WWE TLC 2015 Preview/Predictions

Photo courtesy of WWE.

Photo courtesy of WWE.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


A crater-sized gap of missing star power and creative stagnancy for refusing to drive away from a tired formula has handicapped the current WWE product.

If it weren’t for the majority of this card having a multitude of “extreme” stipulations, we’d shudder to think how bad it could really be. There is some hope though for deliverance, but if it’s anything like the last few episodes of Raw, we’re in for a long night.






– Pre-Show –

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (w/Naomi, Tamina): This appears to be a lukewarm start to things by giving us some watered-down NXT stars batting it out for supremacy or maybe for a future Divas Championship match? Wouldn’t the latter make more sense? Given Banks’ popularity, we’d say she’s a shoo-in for WWE Divas Champion Charlotte’s next contender, but Lynch being her former best friend and the only true babyface diva around these days could make a more fun scenario. We say Lynch wins and takes on Charlotte next.

Prediction: Becky Lynch



The Card

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Kevin Owens (Champion) vs. Dean Ambrose: Since Owens won the IC Title, his career has seen some form of resurgence, beating other challengers like Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. He also started a light feud with Ambrose, with them main-eventing a Smackdown and the feud only intensified with time. On paper, this looks like it has plenty of potential, but in terms of actual advancement, we’d only seen Ambrose throw popcorn and soda in Owens’ face and also Dirty Deeds the Champ’s lawyer. Owens has spent every opportunity running away from his challenger, yet won’t back down from attacking him from behind at points. A greta verbal exchange could’ve given this some life, but Creative avoided that approach for some odd reason, leaving it to happen in the ring. We expect a great bout where Ambrose will take Owens to the limit, but the Champ will find a cheap way to escape.

Prediction: Kevin Owens



WWE Tag team Championships – Triple-Threat Ladder Match – Big E/Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) (Champions) vs. The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons: This is one of the standout bouts on paper and will hopefully end without any broken noses, but the storylines for this one have been reliant on a late Lucha Dragons push coupled with an overexposure of The New Day gimmick. The Usos are kind of just there for the high-flying factor and we won’t deny that high-flying will be the theme here, but it’s hard to get excited about the picture of the Tag Title picture moving forward. We don’t see New Day losing, as they shouldn’t, but we also wonder who their next challengers will be. They need some fresh blood to face and no, The Dudley Boyz don’t need to fight them yet again.

Prediction: Big E/Kofi Kingston



WWE Divas Championship – Paige vs. Charlotte (Champion) (w/Ric Flair): The story here has been the attitude change of Charlotte to more like her father’s egotistical Champion mindset, showing heel tendencies, cheating to win and being a dirty player. The problem with this is that Paige turned heel not too long ago and thus, it appears to be a match between two ladies who the crowd are supposed to boo, leaving them clueless in who to support. They’ve tried to spice things up with things like Charlotte/Ric Flair acting stuck up and Paige slapping Flair in the face, but the ideological loophole remains too much to ignore. Either way, we will say that Charlotte retains somehow, probably through dirty means, as she takes on another challenger.

Prediction: Charlotte



Eight-Man Elimination Tables Match – Team ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer/The Dudley Boyz/Rhyno) vs. The Wyatt Family: This storyline makes us think of how awesome the Wyatts would’ve been in the heyday of ECw, but this is the next best thing. We’re not sure any other result than The Wyatts going over is best for business, since the ECW Originals are simply there for nostalgic purposes. No doubt – this will be a memorable match given the stipulation and the contenders, but there is no way the Wyatts don’t win this. Given how much “putting over” they’ve done this year, they could use the rub themselves.

Prediction: The Wyatt Family



Ryback vs. Rusev: We want to be optimistic about this, but the lack of Creative depth here really makes us sad. We think the story is Rusev/Lana being too much in love to care about anything and Lana got one over on Ryback, despite showing forgiveness in a pre-taped promo with her hubby. We’re not sure what the point of all of it is but we know these guys can put on a good match. Let’s just hope it lives up. Given Rusev’s standing in League Of Nations and Ryback really needing a victory after losing to Owens so much, we can bet this one on the Big Guy.

Prediction: Ryback



– WWE United States Championship – Chairs Match – Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. Jack Swagger: Ever since his return at Hell In the Cell to beat John Cena and become new US Champion, we had high hopes for Del Rio. The other side of the coin involved a senseless alliance with Zeb Colter that limited any momentum the return could’ve given it. Luckily, Del Rio has just broken away from it, but since he has been feuding with Jack Swagger, Colter was the centerpiece of the feud and it made no sense to break him way from it yet, but at least the chairs stipulation will give it some coolness. We expect Del Rio to retain at the end of the day, though we hope the feud continues and Swagger eventually gets to win, otherwise this “resurgence” has no point.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio



WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match – Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns: Spearheading the recent downfall of storylines is the tired Reigns-Sheamus feud, shielded by the formation of the League Of Nations stable. Things truly jumped the shark when Reigns cut the infamous “tater tots” promo that only made Reigns’ biggest critics even more vocal. We frankly don’t even care what happens here, since Reigns already won the Championship and thus, needs no interest in seeing if he can do it again. Creative is back in 2013/2014 and it doesn’t work this year with Reigns like it did with Daniel Bryan. Since Royal Rumble is oh-so-close and is a “big four,” it makes way more sense for Sheamus to retain and carry momentum into the new year. He has an out for his LON teammates to help him.

Prediction: Sheamus

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