Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 11/18/15: Win Or Go Home

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/18/15)

Win Or Go Home

– The opening video highlighted Gail Kim, Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III moving on to the Round of 16 in the TNA World Title Series. Hyped were Brooke Vs. Awesome Kong (Group Knockouts), Bobby Roode Vs. Abyss (Group TNA Originals) with the winners advancing and a face-to-face between Matt Hardy and EC3 for the first time since Bound For Glory.

– The Group Knockouts match between Brooke and Kong saw a respectable effort from Brooke, but it wasn’t enough to deter Kong from winning, ultimately advancing to Round of 16. Kudos to the great commentary too.

– The “face to face” was more of a Skype conversation split up in intervals throughout the night more than anything. Would it have killed TNA to get these guys in the studio? For what it was, the interaction was decent on both ends and it felt “current” to those of us who are knowingly watching matches taped from July. Hardy showed appreciation for his competition and fearless anticipation for a showdown with EC3, while EC3 was pompous and brash, insulting Hardy for not being in Group Champions. EC3 showed some good fire in his second portion, expressing it felt like his life’s work was taken away from him in a conspiracy.

– Eric Young’s promo hyped it as James Storm’s last chance and if he showed up, he’d get hurt. Insane and Brian Pillman-esque with the bugged-out eyes. Love it.

– The Group X-Division match between Tigre Uno and Manik saw the X-Division Champion in a must-win to pull off a tie in his Group to force a three-way “play off.” The opportunity was intriguing and sure enough, that’s what happened after a good match, though formulaic. The idea of this three-way between Tigre Uno, Manik and DJZ is that the first two guys to score pinfalls will advance. Interesting to say the least and it gives the X-Division some purpose for once.

– Bobby Roode’s promo put Abyss over as someone who’ll do whatever it takes, but there was nothing more important to himself than the World Championship. This was more of the passionate kind of promo and not the screaming kind, so naturally, it was good.

– The Group TNA Originals match between Young and Storm saw the “win or go home” rule in effect, and was actually a good match once Storm began encouraging the crowd to chant for him, getting past the awkward heel-heel dynamic. Most likely being the last we see of Storm in TNA, it made sense for Young to win again using dirty tactics (low blow) and Storm “goes home.” Wonder where he’ll end up next. Hmmmm.

– The Group Wildcard match between Aiden O’Shea and Mahabali Shera was throwaway material that seen Shera sweep his group, advancing. Shera can engage a crowd through goofy dancing, but his in-ring style needs a major touch-up. We shudder at the idea of this guy carrying the company come 2016. We beg you, TNA… don’t.

– EY’s promo was a “I told you so” kind of tone to his haters and his eyes bugged out again, putting himself over as a winner, not stopping. Good as usual.

– The Group Future Four match between Eli Drake and Crimson saw Drake get the chance to get to seven points while Crimson was in a spoiler position. Liked how EC3 tried to break in mid-match for the interview continuation and Matthews told him to wait. Drake looked okay here in his performance with a submission victory to change things up. Drake also advanced to the Round of 16, making Micah-Jessie Godderz next week a win or go home match. Fun.

– The Group TNA Originals main event between Roode and Abyss was a fun bout that saw it go down to the final 90 seconds where Roode escaped with the win before “Janice” could be used. It was announced that group play would finish next week, meaning we can get to the real meat and bones of the World Title Series. Either way, it’s amazing what people can think of when backed into a corner. TNA has showcased exactly how to properly present a tournament for its World Championship and its competitors. WWE could learn a thing or two that playing it safe doesn’t make for compelling television. Thinking outside the box can do wonders and we’re pumped to see how this tournament concludes, likely ending the Destination America run with a new Champion, before Impact moves to POP TV on January 5, 2016.






Quick Results

  • Group Knockouts – Awesome Kong def. Brooke via pinfall (Kong +3, Brooke +0); Brooke eliminated
  • Group X-Division – Tigre Uno def. Manik via pinfall (Tigre Uno +3, Manik +0)
  • Group TNA Originals – Eric Young def. James Storm via pinfall (Young +3, Storm +0); Storm eliminated
  • Group Wildcard – Mahabali Shera def. Aiden O’Shea via pinfall (Shera +3, O’Shea +0)
  • Group Future Four – Eli Drake def. Crimson via pinfall (Drake +3, Crimson +0)
  • Group TNA Originals – Bobby Roode def. Abyss via pinfall (Roode +3, Abyss +0); Abyss eliminated

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