Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 10/21/15: Sorry About Your Damn Luck

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/21/15)

Sorry About Your Damn Luck

– The opening video highlighted last week’s NXT Championship Number-One Contender Battle Royale where Apollo Crews emerged victorious, also showing us how Baron Corbin eliminated his former Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament partner Rhyno, and when Tyler Breeze eliminated the guy who eliminated him, Samoa Joe. As we saw on this episode, Crews, Corbin, Rhyno, Joe and Breeze played crucial roles.

– The hardcore geisha mask appeared on the LCD screens and that only meant one thing – Asuka. She has got some kickass theme music too. Fits her in-ring style, which we were fortunate to see more of, as she took on Billie Kay. Commentary talked about how Asuka dominated Dana Brooke when they fought recently. We saw a pre-taped promo from Kay, which saw her boast about having the longest legs and how she’d “boot anybody who stands her way.” She’s Australian, get it? Kay sort of looked like a brunette Eva Marie, but she could actually wrestle. Nice to see a little character support for her either way. We knew this was the second match between the two, so this wasn’t new territory, but Kay was able to show more of her repertoire, like a nice Brainbuster Suplex. Asuka also put on an awesome Hurricanrana/Armbar combo. These two working together have actually helped both get over. The Asuka Lock led to an unsurprising victory. Given the language barrier, it’s fortunate that Asuka can get over with her “loud” in-ring style, vibrant look and intense mannerisms.

– Liked the Corbin hype video that showcased him as someone who takes dreams away and how he was different from the rest of us. That cold stare though. Not sure this match with Rhyno was main event material, but it had good support through the show to feel like a decent showdown.

– Breeze’s selfie promo sent a message to Joe that he wasn’t going to be Number-One Contender if he couldn’t be that himself, formally laying an invitation for a fight if Joe was down to look for him. Solid stuff and sure enough, it was announced later on in the show for next week.

– The Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady-Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder match started with a classic SAWFT promo that targeted the approaching Halloween season. Always love Corey Grave’s criticisms of Enzo/Cass, as he likened Amore to a “cat that fell in a bathtub.” Hilarious. Thanks to the raised profile of Dash/Dawson as pure brawlers, this had more of a rivalry feel than a squash bout. The heels set a good example of setting a body part and targeting it (#NoFlipsJustFists, as said by Byron Saxton) and this made Enzo look good as an underdog, actually getting the pin on his own after Cass helped break the momentum. Post-match saw the heels get revenge and own Enzo/Cass. The situation screamed for a save, but one never happened, which means the heels got the last stand. Just wish they had less generic music.

– Rhyno’s hype video focused on the surprise of his NXT debut and built his credibility as a Champion in former WWE divisions. He looked like a crazed maniac, his likeness similar to one Roman Reigns. Just imagine if Reigns was allowed to go that crazy, how over he’d be.

– Eva Marie cut a narcissistic promo from Italy or something like that. Nobody misses her. Rest assured.

– Speaking of surprise NXT debuts, the Danny Burch-James Storm match provided recent NXT shocker in another “Take That, TNA!” moment. Have to love the crowd’s legit shocked reaction. Storm soaked in the rabid reaction as the crowd chanted “You belong here.” Hell, half of TNA will probably end up on NXT by next year, adding to the already growing list of Samoa Joe and Tommaso Ciampa. The ironic thing was Storm was almost a carbon copy of his pre-Revolution TNA character right down to his ring attire. We did like his new finisher though, as well as the message that “NXT was put on notice.” Storm also dropped his “Sorry about your damn luck” line and the crowd chanted “Beer Money!” Nice moment.

– We wonder why the main roster doesn’t give the proper attention to Title matches that NXT does. We got all of this with Crews’ hype video talking about how wrestling was a dream to him and he discussed his family history in detail – his parents’ divorce and more. Him talking about how he used to watch WWE Raw growing up and idolized guys like The Ultimate Warrior put over his passion for the sport even more. This was exactly what we needed to see from Crews – a personality. It was also nice that we got to see footage of his matches in EVOLVE Wrestling, which further sold his in-ring credibility. The working partnership has been a big plus and it definitely showed in this instance.

– Another Nia Jax hype video that showed highlights of her “Super-Diva” debut and hyped another appearance for next week. We’re hooked.

– The Alexa Bliss-Peyton Royce match was a smart squash that built Bliss up for the eventual NXT Women’s Championship match against Champion Bayley. Royce also got more of a chance to come into her own as well, showing off some nice kicks. We wished Saxton and Graves would’ve focused slightly more on the action instead of bickering, but it didn’t factor too much. Sparkle Splash was the final note of this dominance symphony. The post-match promo saw sarcastic praise for Bayley and she said she was about to stop all the inspirations for the Champ and called herself the new role model.

– The Corbin-Rhyno match was accurately billed as a “heavyweight collision.” The match’s first half was terribly paced and not entertaining. Thankfully, it picked up in the final minute when Rhyno hit the Gore for a good near-fall, which when he tried again, ran into an End Of Days. Good finish and we figured Corbin would win, but Rhyno needs some form of a bounce back.

– Joe’s backstage promo saw him talk about how desperation was a funny thing and how it epitomized Breeze, who eliminated him when he couldn’t handle being eliminated himself. Joe did a good job of telling Breeze to look real nice for his next selfie picture because he wouldn’t look the same again. Great, intense promo to close things out. Overall, a greatly paced show that further enhanced acts that needed it (Asuka, Crews, etc.) and the NXT drum rolls on.






Quick Results

  • Asuka def. Billie Kay via submission
  • Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady (w/Carmella) def. Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder via pinfall
  • James Storm def. Danny Burch via pinfall
  • Alexa Bliss (w/Blake, Murphy) def. Peyton Royce via pinfall
  • Baron Corbin def. Rhyno via pinfall

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