Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 11/11/15: 2 Cocky Meets The Omega Man

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/11/15)

2 Cocky Meets The Omega Man 

– We started things off with the glistening “old school/new school” partnership of The Lifeguard Mike Del and Dylan Stiffwood. Obvious innuendo aside, Stiffwood’s presence gives us hope that a push for Lifeguard is in the cards, at least to upper midcard status. He can take Lifeguard where Ashley Massaro couldn’t. Lifeguard’s match against The Drunken Swashbuckler was a buffer bout for the bustling beach personality, along with the fun that only comes in Pro Wrestling Syndicate when a lifeguard battles a drunken pirate. We were surprised to see some unorthodox moves from TDS (a successful hurricanrana, for one) as he gave Lifeguard a run for his sandy dollars, but this is where Stiffwood made a difference – distracting TDS with a megaphone siren among other foolishness. Lifeguard gained the advantage with a swift eye poke and hit his Sun Block finisher to give this new team instant success. Will we see them become a tag team down the road? That approach could also be taken, but we’re interested to see just how far Stiffwood can get Lifeguard.

– “Shining” Edward Jackson put over The Heavenly Bodies the only way he knows how – intense promo style. Last time we heard, The PWS Tag Team Champions, The Handicapped Heroes accepted The Heavenly Bodies’ challenge when things got physical which led to a 30-day suspension for the heels, but Jackson made it known they were rejuvenated and ready for gold. He even threw in some disingenuous mocking of Gregory Iron’s cerebral palsy and Zach Gowen’s prosthetic leg for good heel measure. Oh, that Jackson Family is so dastardly.

– When it came to the actual PWS Tag Team Championships match, it got enough time to give us a great in-ring story. The Handicapped Heroes have steamrolled past teams aplenty since beating The Reynolds Brothers earlier this year and The Heavenly Bodies were their biggest challenge to this point. It wouldn’t had been surprising if the heels got the win, and that’s what made the near-falls so great towards the end. The trick with Handicapped Heroes is that even when they’re on top, they still come off as hearty underdogs and it works so well. Iron and Gowen weren’t afraid to fly either and we got a taste of that here too. We even liked how Hush got physically involved by yanking Jackson off the apron when he tried to distract the Referee to give his men the advantage. The faces overcame the odds and remain strong Champions. Who’ll take them down? Remains to be seen. Bonus points for Iron’s extra mustachioed prowess.

– “2 Cocky” Kevin Matthews is almost like the Roman Reigns of PWS in terms of his storyline direction this year. He has been positioned as the guy who gets screwed time and time again, but overcomes obstacles when it counts and is hot at the right time. Already a three-time PWS Champion, his credibility is all there as well as his mic skills. We had an “international dream match” between Matthews and Bullet Club’s own Kenny Omega and Matthews made it well-known in the backstage promo beforehand that he was hyped to prove that he was able to beat a guy who he regarded as the best to become the best. Great energy.

– The Omega-Matthews main event match started with still about a half hour left to go and that got us excited for obvious reasons. We got everything out of this that we could. General Manager Mick Foley expressed his endorsement of Omega for some time now even before the show and it made sense for him to push it all again. This was a great time to have Omega “turn heel” and insult wrestling’s most lovable flannel vest-wearing, tie-dye extraordinaire, which turned the tide of the bout to Matthews’ favor from the GM’s eyes. The contest received ample time to build up a great story of the flamboyant heel targeting Matthews’ injured knee and cooked up the heat by purposely mocking Foley’s ringside elbow drop, Mr. Socko and the Mankind rocking. There were some brilliant near-falls towards the end, but Matthews winning made most sense, to give him more credibility and send the crowd home happy. The post-match segment with PWS Champion Dan Maff coming down to challenge Matthews for a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn showdown felt like the next chapter for PWS. Good timing and even better that both Matthews and Maff have been built up this year slowly but surely. Also liked how Maff sees Matthews as the person he needs to beat to solidify his Title reign. Can’t wait to see what fun this match brings.






Quick Results

  • The Lifeguard Mike Del (w/Dylan Stiffwood) def. The Drunken Swashbuckler via pinfall
  • PWS Tag Team Championships – The Handicapped Heroes (w/Hush) def. The Heavenly Bodies (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) via pinfall to retain
  • Kevin Matthews def. Kenny Omega via pinfall

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