WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Preview/Predictions

hiac*Graphic by Emmanuel Gonzalez*

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


WWE’s in a panicked state of panic right now, but if they were curious why the television ratings are so down, they should look at their stagnant creative direction and lack of pushed new stars.

Point in example – WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is defending his Title – not against any hot upstarts like Neville or Cesaro – but against Demon Kane, a guy who has been around for nearly 20 years. This is the main program dominating TV the past month.

On top of that, other recent storylines range from a love square where all four individuals have been with each other at various points and who can forget the pointless Divas drama, where the focus is more about arguments than the Championship?

We’ll break this all down, but we can only hope the card impresses more than the storylines.







– Six-Man Tag – Dolph Ziggler/Neville/Cesaro vs. King Barrett/Sheamus/Rusev: This match would be okay if we didn’t see the same thing play out just this past week on Raw. The two times we’ve seen Cesaro/Neville team up, they’ve lost and then on top of this, we’re not sure what the goal for this match is, or who Creative’s trying to get over. The heel trio has an odd chemistry that works, but where’s it leading to? Barrett/Sheamus make a good team, but if the plan’s to team them up, put them in the tag division already. Oh wait, WWE won’t do that anyways because Sheamus is supposed to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Rusev’s floundering past this awful romance storyline and he’d be fine in this match if Ziggler also wasn’t in this. Neville has proven to be a fun act in the ring, but lack of faith by Creative is quite telling. The guy can’t get past Stardust or Barrett. Ultimately, this match was probably made to get all six guys onto the show so they could be involved, but everybody here has no creative direction and it’s utterly obvious from how they’ve been saddled together these past few weeks in pointless matches. The quality here should be high and exciting, but beyond a face win to avenge the recent losses, you probably won’t remember this by the time the show’s over.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler/Neville/Cesaro



WWE Intercontinental Championship – Kevin Owens (Champion) vs. Ryback: This feud should have so much more behind it than it currently does. While WWE has done a decent job having Owens destroy undercard talent like Zack Ryder and both Lucha Dragons members, they’ve handicapped him where it hurts the most for his character: lack of proper promo time. Sure, it has also been established that Owens would rather back down from a big challenge and take it on his terms, but we haven’t heard much else from Owens on his motivations or his true thoughts on Ryback. There was a brief backstage promo on the go-home Smackdown that just covered this base, but it’s too little, too late. On the other side, Ryback has floated through the weeks with some decent victories, but he has yet to make us truly believe anything special will happen here. These guys did a good job with their last PPV match and we’ll expect it to be of the same quality and result. Being Ryback’s rematch, this is ultimately the way for Owens to finally get past Ryback once and for all and look for new challengers. We’ll throw Neville’s name out there since it’d be cool and elevate both guys, but we all know that’s not likely.

Prediction: Kevin Owens



Hell In A Cell Match – Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt: Set up as what looks to be the long-term rivalry’s payoff match, this at least has some promise on paper. If both guys can reach the intensity and power reached during their show-ending brawl on Raw a while ago, this can be a show-stealer and perhaps a catalogue match for Reigns’ career. With this being the payoff, we expect plenty of sidekick shenanigans from other Wyatt Family members like Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. Since Dean Ambrose is now off the card with Randy Orton’s injury, we can expect he’ll get involved too. The cards are all set up for this to be a great match, it’s just the matter of seeing if it gets there. The rivalry has run its course, but this seems like WWE’s way of getting Reigns over another notable opponent while Wyatt loses again despite continuing to increase his influence. Perhaps Rowan/Harper can enter the Tag Team Title hunt? It’s a bigger challenge to see who Wyatt gets paired up with next for a feud. That’s the thing about his character – he’s excellent when motivated, but when he has no direction, nobody cares about him.

Prediction: Roman Reigns



WWE Tag Team Championships – The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day (Champions): While New Day continues to be entertaining on TV with their humorous antics, the recent weeks of TV have seen them with a bit more edginess, particularly when they ended a Raw with a brutal beatdown of The Dudley Boyz, John Cena and Ziggler. The problem with this approach is that you can’t have three upper midcard comedy heels beat down main eventers and flip back and forth between vicious and funny. Creative needs to pick a direction and stick with it. Sure, you can’t beat New Day’s entertainment factor and that might win out above everything, but they could be bigger players as all-out vicious heels. Maybe they’ll become The Authority’s henchmen down the road? Who knows? As for this Dudleys feud, we’ve gone as far as we could at this point. It’s almost where The Dudleys almost need this Title win to cement themselves with their recent comeback. New Day have done a great job as Champions, but we need to see the next step in this feud besides New Day causing a DQ, barely escaping and Xavier Woods ending up through a table. However, on the Smackdown go-home show, we saw The Dudleys get the last bit of momentum, so that would tell you by WWE standards that New Day will keep the Titles again, but we’re hoping that The Dudleys win it to keep the feud going with a new twist. It has been the same thing for the last two months and the story needs to change.

