And The Slammy Goes To…

Photo courtesy of Pro Wrestling Wikia Page.

Photo courtesy of Pro Wrestling Wikia Page.

By Anthony Zevoteck


The end of 2015 is upon us and that means one thing: the Slammy Awards have arrived.

A nearly 20 year tradition, WWE’s show of celebrating “the best of the best” has always been my favorite just out of seeing if who I like get a “golden grappler,” also making Raw more fun simultaneously.

This piece explores my hopes for 2015 Slammy winners.




First, the filler –


WWE Network Show Of The Year – Table For 3

LOL Moment Of The Year – R-Truth

Double-Cross Of The Year – Damien Mizdow Eliminates The Miz From Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

“Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That” Moment Of The Year – Paige Spoils Charlotte’s Diva Title Celebration

Hashtag Of The Year – #AxelMania

Best John Cena United States Open Challenge – Sami Zayn

Extreme Moment Of The Year – Luke Harper Powerbombs Dean Ambrose During Intercontinental Title Ladder Match At WrestleMania 

“This Is Awesome” Moment Of The Year – The Divas Revolution

The “OMG Shocking Moment” Of The Year – The Wyatt Family Destroys The Undertaker At Hell In A Cell

Celeb Moment Of The Year – Kevin Owens Powerbombs Machine Gun Kelly Off The Stage





Now let’s get down to business.




Surprise Return Of The Year – The Dudley Boyz

This one was close because of Alberto Del Rio’s triumphant return, but the biggest surprise was indeed The Dudley Boyz. After a 10 year absence from WWE, they returned the night after Summerslam to a raucous Brooklyn crowd.




Tag Team Of The Year – The New Day 

If you’ve kept up with my articles, this answer shouldn’t surprise you. During 2015, The New Day have held the Tag Team Titles on two occasions, been a regular staple of both Raw and Smackdown, competed in many major matches on Pay-Per-View and lead the WWE in merchandise sales on WWE Shop. These are all signs of a Tag Team Of The Year. Get used to it… this probably won’t be their only Slammy.




Breakout Star Of The Year – Kevin Owens

There’s one reason why Owens should win this Slammy. Winning the NXT Championship within two months of his debut wasn’t enough. He beat John Cena in his first main roster match, successfully captured the Intercontinental Title and proved that he’s one of the best wrestlers in the ring and on the mic.




Diva Of The Year­ – Nikki Bella

My heart says I should vote for Divas like Paige or Sasha Banks, but you can’t argue with facts. While breaking AJ Lee’s 295-day Divas Championship reign, Nikki also had some of the year’s biggest high-profile Divas matches and continues to improve her in-ring skills.




Rivalry Of The Year­ – Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

Among some other great feuds in this category like Randy Orton-Seth Rollins and John Cena-Rusev, they don’t have the raw intensity that Lesnar-Taker did, as these two icons laid everything on the line in a series of matches that split fans down the middle. Brutal brawls and scathing promos culminated in a Hell In A Cell match that made this feud stand out from others.




Match Of The Year­ – Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens (Fatal Four-Way to Become WWE World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender

This category gets thrown around too often, but this one earned it. We had four superstars who had all competed and won matches earlier in the show provide an exciting wrestling clinic that made you second-guess with stellar athleticism and determination.




Now it’s time for the Slammy that WWE has opened up to the entire roster. While it seems ridiculous that Heath Slater and Fandango could actually walk away with this Slammy, it adds an interesting element to the show:




Superstar Of The Year­ – Seth Rollins

This pick should surprise no-one. After helping bring back The Authority, Rollins walked around for the first part of the year telling anyone who’d listen that he could become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at any moment, first grabbing our attention with a show-stealing performance in an early MOTY candidate with Cena/Lesnar at Royal Rumble. He followed that up by successfully cashing in his contract during the freaking main event of WrestleMania. He spent the rest of the year defending said Title against the likes of Orton, Cena, Lesnar, Demon Kane and Sting. If he hadn’t been sidelined with an injury, we’re sure he’d still be Champion right through to WrestleMania, but alas, upon his return next year, he’ll start his campaign for retribution and likely shock us all again.

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