Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 10/7/15: A New Kind Of Fall Classic

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/7/15)

A New Kind Of Fall Classic

– Given TNA’s circumstances of an awkward taping schedule that leaves things outdated and a conclusion of a live Pay-Per-View that had a “happy ending” with Matt Hardy becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion by pinning Drew Galloway in a three-way that also involved Ethan Carter III, they had to find some way to connect a makeshift tournament to randomly taped matches to “find a new Champion.” How is this possible, you ask? EC3 filed an injunction against Matt since he was taken out of the match by the Special Guest Referee Jeff Hardy – Matt’s brother. Said injunction prevents Matt from appearing on Impact with the Title. Matt, the company savior, relinquishes the Title to avoid further legal trouble that would leave the company without a Champion for months. Keep in mind this all went down in a matter of about three days after the PPV. The online wrestling world found it surprising and laughable – not in the cool way either.

– The Dixie Carter/Billy Corgan video segment saw Dixie mention how she was ready to fight the injunction at all costs before receiving a call from Matt where he wanted to relinquish the Title. She eventually decided to accept it. Corgan broke in and chalked up how he and Dixie came up with a “solution” that focused on providing both “world class wrestling” and “giving us a worthy Champion.” A conventional tournament? Not in TNA… We got a “World Title Series” tournament (way to hop on the baseball playoff bandwagon, guys) and of course, it was complicated to explain. Overall, there’d be 32 individuals. On this show, we’d see 16 announced, split up into four different teams, members of whom would face each other, round-robin style with a points system. A win would bring three points, a loss would bring no points and a draw would result in one point. After it’d be said and done, two men from each of these teams would advance to a traditional 16-man bracket. Are you lost yet? We haven’t introduced the teams and members. The groups – 1) United Kingdom – Rockstar Spud, Grado, Drew Galloway and Bram. 2) Group Wildcard – Mahabali Shera, Aiden O’Shea, Crazzy Steve and Kenny King (how outdated is this?). 3) Group Knockouts – Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Brooke (we applaud the progressive thinking here, but why did the Knockouts need to be involved in this when they have their own Championship to establish?). 4) Group Champions – Mr. Anderson, Lashley, Austin Aries (anybody going to explain how he was able to compete in a tournament when he had to leave the company a few months back after losing to Spud?) and EC3 (yep, the guy who filed an injunction to get his Title back is entering a tournament to do the same thing… Why would he be willing to compete in it to begin with?)

– One positive we’ll give this show was the constant influx of backstage promos from each of the competitors on the show, to make it feel current and sell the tournament. Galloway’s backstage promo talked about his approval of Matt’s decision to handle the controversy this way, also mentioning how he wouldn’t let the second chance to become Champion go by him.

– The Group UK match between Galloway and Bram was okay, though it was incredibly awkward to see the split screen “round table” conversations happen throughout the show, as they distracted from the matches, and we didn’t even hear conversations of much relevance. Bram hates everybody? Wow, didn’t know that one before. This came off more like a randomly thrown together match than a serious match with World Title implications. The match’s pace suffered from a lack of necessary urgency you’d expect in this kind of situation, but luckily, it picked up a little towards the end with a brawl-like vibe, as Galloway got the pinfall. Given Bram’s status with the company, we wouldn’t had expected a win, or for him to even show up if he wasn’t already included in the tournament beforehand.

– Kim was the right spokesperson to talk about the success of the Knockouts division to the point of having the chance to compete for the company’s own World Heavyweight Championship, setting up her match with Brooke nicely.

– Galloway’s post-match promo didn’t give us much substance, as he mainly put over Bram as an aggressive English version of himself. Could’ve been more thought out.

– The Group Knockouts match between Kim and Brooke at least had a storyline of former rivals doing battle, with Brooke entitled to a later rematch clause for the Knockouts Championship. They had good chemistry and we were surprised to see Brooke get the surprise win.

– EC3’s backstage promo was a mixed bag. On one hand, he talked about being motivated to win the tournament to prove everyone wrong and criticized Aries for “coming back when it was convenient for him” and he closed it out with a strong line about the series not being over until he won. However, at the same time, his cries of injustice and conspiracies of it being a “level-field tournament” makes you wonder why he’d get involved and not protest his Aunt’s decision.

– The Group UK match between Spud and Grado… My god, where do you even start with this one? Spud’s so much better than having to be in a match where both competitors imitated WWE finishing moves. This was trying to be comedy, but fell flat. Utterly. Might actually be the worst match of the year. Simply terrible and it didn’t help the pacing of the show, which was beginning to recover from the overcomplicated start. Luckily, Spud put us out of our misery with his finisher. Let’s drink to forget that one, folks.

– TNA has an interesting story with Tyrus, since he already had a future World Heavyweight Title shot waiting for him, regardless of the tournament winner. His backstage promo put over that he still had EC3’s back, though if EC3 won the tournament, it’d be “very interesting,” but he had the Title shot on his terms either way.

– Despite the complete randomness of having Aries come out with Thea Trinidad (formerly known as Rosita) and a head-shaking explanation of how he was back in the company by Josh Matthews (he found his way back to enter a Champions group in the tournament because he was “the smartest man in professional wrestling”), his match with EC3 was easily the best of the night. Both guys tried hard to impress and we had some great teases of near-falls and counter-reversals. It was always a shame we never got a World Title program with these two. The time limit draw finish was sort of lame, but logical since it kept EC3 undefeated and Aries didn’t get pinned cleanly, allowing both guys to gain one point. Post-match saw cheap shots by the heels that eventually led to Aries hitting his Brainbuster for ultimate revenge, a fact he touched up on in his backstage promo, referencing he was close to winning.

– Anderson’s promo hyped up his match with Lashley and he took pride in being in the toughest group of guys, with a subtle insult towards EC3. He talked about being “all in.” Anderson’s best when he has purpose.

– The Group Knockouts match between Madison Rayne and Awesome Kong was okay, though we were expecting a Kong squash, but Rayne hung in there a bit longer for at least one good near-fall. Kong’s “roundtable” promo about her taking on any man was interesting and maybe the one positive of having the Knockouts in here. Didn’t feel like the big moment it should’ve been.

– Lashley’s backstage promo put over his group and his own tournament success and that he’d dominate anything and everyone, calling Anderson his first victim, despite liking and respecting him. Good promo.

– Matt’s backstage promo again talked about getting to live his dream and having his family there, same things we heard in the video. He also spoke about using the series to prove himself yet again. Okay promo with good delivery. We’d also find out which group he’d be in next week, as there was 32 individuals in total.

– The Group Champions main event match between Anderson and Lashley wasn’t bad, but felt mildly unspectacular. With more time, this would’ve been better, but it was set up as even-handed as it was Lashley’s sudden spear that made the ultimate difference to close the show.






Quick Results

  • World Title Series – Group United Kingdom – Drew Galloway def. Bram via pinfall (Galloway +3, Bram +0)
  • World Title Series – Group Knockouts – Brooke def. Gail Kim via pinfall (Brooke +3, Kim +0)
  • World Title Series – Group United Kingdom – Rockstar Spud def. Grado via pinfall (Spud +3, Grado +0)
  • World Title Series – Group Champions – Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) and Austin Aries (w/Thea Trinidad) to a 15-Minute Draw (EC3 +1, Aries +1)
  • World Title Series – Group Knockouts – Awesome Kong def. Madison Rayne via pinfall (Kong +3, Rayne +0)
  • World Title Series – Group Champions – Lashley def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall (Lashley +3, Anderson +0)

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