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TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/4/15)


– As per the format in the TNA World Title Series, the opening video looked at last week’s happenings, like Matt Hardy defeating Robbie E to be atop the Group Tag Team Specialists leaderboard and Gail Kim defeating Awesome Kong in the main event in Group Knockouts action. Hyped for this show was Eddie Edwards Vs. Davey Richards (Group Tag Team Specialists), Eric Young Vs. TNA King Of The Mountain Champion Bobby Roode (Group TNA Originals) and a two-part interview with Jeff Hardy, who’d speak out for the first time since Bound For Glory. How ironic that now both of the top North American pro wrestling companies’ shows revolve around tournaments to decide a new World Heavyweight Champion?

– The sudden push of Madison Rayne as a humble yet serious competitor was a nice change of pace, since half the time Rayne comes out, she’s stuck between overconfident heel and happy-go-lucky babyface. She even had her own hype video that put over the Knockouts Division and how TNA put women’s wrestling on the map since 2007, being directly responsible for the “Revolution.” How incredibly tongue-in-cheek. Hard to dispute this claim though, since it rings quite true. The Knockouts were an important feature of TNA for the longest time and were even set to have their own weekly television show at one point before the roster shriveled down. That said, we loved how Rayne talked of this upcoming match being her “game seven,” as the sports reference made it feel more legitimate and expressed her desire to get on the leaderboard. Brooke was the perfect opponent for her here and she was selling an injury, which gave her an out to lose. The in-ring work wasn’t bad per se, but did have clunky moments. For the progressiveness in storyline creativity, we’ll let it go since Rayne got the victory, which made Group Knockouts a tie with all four competitors at three points apiece after two matches.

– There was no rest on the Young-Roode hype for the main event, as we saw several backstage segments and hype videos, cluing us in on their extensive history as partners and rivals. Young’s backstage segment was basically unhinged EY convinced everyone else was out to prove they were better than him, which wouldn’t happen of course. We did like the close-up on his eyes to close out, since it came off as Psycho Sid-ish, at least the more intriguing parts of his character.

– Anytime we get to see Rockstar Spud play the ultimate underdog babyface, it’s a treat. Bram was the perfect guy to bring this all out. Their match was straight-forward stuff, which was decent. Bram had fallen way off the momentum wagon, so it was good to see him get some of it back with a convincing win to get himself three points when he needed it the most.

– Roode’s backstage promo served as main event hype, basically saying that EY didn’t control his destiny and nothing could break his mission of being a double Champion. Good for what it was.

– The Group X-Division match between Mandrews and Manik was terribly average and unspectacular. Both of these guys come off as complete afterthoughts and why should we think any different of them here? This was clearly created to kill time and while it did that, there was nothing tangible. Mandrews’ little boy skateboarder character is so frustratingly amateur that it’s laughable. Long story short, Manik overcame everything and helped mathematically eliminate Mandrews from the WTS.

– The Wolves’ backstage promo hyped their upcoming match together, as they played up the “respectful partners and brothers” angle, which was smart.

– Young’s second backstage promo teased him attacking Roode when he least expected it, trying to show that he dictated the action.

– Both parts of Jeff Hardy’s interview video were quite insightful and truly allowed viewers to get to know Jeff on an intimate level and get to see all of his ups (Winning the Tag Team Titles with his brother, getting revenge on his old “boss” Ethan Carter III and The Revolution separately) and downs (the “injury” when he fell off the steel cage onto the steps in NYC earlier this year, the actual injury where he broke his fibula in a motorcycle accident forcing an immediate relinquishment of the newly won Tag Belts) of the year. This was what we needed to sympathize with his character and actually kind of provided as hype for Matt as someone to root for in the WTS.

– Like we expected going in, the Group Tag Team Specialists match between Richards and Edwards revolved around mutual respect and even-handed competition to see who was the best. We got plenty of pretty, high-powered offense that literally went down to the last second as the fans were left wanting more but because of the 15-munute time limit, couldn’t receive. Safe way to book it, but easiest. They both gained a point with the draw as well. Their following backstage segment was good in that it used the match to actually unite them more going forward.

– The Roode-Young backstage interaction served around more main event hype, as we saw Roode do a lot of yelling and Young a lot of trolling. Mind games stuffs. Decent intensity, but we were waiting for the match to happen at this point.

– The Group Wildcard match between Kenny King and Mahabali Shera wasn’t the worst, but wasn’t the best either. Shera at least wore gear that didn’t say “Khoya” this time and King looked charismatic as always in the ring and in his pre-taped promo that promised him being all business. The “King Of The Night” nickname was a cool one, but almost seemed like a direct reference to the All-Night Express he’d form in Ring Of Honor upon his return there following these tapings. Shera won and now was on top of the leaderboard with six points. Woo hoo.

– Hyped for next week was Matt Hardy Vs. Edwards (Group Tag Team Specialists) and Gail Kim Vs. Rayne (Group Knockouts) and an EC3 Vs. Mr. Anderson (Group Champions) main event. Intriguing to say the least, especially since we had the story of Anderson potentially playing spoiler since he was no longer eligible to win the WTS.

– The Group TNA Originals main event match between Roode and Young was almost like a toned down version of their other 2015 matches. It had its moments, but nothing too memorable besides the somewhat cheap finish that saw Young hit his fancy Piledriver to get the win after using Referee Earl Hebner to shield himself from Roode jumping off the top rope. Basically the story here was that EY got the win when he needed it and gave us another group that had a four-way tie. Like always, TNA has benefitted from this format, as we had another week with six matches, a well-hyped main event throughout the show and a necessary tone-down of filler.






Quick Results

  • Group Knockouts – Madison Rayne def. Brooke via pinfall (Rayne +3, Brooke +0)
  • Group United Kingdom – Bram def. Rockstar Spud via pinfall (Bram +3, Spud +0)
  • Group X-Division – Manik def. Mandrews via pinfall (Manik +3, Mandrews +0); Mandrews mathematically eliminated
  • Group Tag Team Specialists – Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards to a 15-minute draw (Richards +1, Edwards +1)
  • Group Wildcard – Mahabali Shera def. Kenny King via pinfall (Shera +3, King +0) 
  • Group TNA Originals – Eric Young def. Bobby Roode via pinfall (Young +3, Roode +0)

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