Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 12/9/15: Full Sailing To London

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/9/15)

Full Sailing To London

– Ah, NXT: the one WWE show you can watch lately without getting your intelligence insulted. Feels refreshing. With this the go-home show for NXT TakeOver: London, it was clear the agenda was to give some finishing touches to that card and there was evidence of that from top to bottom. The first match pitted Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady against Corey Hollis/John Skyler, with the usual fun-loving faces in a mood for absolute retribution. They skipped their SAWFT routine and went straight to business, with an amped up demeanor. Cassady’s facial expressions were perfect and Amore even impressed with his hard strikes, ending the bout with their classic Rocket Launcher finisher. The post-match promo was the real money, as they made it clear that the NXT Tag Team Champions Dash Wilder/Scott Dawson tried to end their careers and they had waited too long for their shot to miss it. The lesson – don’t mess with Enzo’s family. Cassady brought perfect rage at the end, as his face was practically about to explode with it.

– The Emma/Dana Brooke backstage promo provided hype for Asuka’s upcoming match and TakeOver: London where she’d face Emma. Evil Emma was on point here, with a valid argument that the Emma-Lution was around long before the Divas Revolution and was jealous of Asuka receiving the “red carpet” treatment since arriving. Brooke was there to tell us they’d be paying close attention to Asuka’s match and they were in control of this situation. Classic heel 101.

– A Tye Dillinger “perfect 10” hype video aired for some reason. It appears maybe a push is in store for Mr. Diez Perfecto?

– The Asuka-Deonna Purrazzo match did a good job of establishing Asuka as an unpredictable submission threat, but also the finish allowed her to outsmart Brooke/Emma who tried to stand on stage as a distraction and also get a KO victory with a stiff roundhouse kick to Purrazzo’s head. Liked the look of fear/concern on Emma’s face as she whisked offstage with her buddy.

– We can’t put our finger on The Hype Bros. act. It’s so… obnoxious, but there’s something charming about the Mojo Rawley character that makes people love him. At the same time, it’s nice to see a resurgence for one Zack Ryder. Not sure where it’s all going, but we’ll hold on for the ride.

– The Alexa Bliss/Blake/Murphy backstage promo was all about Bliss blaming her boys for not getting the job done last time and demanded they take care of business this time, which they assured would happen, since they were former NXT Tag Team Champions. When they walked out of the shot, Bliss flashed her evil red skeleton glove and claimed that the Blake and Murphy Factor were back. Bliss’ heel character is solid. We’ll give it that.

– Another Elias Samson “drifter” hype video that featured black-and-white grainy footage of him playing an acoustic guitar, singing a song that talked about drifting being in his veins and that he was saying goodbye to masqueraders and hello to liberators. Also not sure where it’s going, but it has our attention.

– The Hype Bros.-Blake/Murphy match was good booking in that neither team was going anywhere and could use the rub to kill some TV time. Given how “smart” the Full Sail faithful is, we’re surprised they’re so into Rawley’s one-dimensional gimmick, but we’ve seen crazier things. The in-ring action wasn’t bad throughout and the story told was that the hype train as going to keep on rolling as Blake/Murphy continued to fail Bliss. Will there be a breakup of some sort down the road?

– The Samoa Joe-Baron Corbin backstage segment perfectly hyped the main event, while also sensibly acknowledging the rivaled past between both heels, but each of them spending a minute on what it was about their opponents that ticked them off. Corbin didn’t respect Apollo Crews’ background and felt he was a “nobody rookie.” Joe expressed that he defended NXT Champion Finn Balor through thick and thin and when he asked for a simple Title match, he wasn’t granted it right away and felt he earned that right. Clear, simple and logical.

– The match between NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and Peyton Royce looked to be on paper as a squash to keep the Champion hot headed into her TakeOver: London defense against Nia Jax, but she gave up more offense than we thought she would. As a result, Royce had her most meaningful appearance yet, allowing us to pick up the “rosy scent” of her wrestling abilities. She could be a player down the road out of all the NXT female jobbers thus far. This match was more about showing Bayley’s natural underdog spirit break out, ending in a definitive Belly-To-Bayley. The post-match promo from Jax/Eva Marie was met with more go-away heat than anything else, but given what that Full Sail crowd had to witness, it was believable. At least Jax spoke for herself here, but the promo was pretty bland. That said, the stage was set for London and it’d be interesting to see how Jax would fare in a bigger marquee match.

– The backstage segment with Balor/Crews was on the opposite side of the main event’s spectrum, but this actually focused on Crews’ still looking to pick up his unfinished Title business with Balor, which made sense. It also gave both guys a potential feud coming out of TakeOver: London should they both be victorious.

– With all the reminders of how quickly Sami Zayn made his way into our hearts and had to sit on the sidelines because of a shoulder injury, it was fitting that this new return hype video concentrated on his well-done main roster debut match as a challenger for the John Cena United States Championship Open Challenge after a proper introduction in Montreal by one Bret Hart. That match was bad for Zayn in the long run, but we got a taste of his pure underdog spirit, fighting through an injury and kicking out of an Attitude Adjustment. This was all a great way of continuing to set up his return.

– The tag team main event match between Crews/Balor and Joe/Corbin was predictably formulaic, but the good kind, as the heels first got heat by each avoiding their current rival and eventually they did wrestle, but were smart enough to not give much away, but the bad blood was still established. Joe continued to look like a badass by choking out Balor once again, as Crews/Corbin brawled their way off the ramp area to intervene. Obviously, this is the story you want to tell going into TakeOver: London, since Joe looks like the biggest threat to Balor’s NXT Championship thus far.






Quick Results

  • Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady def. Corey Hollis/John Skyler via pinfall
  • Asuka def. Deonna Purrazzo via KO
  • The Hype Bros. def. Blake/Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss) via pinfall
  • Bayley def. Peyton Royce via pinfall
  • Samoa Joe/Baron Corbin def. Finn Balor/Apollo Crews via submission 

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