Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 11/11/15: To The Victor Go No Spoils

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/11/15)

To The Victor Go No Spoils 

– The opening video highlighted last week’s TNA World Title Series happenings – Madison Rayne showing some actual personality en route to defeating Brooke to get on the board of Group Knockouts to make it a four-way tie at three points, both members of The Wolves went to a sizzling draw and Eric Young Piledrove his way to make Group Champions a four-way tie. Hyped for later on was Gail Kim-Rayne (Group Knockouts), Matt Hardy-Eddie Edwards (Group Tag Team Specialists) and Ethan Carter III-Mr. Anderson (Group Champions) as the Round of 16 was beginning to take shape, Hardy already in.

– We did so good with Rayne last week. Who decided to muck that all up this week with a lame hype video that made Rayne’s training regimen for Kim out to be a wannabe Metal Gear Solid Snake? “Ninja training”? Good lord. Disappointment aside, the match between her and Kim was enjoyable in many aspects. It never slowed down and used the whole ring for psychological purposes. We almost didn’t want it to end, but we knew it was winding down. There was obviously some sort of timing mishap that saw Rayne manually break up a ring count just before 10 when Kim couldn’t make it back, but Josh Matthews covered it excellently by calling it an error in Rayne’s judgment to not take a countout victory. It felt sports-like, where broadcasters normally call out athletes for their stupid mistakes. It could’ve gone either way and Rayne felt like a legit contender, but Kim ended up victorious to land three more points, making her one of the two Knockouts to compete in the Round of 16.

– A random Skype/video interview with Hardy saw him express satisfaction for being the first to be in the Round of 16, hoping to sweep his Group play with an undefeated record. He also put over the tournament’s uniqueness, since it allowed everyone to compete and didn’t regret giving up the Title to allow it to be possible. Also liked how he hyped the Edwards match and it made sense for him to want EC3 again in the finals, as his form of “poetic justice.”

– Heel Vs. heel matches can be tricky whenever they’re booked. On one hand, it’s hard to generate much crowd interest when it’s not encouraged in the first place but on the other, it can give us some solid wrestling, as that’s the only way to get by. When it came to the Eli Drake-Jessie Godderz match, it was a matter of both guys acknowledging their similarities, but believing their differences made the other inferior. The action mainly consisted of both men out-heeling each other, leading to the finish, where Drake won by using the ropes when he tried pulling on the tights earlier to no avail. This tourney could do good things for Drake, who oozes charisma on the mic and him winning the match gave him four points to be atop the leaderboard of Group Future Four.

– So, EC3 looked to hand-deliver his undisclosed fine in an envelope to his Aunt Dixie at the TNA Offices in Nashville, as she again questioned the person he’d become. Nothing new here and mainly filler we take it. For that matter, why did Dixie have WWE Kurt Angle merchandise on her shelf?

– Drake’s backstage promo talked about his win and how he proved himself right and then he pronounced his name with emphasis. Good stuff.

– Did TNA purposely give James Storm the “biggest disappointment” award to take a shot at him going to NXT? From a storyline standpoint, it makes little sense, since Storm was in a tie on the leaderboard of his group.

– The Group Tag Team Specialists match between Hardy and Edwards was fun while it lasted, with elements of smart wrestling. Edwards injured his hand by missing a chop and hitting the ring post, which Hardy took advantage of throughout the match. Edwards looked tough for fighting through it and even continuing to use his injured hand, but the result wasn’t a second thought. An impressive Twist of Fate off the top rope and Hardy swept his Group play. It was announced that the winner between Robbie E and Davey Richards would move on to the Round of 16.

– Matt’s backstage promo put Edwards over as an indestructible old school brawler, making it hard to put him away. Like little things like this that go a long way for others’ credibility.

– It’s obvious both DJZ and Mandrews’ characters are in a land of irrelevant redundancy. We want so bad for Mandrews to just shed the little boy image and focus on his aerials and for DJZ to again embrace the spray. Their match here, as per Group X-Division, saw the usual high-flying action, but nothing outstanding. At the least, the push for DJZ continues as he won the match, which mathematically eliminated Mandrews.

– The Mahabali Shera hype video was well-shot, but if they didn’t do the exact same thing with Lashley weeks ago, it would’ve gone over a lot better. This Shera hype makes sense given that the TNA World Title Series will finish up in a series of tapings in Mumbai, India, but backing a green talent like Shera won’t give TNA any long-term solutions.

– Eric Young’s promo hyped his match with Storm next week by putting over his victory over Roode last week and taking another shot at WWE about nobody seeing Storm again after this match. Ha ha ha. We did like how EY stressed that he was in a corner because he was forced to win, which fits the theme of next week’s show, with other matches carrying this “win and you’re in” mentality, like Brooke-Awesome Kong (Group Knockouts) and Abyss-Roode (Group TNA Originals).

– Crimson’s 2015 return has been mostly uneventful and we had no changes to that here. He cut a forgettable promo on his opponent Micah having wrestling in his bloodline but not being in an actual war like he was, and followed that up with highlights of him losing to Micah, meaning he won’t advance to the Round of 16. It was nice knowing ya, Crimson.

– The EC3 India promo felt extraordinary odd, since he was in Nashville earlier on the show and he was talking about the main event match with Anderson as it hadn’t happened yet. We get the promotion for India in December, but it just cam off strangely.

– One of the better stories in this tournament build has been the push for Drew Galloway. We got to see another level of his personality, going back home to Scotland to be with his family to make up for times where his career prevented that and to clear his head to come back for more fierce competition. It makes us want to root for him even more. Why can’t he get the Shera push?

– The Group Champions main event between EC3 and Anderson was well-wrestled, but because of EC3’s undefeated streak, felt mostly undramatic. Did garner some interest with Anderson wielding a chair with a winding clock, hitting Tyrus, but leading to a low-blow from EC3 that was followed up with by the One Percenter. A quick roll-up pin gave EC3 seven points and for Anderson, no spoils.






Quick Results

  • Group Knockouts – Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne via pinfall (Kim +3, Rayne +0); Kim advances to Round of 16
  • Group Future Four – Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall (Drake +3, Godderz +0)
  • Group Tag Team Specialists – Matt Hardy def. Eddie Edwards via pinfall (Hardy +3, Edwards +0); Hardy advances to Round of 16
  • Group X-Division – DJZ def. Mandrews via pinfall (DJZ +3, Mandrews +0); Mandrews mathematically eliminated
  • Group Champions – Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall (EC3 +3, Anderson +0)

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