Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 11/4/15: Samoan Dropped

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/2/15)

Samoan Dropped 

– The opening video excellently hyped the big NXT Championship main event match between Champion Finn Balor and Apollo Crews. For any indy wrestling fan, this was a dream match come true in terms of styles and pace. We had the proper buildup and Crews even got to display some personality via hype video documentaries, so all we needed was the stage.

– The Asuka-Cameron match was another squash for the Japanese female submission powerhouse, this time throwing around the former Funkadactyl with seeming ease, applying surprise submission maneuvers and hitting some stiff-as-a-hammer kicks and strikes. Asuka exceeds best where she doesn’t have to talk (wearing vibrant colors, mocking her opponent’s mannerisms, etc.) and we saw it yet again. Cameron at least stood out character-wise with her sexy, yet sassy demeanor, but it wasn’t enough to hide her bright shade of green in the ring. That said – Asuka got through her quick and remains built up for the impending showdown with Emma.

– The Carmella/Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder backstage segment served as hype for Dash/Dawson fighting for the NXT Tag Team Championship next week against Champions The Vaudevillains by brushing up on their vicious attack of Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady last week. Carmella revealed that Cassady had a sprained MCL and would miss some time, also threatening “Danny Devito and George Costanza” that they were in trouble when her boys came back. Also liked Dash/Dawson using a wheelchair as a visual aide of what they looked to do next week.

– The Chad Gable/Jason Jordan taped segment saw them lay down a challenge to NXT’s longest-running Tag Team Champions The Ascension in a match that should really help get them over as babyfaces. Their comedic chemistry was on point here, and they even loosely referenced the World’s Greatest Tag Team comparisons. Awesome.

– So, “BullFit” Bull Dempsey has new music and an “all-carb diet,” but the point remains the same – this act won’t make it past NXT. This time, he beats Angelo Dawkins, who came off as a wannabe Kenny King, with his partner by his side. The whole year has passed seemingly and we still don’t know much about this duo except that the compete and lose a lot. This match seemed to take a step towards breaking up the duo, but Dempsey’s offense was on full display. Not intrigued to see where it goes at this point. At least he’s not the sad man in a singlet he once was.

– The Vaudevillains backstage promo also hyped up their match next week, as they put themselves over as big winners and called Dash/Dawson their biggest challenge to date. It was about being gentlemen here clearly. They then steered the wheelchair off the camera shot for a nice finish. Little hype goes a long way.

– Of all the people for NXT Women’s Champion Bayley to team up with… why oh why would it be The Hype Bros.? Sigh. This wasn’t what who we were envisioning as her partners against Alexa Bliss/Blake/Murphy. Enzo/Cass would’ve fit the bill so much better, if only they weren’t selling the Dash/Dawson injuries.

– So, Eva Marie is back from Paris and it appears she left her improving in-ring skills over there. Her squash match against Gionna Daddio (Jersey Girl, who didn’t even get introduced to us) was simply awful all-around. Marie showed no “it factor” in any of her offense and even the crowd picked up on how bad it looked with the “What was that?” chant. We’re back to this again, and it’s only going to get worse for NXT fans. Let’s hope Bayley feuds with Bliss for the rest of time.

– The Dana Brooke/Evil Emma backstage interview gave the dastardly dame duo some needed mic time, to help build for the Emma-Asuka showdown. Liked Brooke taking Asuka patting her on the head as “childish” when she does it herself all the time and Emma’s finisher line of giving Asuka a “proper welcome.” Sweet.

– The NXT Championship main event match between Balor and Crews was a TakeOver-worthy bout that allowed us to see an excellent clash of in-ring athleticism and it was apparent that Crews could indeed deliver in the main event picture when called upon to. We weren’t expecting a Crews victory headed in, but at least he had time to shine and the DQ finish actually protected him and thrust him into a feud with Baron Corbin, who was the DQ culprit. Best yet – the finish allows both Balor-Crews to pick this back up at a future show. The Samoa Joe heel turn was long-awaited since the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament began and he held nothing back after looking conflicted when he chased Corbin from the ring to leave the Champ in the ring all to himself. He made it abundantly clear he had his eyes on the Title and we have our likely NXT TakeOver: England main event right there. It’ll be interesting to see what Joe brings to the table as a vicious heel. It was encouraging to see he got the Full Sail crowd to completely boo him too. Joe is an intense individual and now that his persona should be amped up, everybody wins.






Quick Results

  • Asuka def. Cameron via submission
  • Bull Dempsey def. Angelo Dawkins (w/Sawyer Fulton) via pinfall
  • Eva Marie def. Gionna Daddio via pinfall
  • NXT Championship – Apollo Crews def. Finn Balor (Champion) via DQ; Balor retains

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