Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 12/9/15: Bay Ridge Gets Barraged

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/9/15)

Bay Ridge Gets Barraged

– To start the show off, we saw highlights of the latest happenings in the adventures of “Shining” Edward Jackson and his darling family, as a chairs match between Reality Check’s Craven Varro and the newly turned Devon Moore occurred. This had obvious grudge match proportions and we saw some rough spots where high impact moves landed on chairs instead of the canvas. Things looked brutal down the stretch, but the real news came in the finish, where Varro had Moore laid out, but Jackson contested that his protege was injured, using the distraction to allow Moore to take advantage and steal the win. Going out of this, we see the EJFive gain another one over Reality Check. Where will it lead next?

– It was fun to see Brooklyn’s own Taz get some mic time in front of the crowd and promised a fun night of action. He was quick-witted to chants of “Shoot” and “One More Match!” saying his wife wouldn’t let him in the ring again, to some laughter. We thought maybe an angle/segment would go down, but instead, we cut to the next match. Alright then.

– The best match of the episode came between Mario Bokara and Davey Richards, accompanied by his pregnant wife, the one and only Angelina Love. This was a dream match of sorts and PWS again became the place where dreams can indeed come true. We loved how Richards was all about the striking and high-flying, while Bokara grounded things down with intense submission maneuvers. The clash in styles made for some nice spots early on, allowing things to intensify when competitive spirits got the best of both men after a brief show of respect. Bokara appeared to tweak his knee in the first minutes and commentary expressed well that he wasn’t a man to stop a contest from injury and instead used it as motivation to win. Richards was smart in continuing to target the injured body part and some good near-falls towards the end only signified an exciting comeback by the Croatian Sensation himself. When it was all said and done, Bokara made Richards tap out in impressive fashion and the underdog story penned its final chapter.

– Bonesaw already had a comfortable spot as PWS’ most hated man before the main event Tri-Force match for the PWS Television Championship, but his actions to each Chris Payne and Champion Brian Myers angered them for different reasons as they looked for revenge. Bonesaw won the #1 Contender’s honor and then physically interfered in the Payne-Myers match on a previous episode to muddy the Title picture, but it backfired on him, which led to this trifecta of war. We saw some decent hype with taped promos by Myers and Payne before, but the action felt like it came up short. There were some cool spots in there though, one being the three-way rotation of punches and the other being Myers slipping up but still delivering on what we’ll call a “German Superplex.” The match didn’t last long after that, with Payne pinning Bonesaw to become the new PWS TV Champion and Myers was left empty-handed. Payne got his career moment here, but it didn’t feel like the major happening it should’ve been.






Quick Results

  • Mario Bokara def. Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love) via submission
  • PWS Television Championship – Chris Payne def. Brian Myers (Champion) and Bonesaw via pinfall to become new Champion 

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