Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 10/12/15: The Demon Runs The Asylum

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/12/15)

The Demon Runs The Asylum

– So, let’s get this one straight: a company that continuously pushes its social media influence wants its viewers to believe that The Authority (Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) cannot bother to look on Facebook or Twitter to check out how Corporate Kane would be running the show, since he was left in charge with their plane “running very late” throughout the show? This is 2015. If WWE wants its storylines to come across logically, they need to take these things into account. With The Authority out of the picture, we had to know Corporate Kane would book himself against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in the main event, which just so happened to be a lumberjack match. Why oh why would he not have the Title on the line? We were supposed to believe that Trips/Steph had no idea what was going on whatsoever. Sigh.

– Things looked promising when Dean Ambrose came out alone to a big Chicago pop and talked about wanting to fight and not “drone on.” Randy Orton came out and we got the news that the two would team up against Luke Harper/Braun Strowman at Hell In A Cell and it was established that oh, the two suddenly can’t get along now. We thought it was established that the Roman Reigns-Bray Wyatt feud was just left to those two now. Why are the sidekicks still entangled in a makeshift rivalry? New Day coming out was a welcome change to the pointless Orton/Ambrose bickering and their promo was obnoxious yet funny, as they bragged about laying out John Cena, The Dudleys and Dolph Ziggler last week, insulted Derrick Rose and joked Orton was a “groupie” for his heavy stable history. Corporate Kane showed up on the big screen and made it an impromptu tag. How shocking. The Ambrose/Orton-Kofi Kingston/Big E match got plenty of time to tell the story of Orton/Ambrose initially one-upping each other to eventually work together with some nice back-and-forth action. The finish had Kofi shove Orton into Ambrose and pull on the tights to give New Day another win. You’d think that Ambrose/Orton would follow up on this with an argument, but that was nowhere to be found.

– It’s amazing how WWE wants to show us how revolutionary women’s wrestling can be by showing us a video package of the amazing Sasha Banks-NXT Women’s Champion Bayley 30-Minute Iron Man main event from NXT TakeOver: Respect and then follow that up with some irrelevant main roster Divas drama. The story of the Nikki Bella-Naomi match was Team Bella purposely pushing the idea that Sasha is the most popular member of Team BAD, which had nothing to do with the actual match itself. Albeit, the storyline makes the most sense and can plant seeds for Naomi to turn on Sasha, but we’re still in the infancy stages of that it feels like. How amazing that a loud Chicago crowd was reduced to silence and whispers here? The in-ring action lacked excitement and ended up with a Rack Attack victory for Nikki. There was a big pop for Sasha when she tripped Brie Bella off the announce table, which looked nasty.

– Paige’s backstage promo sarcastically talked about being awarded the most unconventional WWE diva. She talked about not being given the proper recognition of the Divas Revolution. More topsy-turvy Paige overshadowed by pointless product placement.

– We think we can safely declare the John Cena-Dolph Ziggler United States Championship open challenge match the best of the night thanks to both men’s performances with high energy and sense of urgency. Cena hyped things up beforehand by acknowledging his own storied history in the Chicago arena, doing his best to detract the boos. With Cena rumored to take time off past HIAC, the open challenge matches have a more organic feel to them, since anybody could actually win the Belt this time. Ziggler answering the challenge got a pop, but last week’s angle with him answering but getting laid out by New Day made it feel predictable. Thankfully, the match itself made us forget about all that. It was all about quality, lengthy wrestling and Ziggler sold his heart out with some highlight reel-worthy moments – the Top-Rope DDT, Fameasser Counter to the Attitude Adjustment, etc. This was what we were hoping for and the near-falls of Ziggler coming so close had even us fooled, let alone the crowd. Kudos to Cena for acknowledging the marriage proposal in the crowd as it took over for a good minute when the fans chanted “Yes!” loudly. Nevertheless, the ending result was the same, with Cena on top after an AA. We do wonder if they’ll use Ziggler’s eye rake during the match to signify any further feud hints.

– The Dudley Boyz-Ascension match was a glorified squash to build the Dudleys up for HIAC against New Day for the Tag Titles. Quick and painless, yet logical.

– The tag match between King Barrett/Sheamus and Neville/Cesaro was a clear way to push the Barrett-Neville feud and keep Barrett on a winning streak. Cesaro had the benefit of the crowd’s strong support as they loved everything they did and he showed great chemistry with Neville. This had us thinking a Cesaro/Neville tag team would be best for both guys moving forward since they could strongly benefit from a push like this. Unfortunately, Sheamus/Barrett won and there was zero indication of any direction with Cesaro.

