Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 11/30/15: The League Of Nations Assemble

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/30/15)

The League Of Nations Assemble 

– Oh, what a mess of a show. No better place to start than the beginning though, right? Right. Okay, so in the first segment, we had The WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day come out with confetti and slight promise, until they failed to grab us with their cheap heat material and only served to introduce the suit-clad WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, who preceded to dance while thanking Roman Reigns for failing. This was just like, huh? Didn’t New Day abandon Sheamus in their Survivor Series tag match? Is all suddenly forgiven? Just terrible. Oh, but then Reigns showed up and Superman Punched Sheamus while pyro was going off. Reigns wasn’t initially warmly received, but that changed towards the end. Why did babyface Reigns just steal the heel’s rightfully owned Championship? What was the purpose of this segment?

– The backstage segment with Reigns, The Usos, Dean Ambrose, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was used to set up the unexpected WWE World Heavyweight Championship match for later on, continuing to put the spotlight on Reigns’ infamous 5:15 Title reign, giving him the stipulation that he needed to beat Sheamus in that time span to win the Championship. Instead of focusing so much on Reigns’ failures to get him over, why not just build momentum towards the rematch and save it for TLC instead of a desperate move to boost ratings in a Title match nobody is dying to see? Also, it was unclear at this point if “this” was Reigns’ official rematch or not. This left TLC in a cloud of doubt, which you never want to do when a Pay-Per-View is a mere two weeks away.

– When in doubt, let Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze fight it out. Sure, we got a competitive match that spanned almost 10 minutes, but with Ziggler winning with the Superkick, that tells us that it’s building to a rubber match of sorts at TLC with both Ziggler and Breeze each having one win over the other thus far. We’d even say this bout was better than Survivor Series, so as long as their in-ring chemistry is getting better, we’re all for this little feud.

– In another attempt to get people tuning in and talking, we had Rusev and Lana make their return as the happy couple. We had a taste of heel Lana, saying she never went all the way with Ziggler, but she still looked conflicted at times with her new husband, even though they made out for close to a minute before being interrupted by Ryback. Oh, this was MizTV? Oops, we almost forgot The Miz was a part of this too. How uneventful. Rusev was okay here, we guess, spewing enough anti-American drabble to get heat, but even that felt forced. The biggest hope of all is Rusev/Lana being back together and we can only hope they go back to what they had earlier this year before Rusev faced off with John Cena.

– The actual Rusev-Ryback match was too short to be memorable, but perhaps this is being saved for TLC, since the post-match angle involving Ryback shoving Rusev into the steel steps, knocking Lana over is something that can be stretched out to TLC. At this point, we have the heel out for revenge. It’s decent stuff, but did Rusev have to deliberately take the countout loss? Also, why is Lana so accident prone all of a sudden?

– The Triple H-Ambrose segment gave the Reigns-Sheamus Title match stipulation an appropriate twist, with The Authority out to make Reigns’ friends pay for his foolish decisions by declaring that Ambrose would lose his Intercontinental Championship shot at TLC if Reigns didn’t win. We were okay with this, but why tease ruining one of the better TLC matches on the card?

– The Dudley Boyz’s “message” to The Wyatt Family was actually one of the highlights on this sorry Raw episode. We finally got to see Bubba Ray get some mic time, which is never a bad thing. They sort of did rehash the storyline with The New Day, having separate tables designated for different members, but the purpose was still the same. We expected the heels to come out and accept, looking to take advantage only to get whacked with kendo sticks. We initially thought The Dudleyz’ answer would be in the form of Spike Dudley, but they did one better by having Tommy Dreamer show up to a good pop. Funny how he’s always around, right? The six-man tag that followed with the six men sans Wyatt served its purpose, not really going for full action, just ending in chaos, thus the no contest result. Post-match seemed to go in the heels’ favor, with Strowman choking out Dreamer, but the moment quickly was overshadowed by Bubba Ray knocking Wyatt off the apron and into an adjacent table. Sort of odd that they’d have the highest member of the Wyatt tier go through the table first. With four shows until TLC, it would’ve made sense to start from the bottom and work their way to the top, but that’s none of our business (raises champagne glass with condescending facial expressions). On a good note, the Bubba Ray-Wyatt match for Smackdown sounds promising.

– So, WWE kept the Zeb Colter/WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio duo together but silently dropped the “Mex-America” angle. If you noticed, the flag was missing from Colter’s Wal-Mart Scooter-Mobile 4000 and the words were never used in the opening promo, even though the theme was still calling out the “haters” for caring more about social media and Hollywood trends. Goldust was Del Rio’s opponent and was just a pushover here, giving us a bland match that quickly ended with Del Rio’s stupid new finisher. The one good thing here was Jack Swagger making the save when Del Rio applied the Cross Arm-Breaker and quickly retreated, preventing us from seeing any physical action, a smart move for another likely TLC match. What sucks though is that while Swagger has been elevated to this storyline, we all know Cena is coming right back for a rematch clause.

