Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 12/28/15: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/28/15)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

– Nothing gets our attention more than Vince McMahon’s theme music. He strutted down to the ring two weeks after being Superman Punched by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, which apparently caused dental surgery. He demanded Reigns come out, then reminded him of his actions and said he owned everything that Reigns possessed. A “Daniel Bryan” chant broke out and McMahon told the crowd to shut up. A louder “CM Punk” chant broke out then, which was ignored. McMahon bragged about how he used Reign’s older relatives to make money, prompting Reigns to shove him to the canvas, which drew Stephanie McMahon to come out and demanded New York City Police officers arrest Reigns. The chief officer refused to because they weren’t “personal security” and threatened to arrest Steph instead. Vince put his hands on the officer and ended up arrested. Well, that was a whole lot of Attitude Era-esque entertainment, but not sure what to make of it all this day and age. Obviously an attempt to use the looney McMahons to get Reigns over.

– The Kevin Owens-Neville match saw a bunch of silly clamoring over Neville being a Slammy winner before he upset Owens in 15 seconds, only to get attacked by Owens and mauled after. Is someone going to arrest Owens too? Owens then clotheslined the hell out of Neville in the entranceway and shoved him into the steps. At least Owens losing the Intercontinental Championship and recent matches aren’t going to waste, as Dean Ambrose saved Neville from getting Apron Powerbombed. Nothing but brawls so far.

– Becky Lynch’s backstage promo hyped her upcoming match with Sasha Banks, also talking about wanting to be someone who does things on her own and wasn’t afraid of Team BAD in Banks’ corner. She talked about how she worked in the city and was here to “stand out, not blend in.” BAD’s on-stage promo had Banks excite the crowd but then turn on them by praising her hometown Boston, while Naomi insulted Brooklyn’s style. Solid heel promo, which was always Banks’ style. The Banks-Lynch match was on for way too long that even the crowd tuned out. They have good chemistry, but something about what they had on NXT doesn’t carry to main roster action. All about character portrayal. We’ll say the finishing sequence was good with the submission/pinfall counters, only for Naomi/Tamina to indirectly help Banks will her way through as she pulled the tights.

– Renee Young reported from outside a BK precinct that McMahon was allegedly charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer while Steph was down there with the family’s high-power attorney. Fun. One of these angles.

– The Kofi Kingston-Kalisto match started with a New Day promo that talked them debuting their trusty trombone in the same building and teased debuting a new song, instead refusing because they weren’t voted Tag Team Of The Year. The match that followed was brief, but allowed Kalisto to pull off a win in upset fashion while Woods/Big E tried to distract him. Woods set up like he was going to fight Sin Cara afterwards and swerved it to announce Big E would face him instead. The Big E-Sin Cara match that followed saw Big E dump Sin Cara on the outside with a tough bump to his shoulder. Sin Cara hit some more impressive moves but possibly damaged his shoulder more, as Big E used his sidemen to serve a temporary distraction and ended it with the Big Ending.

– The MizTV “year-end review” segment saw Ryback interrupt seconds in and say the future would be better where 2016 would be his year. Goldust came out and asked what Miz would win this year. Zack Ryder came out to a pop and said 2016 would be his. R-Truth then came out and asked people to vote for him, not knowing the awards were last week. Heath Slater came out next and said he had a lot to say. The Big Show came out after and Slater told him to turn around, which Show then knocked him out and cleared house, with Truth knocking himself out and getting chokeslammed for his troubles. Show and Ryback traded punches before Show threw him out of the ring. Is this an early preview of the rumble? What was the point of that? The fans chanted for Show to retire and he responded that he’d enter the rumble as the first entrant and would win the Title. Dear god, why?

– The Ryback-Show match was some brief action that ended with Show walking away for a countout loss. Lame. this is reminding us of the bad parts of 2015.

– The Six-Man Tag between Ambrose/Usos and Sheamus/Rusev/King Barrett started with a League Of Nations promo where Sheamus shamed BK for cheering McMahon getting arrested and dedicated “a beatdown” in his honor. The match was a lot of filler action that the crowd wasn’t into despite Ambrose and Usos delivering some high-octane offense towards the end, but LON emerged victorious. Relevancy started when Owens ambushed Ambrose and then Powerbombed him through the announce table with a thud, which Ambrose sold brilliantly nearly going into shock and almost bleeding from the mouth.

– The update on McMahon saw Young tell us that she tried to get a word but to no avail. It was implied he made bail. He’s coming back to the arena, don’t ya know.

– The John Cena-WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio main event match started with a Cena promo that embraced his haters before criticizing Del Rio for not defending the Title like Cena used to. Del Rio came out with his brothers and insulted the crowd while Cena tried to rile him up even using BK’s hostility to get on his side. Del Rio turned it into a Title match which developed into a fun little match with good near-falls towards the end, ending with LON attacking Cena before he could win. The Usos came down to attack LON and then Reigns came down in epic save mode with dramatic spears and faced down Sheamus before clearing him out of the ring with a chair. McMahon came back out and said he’d sue NYC and everybody in the arena before announcing Reigns would defend his Title next week against Sheamus with himself as Special Guest Referee. New obstacle for the new year. Yay. Show over. Thank Jesus.






Quick Results

  • Neville def. Kevin Owens via pinfall
  • Sasha Banks (w/Naomi, Tamina) def. Becky Lynch via submission
  • Kalisto (w/Sin Cara) def. Kofi Kingston (w/Big E, Xavier Woods) via pinfall
  • Big E (w/Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods) def. Sin Cara (w/Kalisto) via pinfall
  • Ryback def. The Big Show via countout
  • Sheamus/Rusev/King Barrett def. Dean Ambrose/The Usos via pinfall
  • WWE United States Championship – John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retains

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