– Reigns is at his best when his lines are short and his brawl-style matches don’t last too long. Reigns is at his worst when he cuts long-winded promos that serve no purpose in front of hostile crowds. Who on earth thought it’d be a good idea to have Reigns cut an eight-minute promo discussing his entire history with Wyatt in front of a crowd that at first reacted politely only to quickly turn when it was clear the promo was going nowhere? Granted, Reigns reacted smartly to the “What?” and “Boring” chants by relating them to his personal family troubles, but even that could only do so much. Might’ve been another bad idea to have the Reigns-Strowman match follow this considering the limited ability of both guys. However, we got through it and we saw Strowman lose in a way that put Reigns over as strong yet didn’t require a pinfall. Post-match stuff was kind of confusing since it was odd to see the heels in the ring challenging the face to come and fight, only for Reigns to punch Wyatt through the ropes without fighting the other two. Also, where were Ambrose and Orton through all of this? Aren’t they facing Harper/Strowman at HIAC?

– So, WWE acknowledged the real-life TMZ story that Lana and Rusev got engaged, while an impending storyline engagement was happening with Summer Rae-Rusev as recent as last week’s Smackdown. We were interested to see how they’d break up the Summer-Rusev duo and unfortunately, it made Rusev look as bad a possible. All in all, he lost rather decisively to Ryback by pinfall and didn’t even get the chance to explain to Summer his new engagement, as she slapped him and left the ring. This has us wondering if WWE is going to make Rusev/Lana a babyface duo when she returns. We were half expecting her to come out and defend Rusev to an extent. Never happened though.

– The Kalisto-WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens match was a glorified squash that saw more of Owens’ brash, trolling behavior, like purposely teasing a suicide dive and mocking the Lucha cheer. Kalisto got to show off some nice flips and maneuvers, but still ended up with a Powerbomb for his troubles. It’d be cool to see a more competitive match down the road sometime, but this was to keep Owens strong for Ryback at HIAC.

– Ever since Charlotte became WWE Divas Champion, she has played second fiddle to the Paige-Natalya feud and even ended up losing to Brie here with a Missle Dropkick out of all moves. How sad is that? That said, the Charltte/Becky Lynch-Brie/Alicia Fox match did more to continue the Paige-Natalya stuff as she got up from commentary to confront and shove her, causing the distraction that allowed Charlotte to get pinned again. So much for Team NBC.

– So, it took two hours and 45 minutes for Trips/Steph to find out what the main event was going to be? Seriously? You mean Corporate Kane can’t be in the match anymore and he needs to find a suitable replacement to fight Rollins? How lame and predictable can this get? This was followed up further when Corporate Kane told Rollins backstage himself he’d find a worthy replacement, after Big Show apparently wasn’t going to help Rollins out. Way too predictable.

– The main event lumberjack match between Rollins and Demon Kane (surprise surprise) was too predictable given the stipulation. We wondered why Rollins wouldn’t run away right away, but it wasn’t long before he tried and got dragged back in by Cesaro. Big Show ended up facing Kane and got punched, only to KO Kane and walk away. It didn’t take long before a melee broke out and eventually the heel lumberjacks beat down Kane, only for him to make a comeback and eventually Tombstone Piledrive Rollins for a clean pin. At least it established that he can pin Rollins, since this is likely the one chance he gets. However, this Corporate Kane/Demon Kane stuff has already run its course. Storylines like this aren’t helping.






Quick Results

  • Kofi Kingston/Big E (w/Xavier Woods) def. Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton via pinfall
  • Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella, Alicia Fox) def. Naomi (w/Tamina, Sasha Banks) via pinfall
  • WWE United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena (Champion) def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to retain
  • The Dudley Boyz def. The Ascension via pinfall
  • King Barrett/Sheamus def. Neville/Cesaro via pinfall
  • Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman (w/Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper) via countout
  • Ryback def. Rusev (w/Summer Rae) via pinfall
  • Kevin Owens def. Kalisto (w/Sin Cara) via pinfall
  • Brie Bella/Alicia Fox (w/Nikki Bella) def. Charlotte/Becky Lynch via pinfall
  • Lumberjack Match – Demon Kane def. Seth Rollins via pinfall

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