Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 11/19/15: The Final Four

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/19/15)

The Final Four 

– Given that Survivor Series was three days away when it aired, a big focus was on the Semifinals and Finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and its final four competitors – WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. To ensure interaction between all parties involved, it was announced on Raw that they’d be special guests on MizTv. As for the actual segment, it carried on the theme of interrupting Miz and tension was teased between all the heels, only for the faces to band together and allow Ambrose to punch out Miz. Oh yeah, R-Truth even showed up and pleaded his case to become Champion in another “Whoops, this one is on me” moment that was slightly less funnier than when it happened on Raw. All in all, this was a time-killer, but it was interesting and had a good amount of laughs to get by it.

– Carrying off the last segment, Miz was understandably angry and not willing to compete. Cue Cesaro in an attempt we guess to give him back momentum stemming from losing to Reigns on Raw. Despite some instant offense by Miz, this was more or less how it went down, Cesaro winning with a Crossface submission for a change. Stardust/The Ascension came out and walked past Cesaro on the way down, but it amounted to nothing. Maybe they’ll all be in a throwaway match at Survivor Series.

– The Six-Man Tag between Stardust/The Ascension and Neville/The Dudley Boyz was basic filler to continue the Neville-Stardust rivalry and keep the Dudleys strong by letting them score the pinfall with the 3D.

– Given how Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler will now fight at Survivor Series, it made sense to do some stuff to hype it up. This is where the Breeze-Zack Ryder match came in, as this was basic squash material, only difference being that Breeze won with the Unprettier finisher. Before the match, Breeze cut a promo putting himself and Summer Rae over for their fashion sense and she in turn, insulted Ziggler’s penis size without directly mentioning it, which prompted him to come out and litter on the VIP Section. Ziggler scored a little revenge with the Superkick, laying Breeze out cold outside the ring.

– Beyond the sheep druids being laid out by Kane’s pyro and him holding a flaming sheep mask, there was nothing deeper in the interaction between The Wyatt Family and The Undertaker/Kane (Brothers Of Destruction) here disappointingly. It was all show, no tell, as much of this feud has been. For some reason, they had Bray Wyatt play up the mystery of who Taker/Kane would fight at Survivor Series when that is the least intriguing aspect of the match.

– The WWE Divas Champion Charlotte-Brie Bella match was a way to push the Champ for her defense against Paige. She pulled off some interesting maneuvers, emphasizing that she was focused on competition, ending it with a Figure Eight.

– Paige’s backstage promo mentioned Charlotte being the “hulk” and insulted her for getting rattled by words and was unsympathetic. Considering the bad press WWE earned for that dreadful Raw segment, you’d think you’d have Paige at least apologize for that before doing something else heel-like but that didn’t happen. Classy.

– The Big E-Kalisto match followed another entertaining New Day promo that included complaints for being left out of the tournament, trombone playing and short luchador jokes towards Kalisto. The action in this one was shorter than we thought we’d get, Big E winning with the big belly splash. The heels let Big E hit it again after the bell, cueing Ryback to come make the save. We’re envisioning some kind of midcard Survivor Series traditional tag featuring these guys, plus maybe The Usos and Sheamus/King Barrett in some way?

– Finally, some acknowledgment of what might happen if Ambrose and Reigns win their respective tourney matches. Too bad it featured nothing more than both guys acting like brothers about it, willing to accept wherever their paths brought them. They could’ve at least played up the idea of one of them turning, but the fact that they didn’t perhaps means it is more evident than ever that it will happen.

– The Owens/Del Rio-Reigns/Ambrose main event tag match was action-filled with both faces and heels working together, but the action on the outside lasted too long to the point of a double countout, which had to be expected in some way. Did like how it ended with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall, possibly for the last time.






Quick Results

  • Cesaro def. The Miz via submission
  • Six-Man Tag – The Dudley Boyz/Neville def. Stardust/The Ascension via pinfall
  • Tyler Breeze def. Zack Ryder via pinfall 
  • Charlotte def. Brie Bella (w/Alicia Fox) via submission
  • Big E (w/Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston) def. Kalisto (w/Sin Cara) via pinfall
  • Kevin Owens/Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) and Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose to a double countout

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