Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 12/9/15: Close To Blows

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/9/15)

Close To Blows

– With Dec. 18’s Final Battle Pay-Per-View fast approaching, ROH dedicated numerous segments to push the year’s biggest show. The Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser-reDRagon match was a solid opener, which allowed the Young-Dalton Castle feud to continue with a new wrinkle of The Boys being loyal to their new boss, while Adam Cole smugly worked his way to commentary mid-match to rip on Kyle O’Reilly, calling him lazy, undeserving of his success and was jealous of the idea that he was on the same level as him. The in-ring action was entertaining with back-and-forth swings and again, BCB took big bumps for someone his stature and reDRagon had some great double-team maneuvers. reDRagon winning made sense in the way that it kept O’Reilly strong and then their feud was covered after the bell when they nearly came to blows. Also liked the post-match interaction between Young and Castle in showing The Boys’ sticking with Young, even though they teased going back with Castle. There’ll be another match at Final battle and it’ll be interesting to see if The Boys are thrown in there. Solid storytelling all around.

– The Chris Sabin-Alex Shelley in-ring segment obviously gave us the reveal of the “Red Mask” character who emulated Sabin and was blamed for The Addiction going elsewhere to Japan, as Sabin was angry and wanted answers, while Kevin Kelly was skeptical on it being legitimate. We did like the quick manner in which Shelley came down and simply removed his mask to get the crowd to pop. No words were exchanged and Sabin simply let the ring, but leaving this with one answer and more questions was a good way to let it sink in.

– If Bobby Fish hadn’t just been out at the beginning of the show as a babyface tag partner, his heelish words and actions in the ROH Television Championship match between Champion Roderick Strong and Samson Walker (who came off as a cross between “Sexual Chocolate”-era Mark Henry and Kurt Angle) on commentary would’ve gone over a lot better. We do commend ROH for trying to make Strong a fighting Champion (“Roddy Vs. The World”) but why on earth does a rookie, though mentioned as a world-class competitor in other countries, get a Title shot for no reason seemingly? Fish’s mic work on a heel level was solid, but we think this match should’ve been framed as friendly competition. Granted, we have a reason to care about this match more on the Final battle card, but why sell Fish’s pride on it? Also wasn’t crazy about the idea of Fish calling the Championship he will fight for a “consolation prize.” Strong won this one unsurprisingly and we had an interaction after of Strong taking back his Title that Fish robbed and sat with on commentary during the match. We’ve no doubts that Fish could be a great heel down the road but it can’t happen while reDRagon exists and we’ve already had one guy turn on O’Reilly.

– Mandy Leon’s “Inside ROH” segment focused on “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin emerging victorious at Survival Of The Fittest and requesting in front of an American crowd that his World Title shot be in Japan, where he has a higher reputation. We see what they were going for, but that could’ve also easily backfired since the guy essentially said, “I don’t want the match here in America, I’d rather have it in the country that treated me better.” It’s cutting too close to heel logic to sit comfortably with us.

– We understood the “marquee effect” of having a Young Bucks-Briscoe Brothers tag team main event on TV, as The All-Night Express sat in on commentary, but so close to Final Battle with none of these teams in contention, why focus all of the TV time on it? We had a set Tag Titles match at Final Battle between the Champions, The Kingdom and War Machine. There was no mention of any of them on this show. Gosh, Cole could’ve even gave a light mention on commentary of his teammates preparing intensely for it or something of that sort. We won’t knock the quality of this match because that’s where it excelled and if you’ve seen one Briscoe-Young Bucks match, you know what these four men can do together to put on an awesome match. The critique comes from a lack of Final Battle hype in the main event two weeks away on TV. Kenny King on commentary was rather forgettable and we guess the story told after The Bucks won was that all three teams were at each other’s throats for a future Tag Title shot made sense, but it made Final Battle take a backseat temporarily.






Quick Results

  • reDRagon def. Silas Young (w/The Boys)/Beer City Bruiser via pinfall
  • ROH Television Championship – Roderick Strong (Champion) def. Samson Walker via pinfall to retain
  • The Young Bucks def. The Briscoe Brothers via pinfall

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