Notes In Observance – WWE Smackdown 10/15/15: Ambrose Country

WWE SmackdownBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/15/15)

Ambrose Country 

– The Roman Reigns-Bo Dallas match was an obvious squash the moment Bo’s music hit. Dallas came out cutting an insulting promo that focused on Reigns coming up short against Bray Wyatt and that he didn’t survive Suplex City like he did. Let’s commence the whipping. To their credit, commentary talked up the dangers of the Hell In A Cell match, using it to pinpoint that Reigns’ own cousin Rikishi was “never the same after his HIAC match.” Hmm. There was more to that than just the HIAC, but we digress. This was quickly over not long after with a swift Superman Punch/Spear combo. Oh now we’ve got another Reigns promo. Oy. We gathered that Wyatt’s eyes are the depth of hell and Reigns is bringing the fight because he was riding straight into hell. A Wyatt response too? He mentioned that he’d deliver a prophecy on Raw. Guess we’ll see what that’s all about then. Standard stuff.

– The Cesaro/Neville-King Barrett/Sheamus was a Raw rematch that we hoped would be better the second time. If anything, maybe this was a sign that Cesaro/Neville could actually become a longer-term tag team. Not far off in the crowd, Stardust/The Ascension sat as Stardust held a “Stardust Section” sign. This was Smackdown so of course the match had more time and we got to see some nice double-teams by the faces, but it was still the heels that went over, albeit by using backhanded tactics, since Barrett Bull Hammer Elbowed Cesaro while he was about to do the Swing and that allowed Sheamus to get a quick roll-up pin. Not really sure what we got out of that other than the idea that Cesaro/Neville just can’t win these days. Shame.

– Summer Rae’s backstage interview hyped the match later on between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev where she’d serve as the Special Guest Referee. You really could’ve just ended it on Raw with her walking out on Rusev, but nope. Could Summer have had a worse tanning job? She mentioned that she could actually keep her personal and professional lives separate and that it wasn’t the first time she had to put a man down. She obviously will be completely impartial in this match. Yup.

– It was funny to see that Dean Ambrose carried a globe and a balloon animal in his travel bag, despite the obvious product placement. This also worked because we were in Ambrose’s hometown and we could hear the crowd’s big support. PayDay sucks. Yup. We said it.

– The Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens-Zack Ryder match was another lopsided squash to keep Owens strong headed into HIAC, and we had Ryback there to witness it first-hand, though not on commentary thankfully. We liked Owens mocking Ryback’s signature poses, and he jetted away before Ryback could exact revenge. Short and sweet.

– The Natalya-Paige backstage segment saw Paige try to apologize to Natalya about “setting high expectations for herself” and wanted to go back to how things were. Natalya said it was a start and then went into her locker room and closed the door. You mean Paige kept her wishy-washy sympathetic face the whole time even after the door closed? No sadistic grin? Why not? Sigh.

– The Ziggler-Rusev match with Summer Rae as Special Guest Referee had the rivalry that wouldn’t end mixed with a new confusing aspect. Summer was coming off like a face. Are we supposed to cheer her because she’s getting revenge on the guy that cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend/now fiancé for a month (and vice versa)? Either way, she played partially to Ziggler, counting fast for him and slapping Rusev. Commentary was obviously blind to this at first. Sigh. The comment about her being at the “Danny Davis School of Refereeing” was funny though. Ziggler wins, nothing else happens. Oh wait, now Summer’s calling him back, saying that Lana/Rusev double-crossed them both and wanted to get with him. Ziggler refusing seemed like a heelish move in theory, but this was confusing anyway, since he sold the decision like he lifted a huge weight off his shoulders.

– The Dudley Boyz/Ambrose backstage interview hyped the main event six-man tag where Dudleys talked about New Day constantly running away from them, but there’d be a celebration at HIAC because they’d win the Tag Titles for a 10th time. Ambrose did good talking up his hometown and Dudleyville in positive ways. These guys have good chemistry together, that’s for sure.

– The Prime Time Players-Luke Harper/Braun Strowman match was a way to get the heel team over heading into HIAC, since they can obviously work together well when their set opponents of Randy Orton/Ambrose cannot, as we saw on Raw. Commentary put Titus O’Neil’s community involvement over, but despite that, it was all about Harper/Strowman. O’Neil didn’t look smart for going after Harper when Strowman was in the ring with his partner, who he laid out in seconds. Meh. We got the point, but kinda lame.

– The Divas Champion Charlotte-Alicia Fox match indirectly hyped the HIAC Charlotte-Nikki Bella Divas Championship rematch. Team BAD also watched backstage intently on a monitor. Fairly average match where Charlotte made Alicia tap out to the Figure Eight. Team Bella ambushed Charlotte after the match for some decent heel heat, when Paige made the save? It did make sense for Charlotte/Lynch to be skeptical about it, but it goes into the storyline of Paige apparently making amends.

– The Paige/Charlotte/Lynch backstage segment saw Paige again emphasize making amends while attendants ran to Natalya’s dressing room where she was found laid out. Wonder who did that. Sigh.

– The Six-Man Tag main event between The New Day and The Dudley Boyz/Ambrose started with a New Day promo that put themselves over as positive individuals and mentioned the list of people they “dropped.” There was a Beastie Boys reference in there as well as Big E saying “Bully Ray Dudley.” It was all very cheesy. We did like that Ambrose had his own hometown-exclusive ring attire. The match itself was fun until the lame trombone DQ finish as Ambrose was over and we had back-and-forth, fast-paced action. New Day sent a message to the Dudleys afterwards that they weren’t to be messed with. Interesting that New Day got the last laugh here with it being “Ambrose Country.” They took a better approach to showing New Day’s darker side since they come off as annoying high school jocks anyway, but Creative still needs to ultimately pick and choose a side to go with them. New Day are best when they’re pesky heels and it’s asking a lot to believe dancing guys carrying trombones can also lay out main event talent. That said, this show was one of the better examples of the “balancing act,” but it won’t last long at this rate.






Quick Results

  • Roman Reigns def. Bo Dallas via pinfall
  • King Barrett/Sheamus def. Cesaro/Neville via pinfall
  • Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder via pinfall
  • Summer Rae As Special Guest Referee – Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev via pinfall
  • Luke Harper/Braun Strowman def. The Prime Time Players via pinfall
  • Charlotte (w/Becky Lynch) def. Alicia Fox (w/The Bella Twins) via submission
  • Six-Man Tag – The Dudley Boyz/Dean Ambrose def. The New Day via DQ

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