WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Reaction

hiacrev*Graphic by Emmanuel Gonzalez*

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


This show had everything from top-notch bouts (Brock Lesnar-Undertaker Hell In A Cell, anyone?) to surprise returns (Alberto Del Rio/Zeb Colter) and regrettably, unspectacular Title defenses.

The closing angle also gave us a moment of shock, anger and anticipation towards Survivor Series, as the focus shifts to The Undertaker’s 25th anniversary.

So much to break down, let’s get to it, eh?






(Aired 10/25/15)

The Breakdown

– The pre-show six-man tag between Rusev/King Barrett/Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler/Cesaro/Neville was your basic “six guys doing nothing important, let’s put them together” match that was fairly average until Cesaro hit the ring. Seeing the crowd react to this guy as if he was the second coming of Jesus was fun to watch unfold and breathed fresh air into the contest. The crowd’s rave reaction to this point was a great lead-in to the Red Arrow finish and like we figured, the faces scored revenge for their recent Raw losses. Seeing the crowd react so well to Cesaro gives us some hope that maybe this will lead to something good for him in the near future.

– The opening video had a cutesy fiery sky graphic that showed highlights of the big feuds like WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins-Demon Kane and Brock Lesnar-Undertaker with “hell” being said a lot. Classic WWE production quality, like we’ve come to know.

– Nothing says “opener” like a John Cena match, huh? This was the United States Championship open challenge, which began with another rah-rah Cena promo. Safe to say nobody expected Zeb Colter to come out, mobile scooter and all. He talked about the country needing to come together with different backgrounds and that it was time for Cena to lose and introduced the opponent – Alberto Del Rio. Yup. You read that correctly. This Del Rio/Colter duo is intriguing given their history. We were right underway, with a rather slow pace while commentary mentioned Del Rio’s past accomplishments – mainly of his heel times. That said, something about the match seemed off in terms of memorable spots despite some tough bumps. It was mediocre, but the result was the big story, as Del Rio hit his kick on Cena after a backstabber to win the Championship. Not sure where Del Rio falls on the face/heel spectrum, as he seemed to lean towards both at times, but this was a good start to reestablish his character and for the show in general. Ironic that this was also done in Los Angeles, California – not far from Boyle Heights, where Del Rio was mostly known for Lucha Underground earlier this year.

– The Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Rollins backstage segment went across like every Authority segment lately – Trips/Steph love the show, Rollins kisses up and Corporate Kane acts apologetic to the power couple and changes his tone to vengeful when addressing Rollins. That was literally it.

– The Hell In A Cell match between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt lived up to the hype on paper, as we expected a brawl-like match with an emphasis on hard strikes and weapon usage, as it suited both men’s styles. The cell’s ominous presence added an even more unusual eeriness to Wyatt’s entrance, while Reigns came down to the ring all-business. Liked how commentary put this over as a slowed-down “fight to the finish” at the beginning, as everything soon unraveled afterwards. Reigns had his stiff punches and kicks while Wyatt had a kendo stick. As the match furthered, it was all about the table, with a few memorable spots, our favorite being the Spear. The weapons hanging in the cage were made to make Wyatt look like a demented mastermind, which worked in some aspects, but also just looked plain kooky. The finish was carefully crafted, as both men went at each other until they had nothing left and Reigns simply outmatched Wyatt, by pinning him with a trusty spear. Would’ve gone over slightly better had the crowd not been against Reigns the whole time, but to be fair, they were too into the match by the end to boo him.

– With Xavier Woods taken out of the equation by The Dudley Boyz on Raw by going through a table, we knew an element of The New Day’s heel dominance as Tag Team Champions would be missing here, and they had an out for a loss, if that was the approach. This was bad placing on the show, as Woods being out for almost a week to sell a table injury makes him look like a wuss when Reigns-Wyatt just went through multiple tables like nothing. The Big E/Kofi Kington opening promo was about expressing “worldwide orchestral disgust” at Woods being taken out and they made some bad puns. We don’t really get this whole unicorn thing. It’s hurting their attempts to take them seriously when they want us to. The “Caucasian Kamala” line was probably done for shock value, but that kind of fell flat too. The crowd reacted warmly for the Dudleys initially, but they were quiet for most of the match, despite Bubba Ray’s attempts to wake them up. That’s the thing – Dudleys haven’t been established as pure threats to take the Titles and that’s the negative from having New Day escape Title defense after Title defense by cheating/causing DQs. Dudleys needed the belts here and that didn’t materialize. We’ll admit – once we got past the Referee throwing out the urge to call a DQ on the Dudleys as New Day passed off Eddie Guerrero’s old “toss the weapon in your opponent’s hand and lie down on the canvas” tactic, we thought this was going to be the moment Dudleys would get the win, but then Big E used the trombone as a weapon and that led to Trouble In Paradise and low and behold, New Day are still Tag Champs. Given this approach, we’re thinking Dudleys finally get the gold in a high-stakes Survivor Series match and then successfully defend it in some kind of gimmick match at TLC in December, perhaps a table match?

