Notes In Observance – WWE Raw 9/28/15: Believe That It Ain’t Over…

WWE RawBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/28/15)

Believe That It Ain’t Over…

– The opening video highlighted Corporate/Demon Kane getting into WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ head and literally dragging him into hell. Strange we didn’t see anything from Smackdown that happened with the feud. Guess Rollins got out of hell okay?

– The United States Championship Open Challenge made its return and was an appropriate way to open, as Cena’s music hit. As long as the match lived up, we could go through whatever rah-rah speech he had planned. The fun came in seeing who would answer, which had a lot of speculation online. The trombone’s sound playing Cena’s theme meant only one thing: The New Day – current Tag Team Champions. Kind of smart to combine the two novelties of New Day and the US Title Open Challenge together. With a cheap plug for the 10/3 WWE Network Live Special Tag Titles match against The Dudley Boyz, the promo turned into a literal song and dance with a Duck Tales reference. Entertaining promo which was better when met with serious Cena. Xavier Woods was the one selected. The Woods-Cena match had a ringside factor until the referee ejected Big E and Kofi when Kofi tried to trip Cena. The match was pretty good as it went on, because Woods is actually a good wrestler and we got to see some of that, stripped down from the “trombone loudmouth” persona. Big E/Kofi interfering to break up the STF submission was a perfect cue to end the match without cleanly beating Woods. The Dudleys making the save to start a brawl furthered their feud too. The way things broke to commercial had us think a six-man tag was in order and how right we were.

– The six-man tag between The Dudley Boyz/John Cena and The New Day wasn’t too long, but entertained. The finish was actually great, since we saw Woods pull down Bubba Ray while D-Von got hit with the Trouble In Paradise for the pinfall. New Day keeps the momentum on the side headed into Saturday’s match. Do The Dudleys get their big Madison Square Garden moment by becoming new Champions? That’s the big question headed in, but we feel New Day will retain.

– The idea that an “anonymous complaint” made to Human Resources about Kane spawned an official “performance evaluation” seemed like a buyable way for Rollins to try to get Kane removed from his position, while selling the idea that he was disgusted by it all and wanted Triple H/Stephanie McMahon to know all about it. That’s basically what happened in the backstage segment, involving “Ashley from HR.” It was entertaining to see Corporate Kane go back-and-forth between happy-go-lucky and vengeful.

– The Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Randy Orton backstage segment was basically used to hype the big Wyatt-Reigns main event as a pure one-on-one with no sidekicks necessary, even though it needed to be established that Ambrose was ready for battle just in case. The bit with Orton was the more interesting part of things, as he defended himself when he argued that he had to save both Reigns/Ambrose from The Wyatt Family a couple weeks back after Ambrose mentioned not trusting outsiders. Orton’s skepticism of Reigns “doing it on his own” was telling. Could we be seeing a more tweener Orton in the future?

– The Mark Henry-Big Show match was another obvious squash to hype Show up for when he meets Brock Lesnar on 10/3 at MSG. Pretty boring as he just bodyslammed Henry about nine times and yelled at the crowd. The KO put him (and everybody) out of their misery. It makes sense to build Show up since you don’t him to be just another opponent, but that’s going to be how it is anyway. Nobody buys the idea that Lesnar will lose to Show, especially not when this is just the first stop on the “Go To Hell Tour.”

– The MizTV segment with The Miz, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Team Bella, Natalya and Paige was an obvious attempt to continue to milk the “Paige Bomb” for all it was worth, while also establishing the Nikki Bella-Charlotte rematch. Charlotte/Lynch insulting Miz and throwing his mic into the ramp seemed harsh, even for them. Paige’s promo bordered on some of last week’s edginess and brash overconfidence, meeting Charlotte’s request to want to throw down for a fight. Team Bella basically came out to insult everyone for some odd reason, though it directly led to the most memorable quote of the night from Paige – “And if it weren’t for boyfriends like yours, who needs ambition?” Zing. Then things got confusing when we saw Team PCB clear Team Bella from the ring, since apparently Paige hates the Bellas more than her former teammates. Or does she hate everyone? Who knows anymore.

