Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 12/2/15: May The Best Man Win

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/2/15)

May The Best Man Win

– Carrying off last week’s segment where ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness banned The Decade from appearing on the year’s biggest show – Final Battle, it made sense that they’d be angry, as Adam Page battled Will Ferrara. Page showed some of that rage, attacking Ferrara before he even got settled in the ring and it was on. This was as standard as it comes, though Ferrara got to show off some high-flying tendencies by taking out all of The Decade on the outside. The finish was surprising in that Ferrara used a weapon that wasn’t meant for him to use, making the heels’ plan backfire and show perhaps a new tough side of Ferrara stemming back from when he accepted an envelope from Prince Nana, who seemed to quietly be recruiting a new Embassy stable also featuring Caprice Coleman. That’s just speculation, but the clues tell us that’s perhaps where it’s going. We liked that the heels got revenge afterwards as Whitmer shoved the referee to the canvas, a heinous action but with them already off Final Battle, they had nothing to lose. Mark Briscoe joined the show on commentary initially and was instructed not to intervene because he was a commentator this week but was too offended by the heels to sit there and therefore chased them out of the ring. Interested to also see where that goes.

– The Addiction’s announcement that they were leaving the “dictatorship” of ROH to take over New Japan Pro-Wrestling seemed to be a sensible way to send them off TV, also having them be classy heels making misogynistic remarks and insulting the fans. Nothing more than that we guess. It did kill some time.

– The highlight of the show (as it should be) was the ROH World Champion Jay Lethal/Truth Martini/Taeler Hendrix-AJ Styles face-to-face in-ring confrontation to hype the big World Title main event at Final Battle between Styles and Lethal. This did enough to take the attention off of Lethal losing his Television Championship last week to Roderick Strong and applying it to the Styles match. Lethal showed enough rage in his voice to get over the fact that he was rattled, but not deterred from his goal of being the best pro wrestler on the planet. His statements towards Strong not being able to hold on to the gold because he didn’t know what it was like to be chased after seemed to set up a future rematch. We liked how Lethal initially praised Styles as someone he looked up to early on and wanted to be taken under his wing, but quickly turned that into cockiness by putting himself on a higher level than Styles by calling out the fact Styles never held Championship gold wherever he went and called out the challenger, which they all stood in the ring together. Styles held his own in one of his few ROH promos, saying that Lethal had a point, but it was ironic that the guy who was usually called out was calling him out this time. Also liked Styles’ statements that he didn’t want Lethal to cry anymore about the TV Title because now he could put all his focus on the World Title, leading to a tense handshake offer, which was begrudgingly accepted by Lethal, as he confidently shouted he was the best man and always was. All in all, a good segment that pushed heavy focus on Final Battle for a huge marquee match.

– Consistently good hype throughout the show on the Kyle O’Reilly-Adam Cole Final Battle match, as Cole led a series of locker room “story time” segments as he put over the fact that O’Reilly would never be World Champion while he was there and was out to make O’Reilly quit ROH after he’d mangle him in Philly, never being up to par with the best pro wrestler on the planet. It also allows O’Reilly to have the chance to speak his two cents since he’s hyped for next week’s show.

– As for where their characters currently are on the ROH roster, it was cool to see Cole cross paths with the flamboyant peacock master Dalton Castle, who was stripped of his boys, but not his momentum. Cole looked heelish for bringing out his Kingdom mates plus Maria Kanellis and it wasn’t long before they stopped any fun the original match would’ve given us by beating down Castle blatantly in front of the referee, drawing a less-than-warm reaction for the DQ. We also liked how The Boys initially joined Castle before being forced to leave the ring by Silas Young, who still owned their services, which continued their feud. The DQ called for War Machine to come help Castle even the odds by facing off their opponents at Final Battle. Three feud progressions in one match? By golly. The crowd seen a six-man tag coming a mile away, so it was a clever way to get there. As for the “new” main event, it came off well for all parties – Kingdom’s chemistry was tight, while War Machine had a good performance and Castle also shined in the main event spotlight. It was fast-paced, back-and-forth action to the very end that ended with a double Kingdom kick on a poor Castle who was held up in the ropes and couldn’t block it. It’d usually make sense for say, War Machine to get the fall to build momentum for the Champions, but this also worked since it made The Kingdom look more legit and you have another week to push War Machine with the advantage going in to Final Battle.






Quick Results

  • Will Ferrara def. Adam Page (w/BJ Whitmer, Colby Corino) via pinfall
  • Dalton Castle def. Adam Cole (w/Michael Bennett, Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis) via DQ
  • Six-Man Tag – The Kingdom (w/Maria Kanellis) def. Dalton Castle/War Machine via pinfall

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