Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 12/3/15: Certain Officials Stack The Odds

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/3/15)

Certain Officials Stack The Odds

– The opening video chronicled the oh-so-fun moments of Raw, which basically involved the The League Of Nations’ formation upon more provoking of Roman Reigns’ minuscule 5:15 WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign by Champion Sheamus. The Authority also used the opportunity to play God with the fates of Reigns’ “family” – his cousins and Dean Ambrose, by threatening their Championship shots at TLC. And New Day were somewhere in there too, adding on to the list of obnoxious heels to overcome.

– The opening in-ring segment with Reigns, The Usos, Ambrose, LON and The New Day was blatantly formulaic and dull, meaning to serve the show’s “story.” Reigns cut a boring promo about how close he was with his family before saying how badly he wanted to fight Sheamus, who again made fun of him (wearing a black shirt that read “Sheamus 5:15” mind you) and the rest was history. Groundskeeper Willie gave us the news that “certain officials” booked a four-on-four tag match between the LON and Reigns/Uso/Ambrose, followed by New Day revealing that those same officials declared that Ambrose/Usos needed to beat them to earn the right to be Reigns’ partner later or it’d be a four-on-one handicap. God, it must be 2014 again. Sigh. At the least, New Day’s over-the-top laughing at the end was entertaining enough to laugh along with.

– The high-flying impresser Neville character continues to backseat to secondary storylines, this time being on Tyler Breeze’s latest victim list. Dolph Ziggler commentated for this one, not adding much vocal fire to the feud, instead looking like a misplaced 80’s metal drummer. Breeze’s pre-taped promo was decent in that it made you believe he was out for revenge following the loss to Ziggler on Raw. The two had good chemistry in the ring not shockingly and despite Neville pulling out some new stuff (standing shooting star press), it wasn’t enough to deter Prince Pretty from his mission at hand, with physical help from his darling Summer Rae on the outside.

– The backstage segment with Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte was okay in setting up the match that followed it, also building on what happened on Raw when Charlotte “played possum” with her father’s approval to dupe Lynch for a victory. Lynch was basically giving Charlotte the benefit of the doubt to best friends not seeing eye-to-eye sometimes and didn’t want her going down the same road as Paige. Suddenly the mean girls showed up and teased Lynch for being gullible when the best friend came to “step in” and assured Lynch she had her back. Hmmm. Still not sure now was the best time for us to cast doubt upon the babyface Divas Champion when Paige just turned heel recently too. As for the Bella-Lynch match, it was more interesting for the finish, that continued the storyline between Charlotte and Lynch, as Bella inadvertently hit Charlotte on the outside with her elbow, which prompted the Champ to attack her while Lynch while she had the Disarmer locked in, causing more confusion. Not sure why Team BAD was playing with a blonde-wigged piñata or why the focus of the Divas Division isn’t on the actual Championship, but hey, at least they’re consistent with their stories.

– The backstage segment with The Miz and Neville seemed to delve further in this little storyline, now apparently being that of Miz recruiting a new assistant? Did get a kick out of Miz taking credit for Daniel Bryan’s success, but scared to see where this one leads creatively beyond a match.

– The Rusev/Lana backstage segment was basically five minutes of Rusev calling Ryback a coward, as well as Lana saying the same, laying some insults of Ryback being a barbarian who didn’t know what to do with a beautiful woman like herself. Let’s see what happens on Raw.

– The six-man tag between New Day and Usos/Ambrose was the highlight of the night, doing enough to stay dramatic and retain enough high-flying action on both ends to keep it entertaining. We didn’t expect the faces to win the main event, so we were expecting Usos/Ambrose to get through the first barrier, but we guess WWE Creative wanted to give Reigns an out to lose the main event in case. At the least, the finish was smart, with New Day turning The Usos’ momentum against them by targeting the injured Uso on the apron and low and behold, the main event would be a four-on-one handicap match.

– We were confused as to why WWE did a bait-and-switch on the initially booked Bray Wyatt-Bubba Ray Dudley match to have D-Von be the guy to face Wyatt, but nevertheless, the match didn’t impress, being more about the tensions between The Wyatt Family and Team ECW on the outside than the action. This show was meant to get the momentum back on the Wyatt’s side, since Wyatt got the pin with a quick Sister Abigail and then after a brief kendo stick attack by the faces, they switched the momentum and laid everybody out and piled them atop one another while they posed. Cool story, bro.

– Since Ambrose/Usos weren’t allowed to team with Reigns in the main event, of course they’d still be allowed to be at ringside, right? Wrong. The predictable outcome of “certain officials” banning those men from ringside during the main event happened and we all cried inside, more likely of boredom for the show to not be so melodramatic and end already.

– The four-on-one handicap main event between LON and Reigns was textbook, but that didn’t generate much interest overall, and you could tell by the obvious piped reactions. We’re not sure when WWE fixed rules to a handicap that a Referee can eject one member of a team for interference, but it made it feel even more predictable. We knew there was no way LON was going to lose the match, but Reigns also couldn’t lose or dominate too much, so they booked themselves into a corner and after Reigns’ lame comeback, he fought the three men simultaneously on the outside to keep them down for the 10 count to win by countout. Meh. Post-match saw the ejected King Barrett come down for revenge, only for LON to get cleared out of the ring by Ambrose/Usos. Sheamus also snuck in a Brogue Kick on Reigns somewhere in there. Does anybody care? Meh. Even Smackdown is starting to get the Raw stink and it shows how bad the product has become lately.






Quick Results

  • Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) def. Neville via pinfall
  • Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) def. Becky Lynch (w/Charlotte) via DQ
  • Six-Man Tag – If Dean Ambrose/The Usos Lose, They Cannot Partner With Roman Reigns Against The League Of Nations – The New Day def. Dean Ambrose/The Usos via pinfall
  • Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan) def. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray Dudley, Tommy Dreamer) via pinfall
  • Four-On-One Handicap Tag – Roman Reigns def. The League Of Nations via countout

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