Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 12/23/15: A Christmas Surprise

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/23/15)

A Christmas Surprise

– The Will Ferrara-Caprice Coleman match had developments from prior bouts with their relations to Prince Nana, who also happened to be the color commentator. Coleman’s pre-match promo proclaimed he was the first envelope and “thicker.” Nana explained he wanted his people to implement what was inside of the envelopes. They went into a slugfest going with Coleman’s recent heel tendencies, even Ferrara to an extent. It’s a smart use of both guys given they were stale white-meat babyfaces prior. Liked the dynamic with both guys using heel moves. Tough landing on the first Trinity suplex for Ferrara. The match was thrown out for both guys using steel chairs at each other at the same time. Logical within the storyline, but did the officials really need to come out to sell it?

– The backstage segment with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal/Truth Martini Clause/Taeler Hendrix hyped the 10-Man “Christmas Surprise” Tag Match where Lethal and ROH World Television Champion Roderick Strong would captain respective teams with randomly selected partners out of christmas presents revealing names. If you ever wanted to see Martini and Lethal freak out over Cheeseburger being on their team, here was your opportunity. Funny. Also telling that Lethal would want someone like Moose (supposedly gunning for a World Title shot) so close to him for a match.

– The Donovan Dijak/”Outlaw” Ken Phoenix-All-Night Express match was a decent way of giving ANX an easy win with a secondary story with Martini giving Phoenix a chance to impress him for a spot in the House Of Truth faction for intrigue. Phoenix looked a bit much like Edge with his look and mannerisms (and shoulder blade) but he had a decent showing and we liked the logical finish of how tagging himself in to Dijak’s dismay is what ended up costing them the match. Sure, it was ultimately anticlimactic but we had one cool development – Nana handed Dijak an envelope behind Martini’s back. Wonder what’ll happen with that.

– The Steve Corino interview segment was a respectable way to kill time and also give us an update on the former color commentator’s medical condition following serious neck surgery. Even liked how he called out BJ Whitmer and laid a line they can always go back to if Corino comes back to the company with him vowing to one day make Whitmer pay for his sins.

– The “Christmas Surprise” 10-Man Tag Team main event between Roderick Strong/Cedric Alexander/Mark Briscoe/Moose/Matt Jackson and Lethal/Cheeseburger/Adam Page/Cliff Compton/Jay Briscoe had the intrigue of heels and faces tagging together with previous tainted history. Smart booking. So we had: Strong-Jay Briscoe face off, Mark Briscoe and Compton getting extreme on the outside, Moose and Cheeseburger facing off, Strong bodyslamming everyone (including Moose) on Cheeseburger, Moose hitting a Superkick, etc. Exciting rapid pace finish too with the Froggy Bow to end it all. Cheeseburger also had a great showing as he remains pro wrestling’s most athletic underdog ever. Overall, a fun “filler-esque” hour.






Quick Results

  • Will Ferrara and Caprice Coleman to a no-contest
  • The All-Night Express def. Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini)/”The Outlaw” Ken Phoenix via pinfall
  • “Christmas Surprise” 10-Man Tag By Random Draw – Roderick Strong/Cedric Alexander/Mark Briscoe/Moose/Matt Jackson def. Jay Lethal/Cheeseburger/Adam Page/Cliff Compton/Jay Briscoe via pinfall

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