Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 12/9/15: Round Of Eight

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/9/15)

Round Of Eight

– The opening video hyped up the Round Of Eight matches in the TNA World Title Series: Eric Young-X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, Mahabali Shera-Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy-Jessie Godderz and Davey Richards-Ethan Carter III. Even though the results seem mildly predictable, the quality should be higher. We seen that the amount of material to air for TNA was dwindling down, so we were also interested to see what they’d do to “stretch things out.”

– The Lashley-Shera match appeared like it was designed to give Shera a platform to look great before he’d bow out to the stronger Lashley. The hype video that played before the bout covered both men’s similarities in build and strength and how they each worked hard to get to this point. Not sure we would’ve had Shera out in a dancing mood given the seriousness of the tournament implications, they could’ve cut straight to him in the ring ready to fight. Anyways, this was our least favorite match, but it did its job as designed. Lashley moves on and Shera got a decent rub off of it.

– Godderz has definitely benefited from the WTS, allowing us to get a feel for his “Modern Day Adonis” character and his mic work has always been good, so cutting a promo on Hardy backstage was a smart move to fill TV time. You believed he was really out to end Hardy’s Championship dreams as he was eager to show everyone what he was capable of.

– Young has also been able to excel in this tournament storyline, not stuck in meaningless stipulation matches with empty claims to be World Title material like earlier this year. Now, he’s getting the chance to actually get close to the Championship. The hype video before his match with Uno looked at the crazed individual’s streak of pilderiver destruction and dirty tactics, while the X-Division Champ was highlighted for weaving his way through opponents like Mandrews and Gail Kim. Young’s pre-match promo was a good start, with him bullying Uno by telling him to leave the ring and calling him a coward, which gave Uno a chance to pull off a high-flying spot off the top rope to surprise him from behind. We were surprised that Young mentioned the word “tournament” in his promo given that this was taped before Bound For Glory, so perhaps this was one of those “One Night Only” tournaments at the time of the taping, but it actually worked out well for the WTS situation too. The match itself was good, since they had good chemistry that allowed them to tell the story of EY dominating in between spurts of upstart offense by the high-flyer. Some good near-falls down the stretch, but the piledriver ended any hope for the babyface and like we expected, EY advanced.

– Hardy’s response promo on Godderz put over his opponent as polished, but he wasn’t the “man,” because that accolade belonged to whoever would be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Easy logic and Hardy showed good energy there.

– Young’s backstage promo reflected on his win over Uno and he showed good heel logic, by not taking responsibility for his devious actions, painting it as him giving Uno a chance to walk away before making him pay for his decision. His line about everything up to now being “workout material to get a good sweat” felt believable and he stands a strong contender for this thing. Ah, if only Hardy and EC3 weren’t around in this too…

– The Hardy-Godderz match made the most of the 12 minutes, as Godderz had his best performance to date, with Hardy selling excellently for him. Even though the match was obscenely predictable, it was still fun to watch in terms of the psychology. We didn’t have any teasing near-falls or any of that stuff, but still fun. Hardy has worked up a good catalogue of material to prove to us he can be main event material. Wish we had this tournament before BFG, like most years.

– What better way to fill TV time than with a ho-hum interview with Dixie Carter? She mainly talked about how she viewed the WTS as a big success that gave everybody a chance and provided perspective on some of the year’s biggest moments, like Drew Galloway’s United Kingdom debut. She also talked about EC3 being someone she still believed in, but he had to get rid of his feelings of entitlement, also laying compliments on Hardy relinquishing the belt to make this whole thing possible. She said things we already knew, but it felt current in the scope of the show’s theme and what it meant for the WTS. Also announced was that the WTS Semifinals and Finals would take place on the live episode of Impact on January 5, 2016 when they debut on POP TV.

– Heading into the Richards-EC3 match, there was an obvious predictable element that EC3 would remain undefeated and unsubmitted in his journey back to gold, while Richards had the chance to prove everybody wrong and be the first to pull off the impossible to get closer to the Championship. Richards had been excelling in his singles role and even coming this far was impressive for him. EC3’s pre-match promo essentially had Richard’s eulogy delivered and was a good start to things. The in-ring action was great, especially towards the closing minutes, where EC3 gave up a lot of offense and the near-falls had everybody up on their feet, almost wondering if they were about to witness history. Alas, it was all for naught once EC3 got the pinfall. Also told was a sort of reluctance on Tyrus’ part to assist EC3 as much as before, given that he won a match to get a TNW World Title shot whenever he chose. Either way, the Semifinals for the WTS look solid and it could go either way, though we think perhaps it’ll be Hardy or EC3 winning it all. When it appeared that maybe the Impact run on Destination America was over with material all finished, we got an announcement that next week would feature an in-depth look at the final four WTS competitors and some sort of a face-to-face segment, as well as a couple of undercard matches, one of them a Group Future Four-Group X-Division showdown and another four-way dance. On we go.






Quick Results

  • Bobby Lashley def. Mahabali Shera via pinfall to advance to TNA World Title Series Semifinals 
  • Eric Young def. Tigre Uno via pinfall to advance to TNA World Title Series Semifinals 
  • Matt Hardy def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall to advance to TNA World Title Series Semifinals 
  • Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Davey Richards via pinfall to advance to TNA World Title Series Semifinals

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