Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 11/2/15: The Tribe Has Spoken

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/2/15)

The Tribe Has Spoken 

– The opening in-ring segment with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, #1 Contender Roman Reigns, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was a straight-up, all business approach to pushing the Rollins-Reigns Survivor Series main event (at the time anyways) by allowing Reigns some short mic time that glossed over his big victory to get the #1 Contender honor last week and toss insults about Rollins’ brown-nosing skills. Rollins did that thing he always does where he compliments his enemies (Reigns being good enough to be selected for The Shield, having a big year, standing toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania) and then uses the same sentence to put his own self over, reminding us how WrestleMania ended. Reigns looked good by not backing down and challenging Rollins for a fight right there, which prompted The Authority’s appearance, who were in this case heels that didn’t want to give away their marquee match in a dinky old town like Denver, Colorado (PWO loves you guys anyways) and used the occasion to converse about the 25th annual Survivor Series and Triple H booked a traditional five-on-five elimination tag where Rollins and Reigns would captain chosen teams. Sure – another show where we have to see Rollins scramble to find allies for a big tag match? We’ll let this one slide given the classy build for the Survivor Series main event to this point. It also offered us something different and made us wonder who Reigns would have on his five-person team, Dean Ambrose being a surefire pick.

– The Dolph Ziggler-WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens match was another fresh matchup that sounded great on paper. Owens could dominate and Ziggler can sell. What can go wrong? Owens also did a pre-taped promo that put himself over as Champ with high confidence. In the match, he looked smart for attacking Ziggler’s injured leg – the same one Tyler Breeze attacked on Smackdown. Things were good so far with some back-and-forth stuff until Breeze’s music hit midway through the match, camera shots of Breeze’s boots and all, as Summer Rae was also with him. They sat in their exclusive VIP area. Good finish as Ziggler tried to grab Breeze’s phone when he tried to take a selfie outside the ring, leaving him prey for a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Post-match saw some physicality when Breeze posed next to a fallen Ziggler only to get sucker punched, but followed up with a Beauty Shot as they both posed with him laid out. Owens wins and a feud advances with the guy he beats? Hot diggity.

– The Owens-Rollins backstage segment served its purpose in revealing Owens as part of Team Rollins, as the WWE Champ brown-nosed Mr. KO as a WrestleMania-worthy opponent. What intrigues us is how Rollins will eventually “owe him one.” Of course, will we even know now?

– The Becky Lynch-Brie Bella backstage segment was essentially battle of the sidekicks, but it also effectively hyped the fatal four-way match later on for the #1 Contender for the Divas Championship. Lynch and Bella pulled no punches with some truthful insults. Lynch would be so much better if she wasn’t saddled in this comedic babyface role. As we’ve seen in NXT, she excels best as a serious competitor. At the least, she was allowed to be her own person here and not Charlotte’s shadow.

– The Cesaro-Miz match was another decent matchup on paper and we again saw Stardust (who must’ve looked like a Legion Of Doom reject) and The Ascension (natural LOD rejects) sitting back in the crowd with a “Stardust Section” sign, again hinting towards a possible Survivor Series match. Will this be a traditional five-on-five, where we see Stardust/Ascension/King Barrett/Sheamus against Cesaro/Neville/Lucha Dragons/Ryback? We can already envision it. Liked the finish of the 25 tosses/Sharpshooter combo as Cesaro won.

– The Wyatt Family in-ring promo promised something special and was mostly anticlimactic pyro and fake lighting effects. This had an eerie, epic feel to it thanks to Wyatt’s booming words and tone, but we didn’t get anything new from this that wasn’t already established beforehand. Wyatt ate Undertaker and Kane’s souls. You have power. Yes, we get it. The “black hole” video package teased a response from the Brothers Of Destruction but led nowhere.

– A video package for The Lucha Dragons? Say what?! We thought these would mean good things until we saw their opponents were King Barrett/Sheamus. What looked to be another glorified squash for the heels actually turned into a fun, lengthy competitive match complete with necessary momentum shifts and good near-falls. Lucha Dragons definitely benefitted from this win, but it’d be nice if we saw some kind of personality from the Lucha men in that package.

– It seems like WWE is building towards a Jack Swagger-Alberto Del Rio United States Championship match at Survivor Series and the backstage segment here with all three guys plus Zeb Colter was a step in the right direction for that. Ever since Colter returned, we wondered when he’d encounter his former Real American protege and we got that here. It was good to see Swagger be skeptical of the Mex-America concept and follow that up with Del Rio threatening Swagger to stay away from his business and Colter. You get the feeling it’s building towards something.

– We got literally another Smackdown repeat when we saw Del Rio take on R-Truth. The crowd was probably dead for this reason. The match wasn’t any different from what happened then. Again, we’ll say Del Rio needs a more believable finish. Only thing entertaining about this was JBL advocating Mex-America so hardly.

– We love the comedic chemistry between Rollins and The New Day, particularly the face Rollins makes when they all surround him. We basically saw that Xavier Woods made his triumphant, unicorn-summoned return and boom – Rollins has his team complete. Gotta love that New Day magic.

– Given the recent babyface turn rumors, it seems that Creative is fighting hard to make Banks stay heel based on how Team BAD assaulted Natalya on Smackdown and showing her fully confident in true Boss fashion.

– The Divas Championship #1 Contender’s match between Lynch, Banks, Brie Bella and Paige was easily the best main roster Divas match since the “Divas Revolution” inception. We had constant action here and all four competitors had time to work in their signature spots. The crowd always likes Banks, Brie got to do her husband’s kicks, Paige was smarmy and opportunistic and Lynch probably had her gutsiest and best performance to date. These four elements together made for some fun stuff that shed away all those silly faction storylines. Given how much Paige has gotten pushed since her “pipe bomb,” a matchup with Charlotte was inevitable and while the result seemed predictable, the action was enough to temporarily distract us from that. Paige’s post-match victory promo did the classic heel thing by calling the crowd losers for cheering for anyone else other than her. Short and sweet.

– Charlotte’s backstage promo followed the best main roster Divas match with her personal best promo, as she shed the awkwardness for a straight-forward message that the #1 Contender wasn’t getting in her head like she thought and instead needed this match to prove to everyone that she wasn’t a direct product of her father. It makes the match feel more important that way.

– The five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination tag main event match between Team Rollins (Rollins/New Day/Owens) and Team Reigns (Reigns/The Usos/Ryback/Ambrose) started with a routine New Day promo that was a bit cutesy on the Survivor theme stuff before giving way to the surprise return of The Usos. The match itself was excellent and the action never slowed down, constantly keeping us waiting for the next move. Liked how The Usos got two quick eliminations before they got taken out, as well as Owens teaming with the heels, yet not buying into New Day’s schtick or getting too comfy with Rollins. Ambrose’s selling before trying to get the hot tag to Reigns was also brilliantly done. The match finish was smart in that it kept Rollins from getting pinned and also allowed Reigns to be able to celebrate another strong win by getting the best of Rollins after the match before the Champ ran away. All in all, this was a lengthy match (majority of the third hour) that gave us a little bit of everything and built towards the Rollins-Reigns match that ironically won’t happen now.






Quick Results

  • Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall
  • Cesaro def. The Miz via pinfall
  • The Lucha Dragons def. King Barrett/Sheamus via pinfall
  • Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) def. R-Truth via pinfall
  • WWE Divas Championship #1 Contender’s Match – Fatal Four-Way – Paige def. Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks via pinfall
  • Five-On-Five Elimination Tag Match – Team Reigns (Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/The Usos/Ryback) def. Team Rollins (Seth Rollins/The New Day/Kevin Owens) 

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