Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 10/14/15: Bokara Meets The Boricua Beast

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/14/15)

Bokara Meets The Boricua Beast 

– Nikos Rikos showed some good heel fire towards a rambunctious Rahway crowd, as he made it clear he was making moolah despite not wrestling because he sold his spot in the Suicidal Six-Way Championship match to The Big Deal Craig Steele, who came out with his Club Taboo entourage, including Sandy Mann. The crowd chanted along with his “My gear…” routine, so at least he was over. Interesting considering that Pat Buck mentioned on commentary that three-fourths of the crowd were “newbies” to Pro Wrestling Syndicate based on a survey done by General Manager Mick Foley earlier that night. The match’s other competitors included Champion Bobby Wayward (who has the best theme song ever), Starman, Brian XL, Johnny Howl and Ruthless Ray Smith. We had our six-way regulars like XL, Wayward, Starman and Howl, so we expected entertaining action and that’s how it played out mostly. Starman was over crazy with the crowd, while Wayward established himself early on with some stiff strikes and Steele took out his own entourage members when he tossed another opponent out of the ring, putting over his need for the belt. XL’s facial expressions sold a Starman “glitch” moment to be funnier than it should’ve been, but we would’ve never guessed that Starman was going to make a comeback and actually win the match. The pinfall on XL didn’t seem like a match-ending one as several guys looked to break it up, but failed. We’re happy Starman’s getting recognized as a Champion, but we were content with what Wayward was doing as Champ. The Title was the catalyst of his on-and-off conflicts with Untouchables stablemate Anthony Bowens and it’ll be interesting to see how things develop between them when the belt isn’t in play. The post-match angle that saw XL accept the New Jack/DelRoy offer to join them felt anticlimactic, but it’ll be interesting to see how XL develops as a character from it. So far, he has only been the guy who slaps fans’ hands and has a fondness for his ring attire.

– Mario Bokara’s promo hyped his match with PWS Champion Dan Maff, as he claimed Maff never pinned Bokara directly in the two matches he won and defended the Belt when Fallah Bahh was in the mix too. He did a lot of screaming. You know how it goes.

– The Matt Macintosh/Amazing Red-Rey Mysterio/Habib From The Car Wash match was a cool way to further the Habib-Macintosh feud by fitting in these two other well-known guys. We had a unique dynamic of two interestingly paired teams. The crowd chanted for Habib, while Macintosh wasn’t fond of his partner. Did we mention the awesome fast-paced wrestling between Mysterio and Red? The match’s second half was even better once the story became that nobody wanted to lose with some tight near-falls. The ending provided an appropriate next chapter as Macintosh outsmarted his way to a dirty victory, with an eye thumb and double-knees to the back of the skull. We also got a kick out of Buck’s insightfully blunt commentary (“Not sure why that security guard is just standing there as he’s in the way of the shot more than anything,” etc.) and it added to the show’s entertainment.

– Maff’s backstage promo also hyped up his match with Bokara, as Maff said he did what he had to do twice to get and keep the Belt, while Bokara had to now take it from him personally. He put over having “to take Bokara to hell if he had to” in order to keep the belt. Fiery strong promo.

– The PWS Championship match between Bokara and Maff gave us everything we hoped, as we saw some vicious back chops, as Maff resorted to whatever possible to get his job done. This was just a flat-out well-wrestled, back-and-forth match with some good near-falls and we saw some smart, submission-styled wrestling mixed in too. Maff did some crazy things, like doing a cannonball with Bokara sitting atop his shoulders to reverse a submission. Maff remains the strong Champion ready to take any newcomers and Bokara sits comfortably atop the main event scene too. Liked the post-match interaction that teased a Bokara handshake refusal only to turn into a moment of embrace via a hug. Good way to end the show.






Quick Results

  • PWS Suicidal Six-Way Championship – Starman def. The Big Deal Craig Steele (w/Club Taboo), Bobby Wayward (Champion), Johnny Howl, Brian XL and Ruthless Ray Smith via pinfall to become new Champion
  • Matt Macintosh/The Amazing Red def. Habib From The Car Wash/Rey Mysterio via pinfall
  • PWS Championship – Dan Maff (Champion) def. Mario Bokara via pinfall to retain 

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