Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 10/21/15: Don’t Poke The Bear

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 10/21/15)

Don’t Poke The Bear

– The Addiction-All Night Express match carried off last week’s segment that set this match up, with the theme surrounding bragging rights among both team’s commonalities in not being pinned to lose their Tag Titles during their respective ownerships. Chris Sabin proved to be a force early on until Referee Paul Turner ejected him. Liked how commentary talked about the intriguing factor that Rhett Titus hadn’t been seen since Kenny King departed, Kevin Kelly also giving multiple “parental discretion” warnings for the main event. The match itself was nice while it went on, with some stiff kicks and rough bumps. The Red Masked individual that attacked The Addiction at All-Star Extravaganza VII again played a role, distracting Christopher Daniels enough to get taken out by the killer ANX Double-Team finisher to end the match. Solid way to keep things progressing. Still a lot of speculation on who it could be in the mask. We’d have no earthly idea, just hope it’s someone good.

– The biggest thing we had coming out of ASE was Adam Cole’s heel turn on his FutureShock partner Kyle O’Reilly, essentially screwing him over from winning the ROH World Championship from Champion/ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal. This had been done to show that his recent dissensions with his Kingdom stablemates to spawn a FutureShock reunion and attitude change for the better had all been a ruse and The Kingdom was more united than ever. Fair to say, The Kingdom’s in-ring promo was a hit, right from the moment they came out, suit-clad and smug. Each member had a chance to speak, all revolving around the theme that they were out to dominate and needed gold to do so. The main objective was to do whatever it took to get Cole the ROH World Championship to complete the collection. Cole’s response promo was strong in essentially expressing strong disliking of the idea of Kyle O’Reilly in the mix for the World Title when he saw him as the weaker member of FutureShock. He also singled out Michael Elgin for being “irrelevant in the United States and had to go to Japan to be relevant again,” which loomed large by the segment’s end. It made perfect sense for reDRagon to try to come out to get their hands on Cole, needing strong restraint the whole time. Fish cut a good promo here, making their intentions clear to make Cole pay. This was all about showing that just when The Kingdom thought they had the numbers, Elgin evened the odds. Good progression that built up to the later announced six-man war for next week’s show.

– The No Holds Barred main event match between Jay Briscoe and Adam Page had BJ Whitmer on commentary constantly denying the severity of Page’s shoulder injury, mentioning tape was only on it “for support.” This was your classic ROH hardcore-style brawl with weapon use aplenty. We had a good share of chair shots (to the head particularly, which we’re meh about, though it worked in the match’s context) and table spots. The story going in was that the angry and eager Page “poked the bear” one too many times by calling out a guy who didn’t even know his name. We expected a glorified squash, but it’d be more even than we thought. Mark Briscoe even made an appearance when he disarmed Whitmer of one of his crutches before it could be used in the match. The Whitmer-Corino feud took center stage on commentary once again, straight through to the match’s finish. There were some convincing near-falls down the stretch, particularly where Page kicked out of a Jay Driller off the apron through a table. Despite that, Jay eventually got the upper hand and took him out with another brutal Jay Driller to get the win. The post-match development gave everybody what they’ve been dying to see – Corino knocking out Whitmer in the middle of the ring. The moment went over well with the fans, who were loud the whole match and the moment of embrace between Corino and Kelly before he left gave us the assumption that the former would probably face “disciplinary action.” Either way, a strong episode with progression on all fronts.






Quick Results

  • The All Night Express def. The Addiction (w/Chris Sabin) via pinfall
  • No Holds Barred – Jay Briscoe def. Adam Page via pinfall

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