Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 9/30/15: A Glorious Countdown

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/30/15)

A Glorious Countdown

– The opening video highlighted Drew Galloway beating The Wolves, Bobby Lashley and Bram in an elimination style match to earn a Title shot at Bound For Glory against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III. Set up as Galloway’s biggest career moment to date, it came off well.

– The opening segment with EC3/Tyrus/Dixie Carter/Galloway saw the Champ complain that he fired Jeff Hardy and nobody talked about him coming into BFG. Him calling out “Aunt Dixie” was interesting, since he practically called her Galloway’s cheerleader. She denounced him for his actions out of the ring and for not wanting to defend his own company, while EC3 argued that she didn’t call upon him and originally said not to trust Jeff Jarrett. Galloway’s confrontation of EC3 came off pretty nicely, but he should’ve been talking about how much he wanted to be Champion, not how much he loved professional wrestling. Nevertheless, the Title became the focus shortly after that and the interaction was solid buildup to what is the biggest main event of the year, though it was head-scratching that Jeff Hardy wasn’t involved in this high-profile match to begin with.

– James Storm’s backstage promo hyped up his No Disqualification match against Mahabali Shera later on, blaming him for the other Revolution members leaving him and giving some nice threats, because you know, when is Storm ever happy?

– The EC3-Dixie backstage segment saw EC3 be jealous that he wasn’t looked at as the “franchise guy” and aimed to end Galloway’s career and aspirations. How thoughtful.

– The Shera-Storm No-Disqualification match was surprising to happen on this show, when it made more sense to save it for BFG, since it has been an ongoing program. This had the feel of a payoff. We could understand why it went this route, since Shera is pretty green in the ring on wrestling abilities, but even then, it was pretty mediocre. It was nice to see implementation of chairs and tables, but the chairs spot was weak, because you could clearly see Shera landed between the chairs and made them split apart, not falling through them. Shera also looked stupid for not getting the cowbell out of Storm’s hand before getting hit with it. The cowbell/table spot near-fall was surprising though. Abyss/Manik coming out to embrace Storm before turning on him would’ve been more effective had they both not walked out on him last week. Either way, Shera got the upset victory thanks to his friends, though we’re not sure where his character goes from here. Don’t give us that whole “he’s over with the fans” schtick either because 27 people in the Impact Zone decided to do that weird dance he does. “Shera Shake” just sounds like a bad fast food milkshake.

– Dixie’s backstage promo talked about EC3 and how she looked to “up the ante” at BFG and make the main event more interesting. She praised somebody who deserved another chance and if EC3/Tyrus lost, Matt would be added to the World Title match at BFG. Why not Jeff?!?!?!?!?!??

– King Of The Mountain Champion Bobby Roode’s in-ring promo talked about the Championship we forgot he even held for a minute there. With Global Force Wrestling gone, what is the belt’s significance now? He tried to hype up the prestige of a belt that’s been passed around three times in three months. Not an easy task. He announced that he’d put the belt on the line at BFG in an open challenge. Bobby Lashley came out and praised Roode, while he said he came to TNA to compete against the best and collect as much gold as possible. He asked for “one more time.” It’d be nice if this was for a bigger prize, like the World Title they main evented the first Impact of the year for. It’s just an excuse to have these two fight when the Title means nothing. We’re still on board.

– The Dollhouse promo saw Taryn Terrell prep up her girls for wanting to get rid of The Beautiful People, since Angelina Love was injured and they had the three-on-two advantage. It was what you’d expect it to be.

– The DJ Z-Tommaso Ciampa-Trevor Lee match (yes, Ciampa’s second match of the night on a different show… Guess he’s the Rick Rude of 2015) led to an announcement of Lee/Brian Myers against The Wolves at BFG under a rematch clause and Tigre Uno defending the X-Division Championship against several opponents in an Ultimate X match. This was your basic spot-happy, meaningless X-Division match with talent that couldn’t be more useless right now in the company. The crossbody twist was a nice finish, as Lee pinned DJ Z to gain momentum headed into BFG.

– The backstage promo with The Beautiful People had Madison Rayne make fun of The Dollhouse name, while Love talked about the BP being formed for the greater good and threatened Jade, while Velvet Sky sent a message to Taryn that ended with a weak insult. This was kind of rough and throwback but not in a good way. Was Rayne trying to be funny?

– The Brooke video package was interesting in putting her over as a fighter and someone eager to get back to her glory days as a top contender. This gave us hope that the company saw her more than just an ass-shaker who likes to have good matches. An actual personality mixed with athletic traits? Pick up on these things, WWE.

– The EC3/Tyrus backstage promo saw EC3 insult Matt Hardy and tell the faces they would lose. Good promo that fit his usual brash style.

– The 3-on-2 Handicap match between The Dollhouse and Sky/Rayne was sort of a mess. We can tell the girls tried hard to make it memorable, but it came off like Taryn’s goons fighting the reunited TNA cougars. Only memorable moment was the finish which saw Rebel throw flour and help her friends get the win. Meh. This would mean more if we could take Dollhouse more seriously as individuals.

– Eric Young’s backstage had him whaling for some competition. Didn’t sound too good.

– Gail Kim did a good job of expressing the respect she has for Awesome Kong and how it was all about competition when they fought. Their BFG Knockouts Championship match should fall in line with their past battles, which for TNA fans can only be a good thing.

– The Young-Robbie E segment started with EY telling everyone nobody was man enough to fight him. Robbie might’ve had his best TV moment by coming out all-business telling him to shut up before having his worst TV moment by getting manhandled and tossed outside the ring. Chris Melendez came out and attacked Young. Why beat a dead horse? We had the payoff already. Young backed away before he could get hit with a chair before Mr. Anderson came out and talked about how everyone wanted to kick EY’s ass and attacked him before he got beat by Robbie and Melendez. What was the point of all that?

– The backstage segment with Matt Hardy and Galloway saw them talk about BFG as a Three-Way dance, while he said he respected him as a partner. He sold his own case, which made sense and we got the mutual respect angle.

– The EY-Dixie segment effectively set up the EY-Kurt Angle BFG match, since he was livid at her, calling it unfair he had to worry about the whole roster. She did a nice job of using that to announce Angle as his opponent. His reaction was comical, but in the wrong way.

– The Tyrus/EC3-Hardy/Galloway match was entertaining though the result was probably expected from when the stipulation was first announced. Kudos though to the network for not spoiling things this time in commercials. Dixie came out and confirmed the new three-way dance with a special guest referee named Jeff Hardy. We would’ve switched the Hardys in their roles but at least it adds to the match with Jeff eager for payback against his “old boss.” Overall, one of the best Impacts in a long time in terms of building a PPV to be near must-see as it gets. Three weeks ago, BFG sounded like a gamble for fans to buy. After this show, it feels more like a safe bet for fans to take a chance on it.






Quick Results

  • No Disqualification – Mahabali Shera def. James Storm via pinfall
  • Three-Way Dance – Trevor Lee def. DJ Z and Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall
  • 3-On-2 Handicap – Rebel/Marti Bell/Jade def. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne (w/Angelina Love) via pinfall
  • If Matt Hardy/Drew Galloway Win, Hardy Gets Added To TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match At Bound For Glory – Matt Hardy/Drew Galloway def. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus via pinfall

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