– The Divas Championship match between Champion Charlotte and Nikki Bella started with a promising feud hype video that focused purely on Nikki’s 301-day reign and how Charlotte broke it. Also stripped away here was the stable influence, as it was pure one-on-one. Pleasant surprise since we had a technical encounter mixed with some tough spots. Charlotte’s top rope German suplex reversal spot almost ended catastrophically, but she luckily recovered. Nikki’s apron spinebuster also looked downright vicious, but we were all waiting for the Figure Eight to end it, which happened shortly after. This wasn’t anywhere near the level of excitement you’d get from an NXT women’s match, but for the main roster, this was a step in the right direction and that’s all we can hope. As for the post-match celebration stuff with Paige and Becky Lynch, we were initially disappointed Paige didn’t attack Charlotte, but her body language screamed greed as she almost competed with Lynch to be the first person to hug Charlotte and congratulate her. Perhaps they build on this on Raw?

– The Reigns/Dean Ambrose backstage segment had them in celebration mode with probably a beer party. This could’ve been placed to explain their absence during the post-main event angle.

– The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Rollins and Demon Kane was mediocre and anticlimactic despite this being one of Rollins’ quicker, cleaner defenses. Nothing of note to take from this besides the relief that Rollins can move on to someone new and Corporate Kane will no longer grace our televisions.

– The WWE Intercontinental Championship match between Ryback and Champion Kevin Owens was positioned as a “buffer match” of sorts before the big HIAC main event, which hurt it in retrospective. Nevertheless, it did do what it was designed: give Owens a clean defense while making Ryback look tough in a short amount of time. This one barely eclipsed the five-minute mark, but they made good use of the time given. Who’ll be next to challenge Owens?

– The Hell In A Cell main event match between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar… what a match. How ironic is it that their SummerSlam build was better than the SummerSlam match and we had the situation reversed for HIAC? When these two stare each other down, you know stuff is going to go down. Both guys delivered a trademark HIAC encounter reminiscent of the Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression days – blood, violence and intense action. Hell, Lesnar even destroyed the ring canvas at one point to reveal boards underneath that long answered fans’ questions about what goes under a wrestling ring canvas. The near-falls towards the end were well-done and the crowd was with it every step of the way, leaning more towards Taker, but this was all about Lesnar’s redemption, hitting the low blow on Taker like it was done to him at SummerSlam and combining that with an F5 to end the match. The crowd heavily embraced Taker after the bell and when it seemed like that’d be the end of the show, we got The Wyatt Family sounder, which caught everybody by surprise, as they ambushed the ring Nexus style and delivered a brutal beatdown that drew massive crowd heat, but for all the right reasons. It was well-timed and made it easy to hate the Wyatts. We’ll guess that Taker ensues the help of his brother Demon Kane and perhaps Ambrose/Reigns for a traditional four-on-four Survivor Series tag against The Wyatt Family? Time will tell, but definitely a main event worth checking out. We’d also recommend seeing the pre-show match for Cesaro’s crowd reaction and then the opening match – not for quality – but for reaction.







  • Pre-Show – Six-Man Tag – Dolph Ziggler/Cesaro/Neville def. Rusev/King Barrett/Sheamus via pinfall
  • WWE United States Championship – Open Challenge – Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) def. John Cena (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion
  • Hell In A Cell Match – Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt via pinfall
  • WWE Tag Team Championships – Big E/Kofi Kingston (Champions) def. The Dudley Boyz via pinfall to retain
  • WWE Divas Championship – Charlotte (Champion) def. Nikki Bella via submission to retain
  • If Demon Kane Loses, Corporate Kane Is Fired – WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Seth Rollins (Champion) def. Demon Kane via pinfall to retain
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship – Kevin Owens (Champion) def. Ryback via pinfall to retain
  • Hell In A Cell Match – Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) def. The Undertaker via pinfall


Original Predictions Correct: 7/8

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