell Tour, firstly with someone he handpicked for next week’s main event – Drew Galloway. Nice. Galloway was honored by the choice, which was interrupted by “The Man” Jessie Godderz (decent) and then Eli Drake was next (even better and with short hair) and insulted everyone there. Solid promo exchange that led up to a brawl with where the faces cleared the heels.

– Jeff Hardy spoke highly of Lashley backstage for having his brother’s best interests, putting over that he’d be there to raise Matt’s hand as Champion.

– The TNA World Title Series Semifinals match between Young and Hardy started with a Young promo that said he was sure Matt was done and looked to get a countout win before Matt’s music hit. Never doubted Matt winning and the action was great even with the tease of the Piledriver on the floor which drew out Jeff Hardy to defend him. Great selling by Hardy, who pulled out a Twist Of Fate to get the win. How shocking – EC3 vs. Hardy as the Finals, like we thought.

– Young was backstage, angrily convinced everyone was against him and then the catering table jobbed out to him.

– The EC3-Tyrus-Jeff backstage segment saw EC3 tell Jeff his brother lived in his shadow and Jeff wasn’t deterred by it, still confident in his brother. Decent main event hype.

– The Bobby Roode Open Challenge for the King Of The Mountain Championship saw Bram come out and say the wrong year was his – 2006 – brilliant. Way to botch the moment. The match was average at best, with Roode winning, although the Beer Money music accidentally hit before Young attacked Roode to which Roode’s music began playing. Classic TNA production. Do like the Bram/Young team though. Shocking moment came with James Storm making the save in, shedding light in a promo on not being himself and anger over being called the biggest disappointment award. He offered Roode a drink, which was accepted after a few seconds hesitation. Someone in the production truck probably got chewed out. Is Storm there to stay? We guess NXT was a no-go after all.

– The Beautiful People’s backstage promo talked about Angelina Love not being able to compete due to pregnancy, with Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky posing clear threats to The Dollhouse. Love said TNA management would let them choose her replacement for the match. Some slight hype.

– Beer Money cut a promo towards Young/Bram that hyped the One Night Only Pay-Per-View just a few days later. First time that’s happened.

– The Six-Knockouts tag match between Dollhouse (Rebel, Marti Bell, Jade) and The Beautiful People (Rayne, Sky)/Gail Kim saw a weak reveal of Kim as their partner. However, it makes sense so we won’t knock that. The match itself wasn’t spectacular, but Kim got the pinfall while the heels sought revenge after the bell. Awesome Kong came to make the save, only to turn on Kim and The Beautiful People. Kong as the Dollhouse’s new leader? We can dig it. Did Matthews really say “Bye Felicia”?

– From the moment they announced “The Miracle,” we were hoping it was the duo of Maria and Michael Bennett. Maria came out to heavenly music and darkness amongst a lone shining light on the stage. Besides, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett has a ring to it. His music is pretty badass too though his outfit was more like a 1950’s pimp meets Mortal Kombat’s Raiden. Tennis shoes with a suit? Really? Liked the “tongue-in-cheek-ness” of the gimmick (out to save TNA) and we were wondering if he was face or heel until he called Matt Hardy a “washed-up has-been.” Bennett’s promo was well-spoken and served the purpose of putting the roster on notice. Let’s see where it goes.

– Matt was backstage with his wife and son saying it was all for his family, what a sweetheart. Really sold Matt’s side of the story.

– Galloway thanked Angle for the opportunity and wasn’t taking it lightly, while Angle said it wouldn’t go down without a fight. The Wolves showed up and said they respected him, but proposed a dream match for Friday night, Galloway/Angle against The Wolves. More actual hype for One Night Only. Wow. Drake/Godderz joined the segment for kicks to make themselves a part of the match too. Decent.

– The TNA World Title Series Finals between Hardy and EC3 started with Jeff saying he believed in his brother enough to walk away and asked Tyrus if he believed in his boss, and he followed suit. EC3 looked panicked. The match itself was pretty good with a believable trade of multiple finishers and near-falls. EC3 had moments where he looked smart (rolling over after a Twist Of Fate) and ended up winning fairly after a Top Rope One-Percenter. EC3 is back on top and it feels so good. Some rocks hit the side, but the ship known as the first impact of 2016 had enough pizazz and shock to sail smoothly by.






Quick Results

  • TNA World Title Series – Semifinals – Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Lashley via pinfall to advance 
  • TNA World Title Series – Semifinals – Matt Hardy def. Eric Young via pinfall to advance 
  • King Of The Mountain Championship – Open Challenge – Bobby Roode (Champion) def. Bram via pinfall to retain 
  • Six-Knockout Tag – Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky/Gail Kim def. The Dollhouse via pinfall
  • TNA World Title Series – Finals – Ethan Carter III def. Matt Hardy via pinfall to become new Champion

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