– So, backstage, Becky Lynch wanted to fight WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, but not for the Title, just to remind themselves of what they came to the main roster to do? Seems foolish. Of course Ric Flair shows up again so we can be reminded again that Charlotte is his daughter. You know, in case you forgot.

– The moment The New Day were out on commentary during the WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s  match between The Usos and The Lucha Dragons, we knew some shenanigans were going down towards the finish. Sure, we had the mock commentary to laugh about, but this was more New Day on a show that just didn’t need it. The match didn’t last long enough to be good, but it was also odd that there were no immediate consequences to New Day’s actions of giving themselves “no contenders” by attacking both teams in the running for an official Title shot. They’ve covered New Day being cowards well at least.

– Here comes emasculating Steph to the rescue. Oh, but yelling at New Day wasn’t her focus. She was telling both Usos and Lucha Dragons they were in for Title shots, then telling Usos they were only in if Reigns didn’t lose his match. This was the only instance during the show where the stipulation actually worked out to look logical since Steph took a “situation” and used it to her favor to screw Reigns & Co. over.

– So, Team BAD’s new thing is to confidently shout “Unity!” in high-pitched voices. Um, okay. How does that make us hate them? And oh great – Brie Bella is a babyface for the 301st time this year for one match. At least for this night, the focus was on Team BAD acting dastardly and taking out Alicia Fox at ringside and then physically helping Banks win the match. Where’s this leading?

– The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Reigns and Sheamus was okay in the short allotted time as Reigns tried for quick pins and Sheamus did whatever possible to stall for time. It came down to the final 30 seconds when Rusev, King Barrett and Del Rio attacked Reigns, causing a DQ, meaning Reigns wins the match, but not the Title. So we’re guessing Reigns still gets another rematch at TLC because of the DQ? As for the League Of Nations formation announcement – oh brother. Randomly jumbled together midcard heels just isn’t captivating. When Ambrose/Usos came to join Reigns in the ring, it was rather obvious that an eight-man tag would likely be the main event since we still had a half hour left in the show now.

– How good can it look when crazy heel Paige sounds like the voice of reason saying Charlotte’s a phony when the Champ basically faked an ankle injury to fool Lynch into getting pinned to win their match? As for the match, it was well-wrestled, but not exciting in the least and Paige was negative on commentary to the point where it was annoying to the viewer. So, with her father right there in sheer approval, did we witness Charlotte turn heel as she prepares to face crazy heel Paige at TLC? Is Lynch the one who’ll turn on Charlotte and join Paige? Just what the hell is going in this frakakta Divas division?

– The backstage segment with Lynch and Charlotte was basically Charlotte doing damage control with Lynch who felt insulted. Paige was said to “stir the pot,” but it just look like she’s trying to recruit Lynch to see things her way. Given what Charlotte did, how can she be wrong? We’d love a Lynch heel turn personally. Do what you have to do to get us there. Please.

– So, Adam Rose used to poop on parties but now he is doing comedy a la “A Hollywood Minute” style? Who OK’d this crap? Why is he ripping jokes on Rusev, Lana, Ziggler and Breeze? Lame.

– The lameness didn’t end there. We had another recurring segment Titus O’Neil showing up in the cosmic stars with Stardust, for some ungodly reason. Their only appearance eon the show no less.

– Of course, it’s 2013 again, so that can only mean a lopsided handicap tag main event as per The Authority – The New Day/League Of Nations against Reigns & Family. More New Day? Just what we needed. Ugh. WWE is overexposing their best act and it’s making the product feel more stale. The match was too melodramatic, with Reigns having the out of losing his cousin Jimmy Uso to an ankle injury and then Ambrose took the hot tag and then the match because somewhat good, before Sheamus put a Brogue Kick on to end those plans. At the least, this keeps the newly formed LON strong, with the focus of this heel supergroup dominating the company. “Dawning of a New Day”? Wow, how cliche.






Quick Results

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) via pinfall
  • Ryback def. Rusev (w/Lana) via countout 
  • Six-Man Tag – Luke Harper/Erick Rowan/Braun Strowman (w/Bray Wyatt) and The Dudley Boyz/Tommy Dreamer to a no contest
  • Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) def. Goldust via pinfall
  • WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s Match – The Lucha Dragons and The Usos to a no contest via double interference 
  • Sasha Banks (w/Tamina, Naomi) def. Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) via submission
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship – If Reigns Loses In 5:15, The Usos and Dean Ambrose Lose Their Respective #1 Contender Spots – Roman Reigns def. Sheamus (Champion) via DQ; Sheamus retains
  • Charlotte def. Becky Lynch via pinfall
  • Seven-On-Four Handicap Tag – The New Day/The League Of Nations def. Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/The Usos via pinfall

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