Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling 1/3/16: The Heatseekers Cause A Racket

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 1/3/15) 

The Heatseekers Cause A Racket 

– We’e also proud to announce weekly coverage of America’s Most Liked (AML) Wrestling promotion based out of  Winston Salem, North Carolina in the United States. AML also posts their weekly episodes on their YouTube page. One can argue that 30 minutes is too short for a program, but AML does it with ease, giving us a quick-paced, slick presentation of hard-hitting promos and matches.

– With no time to waste, we were immediately thrust into the conclusion of last week’s match between The Wolves and The Heatseekers (Elliot Russell and Sigmon) in the next round of the Cornette Tag Team Cup Tournament, a gauntlet-style tourney to crown the first AML Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Given the length of the show, it was smart to leave on a cliffhanger of sorts, so the viewer could get both the match conclusion and the finals in one show, guaranteed to see the first AML Tag Champs. There was an excitable energy in the ring, as the two teams went all out, giving us a bold effort that could’ve gone either way. Sigmon caught our eye early as a money heel and it only got better as the match went on. There was an early push for the Heatseekers, who lived up to their namesake by using the Championships as weapons to get the cheap win and shock the world.

– We’ve seen them compete in places like Ring Of Honor as a jobber team, but it was nice to see what The Washington Bullets could actually offer us when the spotlight was put on them for a change. They showed fearlessness in their backstage promo headed into the tournament finals, saying they’d already beaten The Heatseekers in previous action. We dug the professional, “press conference”-esque style of the backstage area.

– The Cornette Tag Team Cup Tournament Finals between The Washington Bullets and The Heatseekers was a fun conclusion to the show, as we had seen Washington Bullets light it up in the ring, having the crowd mostly on their side. Heatseekers were entertaining heels here, as they purposely called for a timeout early in the match and Sigmon even sat on a chair on the outside of the ring, then taking a swig of a fan’s water bottle and then threw said bottle at his opponents. This was an excellent performance from all four men, especially towards the closing minutes, but we like that Heatseekers were able to get the cheap win here when Sigmon used the tennis racket a la Jim Cornette to get the job done. There seemed to be a brief tease of disciplinary action when AML officials reluctantly handed Heatseekers the belts, but they could do nothing about it. It was smart that the interviewer called Heatseekers out on their dastardly actions, but this set them up for a money heel promo to close things out, as they taunted the crowd. Sure – in the end, it was a short show, but packed just enough punch to keep any skeptic down for the count.






Quick Results

  • The Cornette Cup Tag Team Tournament – The Heatseekers def. The Wolves via pinfall to advance
  • The Cornette Cup Tag Team Tournament – Finals – The Heatseekers def. The Washington Bullets via pinfall to become new Champions 

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