Prediction: The Dudley Boyz



WWE Divas Championship – Charlotte (Champion) vs. Nikki Bella: Just when we thought the “Divas Revolution” was going to get past its stagnancy by putting the Divas Title on Charlotte and also having Paige turn heel, we’ve seen Creative go back to its tired formula to make the prestigious Title take a backseat to pointless drama. They wanted to turn Paige heel yet still have her act insecure by being convinced Team PCB is still a thing? She has been less of a heel and more of an annoying child lately. It doesn’t make for convincing, must-see television. At least this match revolves Nikki’s contractual rematch, but all the Title talk sort of stops there. Sure, both ladies have had wins recently in this buildup, but who honestly cares what happens in this match? We can only hope Paige goes full-fledged heel, but that’s the biggest problem with this Creative approach for the Divas – everybody is a catty, dramatic character and while they say they’re athletic, we only see snippets of that. Can we get to the individual feuds that break these teams up for good? Without the factions, we’d have a nice lengthy roster of individual Divas ready to steal the show. We should expect (or hope) Charlotte retains, so at least we can move on from that. Paige seems like a smart follow-up contender choice, so let’s see if that’s where this goes.

Prediction: Charlotte



WWE United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena vs. TBA: With Cena being U.S. Champion again, the open challenge has been back in full force, even though it hasn’t quite made waves like it did earlier this year when he defended it against the likes of Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Neville and others. Cena has been expected to take some time off TV to film a TV series, so now the decision for WWE is whether to keep the Title on Cena while he’s gone after a successful defense or if he’ll lose it to a new face to give them an immediate push and set up a rematch for when he comes back? The latter seems to make more sense and there’ve been plenty of names thrown in there like Samoa Joe and Tyler Breeze, but we say Breeze probably makes the most sense here. Yes, we know it has been done this year already where an NXT “newcomer” beats Cena in their first WWE match, but it’s the best road to take here for someone like Breeze to be established. With Prince Pretty’s main roster debut taking place on the go-home Smackdown and the signal for a feud with Dolph Ziggler taking place, what better way to establish Breeze than to let him win the U.S. Title off Cena and use it to feud with Ziggler over? Also, Ziggler and Cena have recently butted heads too, so we could end up having a Triple Threat match for the Title at some point too. This is all just speculation though, but we’ll leave a simple prediction that Cena will lose the Title here and come back into the picture for a rematch upon his return.

Prediction: Cena’s Challenger



If Demon Kane Loses, Corporate Kane Is Fired – WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Seth Rollins (Champion) vs. Demon Kane: Now that we’ve got Demon Kane back on TV, all he has been doing is using his corporate position as Director Of Operations to purposefully cause situations where his Demon self can exact revenge on the Champ for past attacks. This was good for about the first two weeks and then it quickly became tiresome. They did everything you could do with this feud in that span of time and we’re happy that HIAC time is here if not for the reason that this will finally end the storyline. Rollins has been booked very iffy as Champion besides his wins over Ambrose and Orton, and this feud doesn’t help his character despite most likely giving him another month to last as Champ. Everybody knows Kane won’t possibly win this, so thank goodness we have a stipulation that Corporate Kane will be forced to resign if Demon Kane loses. Perhaps this will give things a little shakeup on TV. Expect a pretty good match, as Rollins should carry Kane to a decent performance and the Champ will likely retain with some dirty, underhanded tactic. The trick to this match though is that even though Corporate Kane will be fired, Demon Kane won’t be, and that’s one of the reasons we’ll see him still reign terror even after this show.

Prediction: Seth Rollins



Hell In A Cell Match – Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker: Given how hot this feud felt back in early summer when the two had an all-out brawl on Raw, it is amazing how underwhelming it feels headed into the “big finale.” We first had the announcement of this match not through a promo or angle, but in a dang video package. That was the first step of doom. Sure, we’ve had some stuff with Paul Heyman talking about the match and then there was some light hype for it on Raw with a near confrontation where Lesnar had the mental edge, but this feud doesn’t pack the punch that it did back then and that’s a damn shame, considering it’s about to end in the match that Undertaker made famous. The other problem with this match (besides the limited abilities of Taker in this structure these days) is that we’re not sure if this is the real finale or if it sets up something for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas. We’ll just focus on this being the match and in that case, we’d expect Lesnar to get the last laugh since he was screwed over at SummerSlam when Taker low-blowed him behind the Referee’s back. Maybe Lesnar wins in a heelish way that can be revisited if the two are to fight again at WrestleMania 32 and then Taker can get his WrestleMania revenge in front of his hometown fans? We won’t expect any big length from this HIAC encounter, just the hope that the finish is worthy, because we didn’t have that at SummerSlam.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar

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