Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Anthony Zevoteck



Most of us have learned the hard way that too much partying can be bad.

Those of us familiar with NXT from 2012 to 2014 will fondly remember a deadly superstar named Leo Kruger. Many wins and some excellent feuds led the South African to become one of NXT’s brightest stars and a keen fan favorite.

In May 2014, WWE fans were overcome by a storm of flamboyancy when a repackaged and renamed Adam Rose debuted. The partying prophet racked up mid-card wins aplenty and put together an impressive streak that led people to believe that he was on the brink of breaking through to the scene of midcard championship contenders.

Even though he spouted catchphrases like “Don’t be a lemon, be a Rosebud” and “It’s party time all the time,” Rose had an undeniable charm and an entrance all his own, though it was an element from his entrance that did him in creatively – the Bunny.

WWE Creative’s sudden need to see a feud between man and animal play out caused an immediate halt to any momentum Rose had previously built. Even worse, the feud never had a payoff. A Pay-Per-View match between Rose and The Bunny was never given to the fans. That would’ve been a perfect early chance to solidify Rose as a credible mid-card heel, as he would’ve surely sacked the cotton tail.

As “The Exotic Express” concluded, we saw a more bitter, resentful side of Rose with Rosa Mendes now a new valet/love interest. This would’ve been fine had the angle not been a part of a series of senseless altercations with Fandango. There was no way anybody involved would gain steam from this. In the end, all we remembered for it was Mendes/Rose engaging in much-uncomfortable PDA.

After a brief absence from TV, he returned with a straight face, glasses and a gimmick that informed us of his intentions to “Poop on all of our parties.” This was met with utter confusion since we didn’t quite know what to expect from this.

The untimely release of Brad Maddox robbed us of what could’ve been a fantastic heel tag team with him and Rose that could’ve given both guys long-awaited credibility whether on NXT or the main roster. At that moment, it appeared that Rose would be enhancement talent fodder who’d eventually be a part of the “Future Endeavored” crew.

Alas, Rose debuted with a new talk segment entitled “The Rosebush” where he “dished the dirt” on WWE. It’s unclear whether this latest laundry cycle wash will bring him success, but based off the fact that I haven’t seen him win a match in about six months, it doesn’t give me hope.

Don’t fret though, because there are a few ways that Rose could see a career resurgence and finally gain a major main roster spot and a possible Championship.

First things first – let the “Rosebush” gimmick play itself out. Have him pick up a few wins while eventually hosting an on-air segment. During this time, he could face off with guys like Dolph Ziggler, Neville and (in our fantasies) a returning Tyson Kidd. This would give him the chance to work with some established names and show us what he could really do in the ring.

Secondly, like they seemed to be on the verge of doing with Maddox, give Rose a tag team partner to help gain momentum. People like Bo Dallas, Heath Slater and maybe even R-Truth are all in the same “hopeless middle ground” like Rose and putting them together could convince Creative a Championship push for Rose is necessary.

A Title reign needs to happen for Rose at this point. A meaningful run as US or IC Champ could give him some higher-tier storylines to work with. Hell, even bring back the Light Heavyweight or European Championship and he can brandish gold on main shows.

Another plan: place him in The League Of Nations. He’s from South Africa after all. Having a “lesser” midcarder in LON could provide them a new weapon to further their dominance and elevate Rose with stable name recognition. With rumors of King Barrett suffering from a severe neck injury, this could be a viable replacement. If you think about it, it’s not so crazy and certainly better than furry bunnies and needless bothers.

What I know for sure is that Rose is a skilled wrestler with in-ring experience galore and a general psychological understanding of the business. Honestly, the sky’s the limit for him, but for any success to happen, he must have self-confidence, Creative must have confidence and above all else, the fans have to be confident in his abilities.

About Nicholas Jason Lopez

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