Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 10/21/15: Night Of The One Percenter

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 10/21/15)

Night Of The One Percenter

– The opening video again highlighted the background story of how the World Title Series came to be, when Matt Hardy was forced to relinquish the TNA World Heavyweight Championship he won at Bound For Glory, beating then-Champion Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway in a three-way dance. Also in the video, we ran through all of last week’s winners/leaderboard first-place guys. Hyped for the show also were four matches from respective groups: Group X-Division (Mandrews Vs. X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, Manik Vs. DJZ) and Group Champions (Mr. Anderson Vs. Austin Aries, EC3 Vs. Lashley) and at least we knew with these set of shows, wrestling was going to be the biggest focus, along with more recent promo work from all parties involved. That said, now that it’s a few weeks in, we really dig the “sports show” vibe the show has given us, especially how in-depth Josh Matthews and The Pope go when they bring up the leaderboards and running through all scenarios and individual situations for everyone involved.


– A Group Champions roundtable segment saw Aries accredit EC3 for always hiding behind Tyrus, while Anderson picked Lashley to advance with him for his look and vice versa, while EC3 put over each guy individually before ultimately choosing his own clone to be the only guy good enough to advance with him. Nice.

– The Group Champions match between Anderson and Aries had the story of both guys needing a win desperately to make up ground in the tourney and not get eliminated. Anderson had zero points heading in and Aries had one, so you could practically feel the urgency in the ring, which was just an added benefit of these two guys working together. That said – a brilliant match, especially towards the end when both men met each other counter-for-counter. We assumed Anderson would get the nod since Aries has gone on to return to Ring Of Honor following these July tapings, so we were much surprised to see Aries actually get the nod. Excellent finish too with the Top Rope Brainbuster Suplex. Anderson unceremoniously became the first guy to be mathematically eliminated from advancing.

– The Group X-Division match between Tigre Uno and Mandrews started with a video package that showcased the Bound For Glory Ultimate X match where Tigre actually injured his shoulder in a successful defense and how Gregory Helms came out and endorsed him, which we see that’s what it was all about. Mandrews didn’t help his argument of not looking like a 10 year-old when he wore a backwards cap and skateboarded to the ring. Clever that they used this July match to say Tigre was “100% recovered” but he would’ve been off TV for the present future either way, so it times out. This match was a classic cruiserweight-esque contest, as the two had good chemistry and almost rolled off one another. To no surprise, Tigre got the victory, gaining three points to lead the board.

– Aries’ backstage promo saw him put himself over as his harshest critic and biggest fan, looking for an edge in his new lady, Thea Trinidad.

– Not sure we agree with the decision to air for free the main event of the year’s biggest Pay-Per-View that fans paid to see not even three weeks later. It was justified as the “match that got us here,” though we know it was really to fill in a missing footage gap.

– EC3’s backstage promo that hyped the Lashley match saw him talk down to a “company that he thought believed in him” and how he’d do things for himself now, and accepted that his back was against the wall, only making him more lethal and he repeated his famous “It’s not over until I win” line.

– Thank god TNA had the presence of mind to show us brief highlights of the Jessie Godderz-Crimson match where Godderz won decisively by submission. This led to a Godderz promo segment where we saw “The Man’s Top 5” where he literally went over five reasons he’d advance – his finisher, him being a two-time TNA Tag Team Champ, being successful everywhere he goes, being the best talker, just all around putting himself over in narcissistic fashion.

– We also saw highlights of Micah-Eli Drake where it went to a double count-out to earn a draw, justifying the result to their rivalry. Thank god that was also glossed over, but we do wish we got to hear something from at least Drake.

– The Group X-Division match between DJZ and Manik had another “justification cover-up” for using past footage since we saw Manik with the mask on here, as Josh Matthews told us he “put it back on to try to get a winning streak going since he lost with it off last time.” Right. As for the match – fairly flashy, less fancy. The two mixed well but nothing memorable. Manik won. Woo hoo.

– Hyped for next week was a Group Knockouts match between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, a Tag Team Specialists match between Matt Hardy and Robbie E and a Group TNA Originals match between James Storm and Abyss. Fun stuff. Should at least be passable.

– The Group Champions main event match between EC3 and Lashley had enough pizzazz to be entertaining, as we saw EC3’s rebellious ways reign supreme, Tyrus a constant factor on the outside. EC3 won the match with more Tyrus distractions (approximately five) and a low blow when a steel chair attempt wasn’t successful. Liked that commentary put over how EC3 was putting himself first to get atop the leaderboard. This was good because it helped back up his earlier promo segment. Sure, it’s TNA – booking decisions aren’t always the smartest, but credit must be given to the production team for making the most of these old tapings. It has made for some fast-paced, easy-to-watch TV all about quality wrestling. Some of these matches aren’t too shabby either. TNA should stick to this kind of format, but we feel it might be too little, too late at this point.






Quick Results

  • Group Champions – Austin Aries (w/Thea Trinidad) def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall (Aries +3, Anderson +0); Anderson Mathematically Eliminated
  • Group X-Division – Tigre Uno def. Mandrews via pinfall (Tigre +3, Mandrews +0)
  • Group X-Division – Manik def. DJZ via pinfall (Manik +3, DJZ +0)
  • Group Champions – Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) def. Lashley via pinfall (EC3 +3, Lashley +0)

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