– The Team PCB-Team Bella match made by Corporate Kane had intrigue of seeing if Paige would get along with her former mates. JBL’s comment that “Oh, they’re always fighting backstage” seems to again be misogynistic in that it’s not a focus on athleticism but catty personalities. The match was okay as we saw Team PCB go along with things as usual until Paige showed disgust when Lynch tagged in Charlotte instead of her. The finish was actually good because we got some Paige-Natalya interaction after Paige inadvertently got knocked off the apron, and we saw Paige leave her team and take Natalya out, which left the heels to get the victory as Nikki hit the Rack Attack for the pinfall. Felt like we could’ve had this go a little differently and end up with the same result. Paige should’ve had no part teaming with Charlotte/Lynch so soon.

– The Rollins/Ashley/Kane backstage segment saw Kane creep up on Rollins while he was badmouthing him. After taking credit for Rollins’ success, he gave him a boxed gift – his severed statue head. Ashley found the gesture considerate while Rollins was creeped out. Funny segment actually.

– The Prime Time Players-Luke Harper/Braun Strowman match probably was going to be a squash material since Strowman has been portrayed as a monster. PTP showed some fight when it was Harper in the ring, but you know how this one ended – with Strowman making Titus O’Neil pass out. Yawn.

– The Neville-Stardust match (or should we just call it “battle” at this point?) brought their rivalry back to square one, with no sidekicks this time around. Neville was going to hit the Red Arrow when King Barrett’s music hit and he got shoved into Bull Hammer Elbowing Neville out for a DQ. Barrett then helped up Stardust and BHE’d him, declaring his return.

– The “Kane Job Evaluation” segment was damn long, but essentially confirmed that Kane was gunning for Rollins’ belt. Before all that went down, the bit with Ashley/Kane/Rollins about Kane keeping his job and her finding Rollins unprofessional and in need of evaluation was entertaining, though it seemed unrealistically convenient that both Rollins and Kane each had video packages insulting the other guy ready to go. The segment looked to be all about Rollins getting rid of Corporate Kane once and for all by injuring his knee, but eventually led to Demon Kane leaving the ambulance and getting revenge on Rollins, even though the heel escaped before he could get Tombstoned. Kind of an odd way to get there, since it came off like a bad horror movie, but it was what it was.

– Bray Wyatt’s fog promo put over his henchmen as “fresh wolves,” but mentioned he granted the request to keep it solo. Good stuff.

– Bo Dallas came out and cut a basic sports team-insulting promo with the Buffalo Bills in the front row, all to set up Orton as his opponent. Sounds like a squash and it sure was.

– The Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens-Rusev match with Ryback on commentary was a continuation of problems stemming on Smackdown between Owens and Rusev, though the idea of a heel vs heel dynamic seemed odd, even with Ryback there. The match literally went 40 seconds as all we got were traded punches before Owens shoved Rusev into Ryback, which by WWE logic, leads to the two heels beating down the face. Did anybody not see Dolph Ziggler making the save coming? Guess we’re getting another Smackdown tag match out of this? Will it be an actual match this time?

– What better way to sell a match than to just bring Paul Heyman out and cut a promo? He did all that and more, though when Big Show came out and responded, it sort of dragged the segment down. We understand why it went that route though. At the least, Heyman did a good job of selling that he was thinking about Show’s threatening words as he backed up the ramp.

– The Reigns-Wyatt main event was okay for what it was, though it came off as a toned-down version of some past PPV matches. The intensity in both men seemed to be a bit amped up thankfully to sell the “big battle” feel, although both guys ignoring the ring count for it to go to a double countout was lame. The brawl afterwards that hit the crowd was entertaining, but we wondered just where Harper and Strowman were during all of this, since they were just ejected from ringside before the match and could’ve easily run out there. The barricade and announce table spots were well-done though and the crowd was hot for both. Ending the show like that sold that the fight was just too much for a TV finale. Are we looking at the 10/3 MSG show for that or Hell In A Cell?






Quick Results

  • WWE United States Championship – Open Challenge – John Cena (Champion) def. Xavier Woods (w/Big E, Kofi Kingston) via DQ; Cena retains 
  • Six-Man Tag – The New Day def. The Dudley Boyz/John Cena via pinfall
  • The Big Show def. Mark Henry via pinfall
  • Six-Diva Tag – Team Bella def. Team PCB via pinfall
  • Braun Strowman/Luke Harper def. The Prime Time Players via pinfall
  • Neville def. Stardust via DQ
  • Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas via pinfall
  • Rusev (w/Summer Rae) and Kevin Owens to a no-contest
  • Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt to a double-countout

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