Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 9/16/15: Pent-Up Frustrations

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 9/16/15)

Pent-Up Frustrations

– The Heavenly Bodies-Reality Check match was a subtle way of continuing the Kevin Matthews-“Shining” Edward Jackson feud, since Devon Moore had turned on Matthews upon last check. Moore had no presence on this show either, pointing to “hiding out” from Matthews, who sought nothing but revenge from anybody associated with The Jackson Five. We saw some classic tag wrestling spots here – heel domination, slow build to the hot tag, which changed the momentum when it happened. There was an underlying theme of family the whole time that was smartly played up on by commentary. Jackson physically got involved when he “accidentally” yanked the referee out of the ring, which provided plenty of distractions throughout, as Matthews was too preoccupied with Jackson to fully focus on the match, which gave way to the finish that saw Craven Varro get pinned. The story was that even though Matthews knocked out Jackson, the heels continued to have his number no matter what. It has been a great build so far that is benefitting Matthews as far as making him a sympathetic babyface. We’re excited to see where things lead when Matthews and Moore finally butt heads.

– The Suicidal Six-Way Championship match between Anthony Bowens, Nikos Rikos, The Scranton Strangler, Delroy, The Abominable CPA and Champion Bobby Wayward had an interesting ensemble of talent to say the least, as we’ve come to expect. Between highlights like Rikos trying to convince Bowens to lay down for cash to Strangler continuing to strangle to the social awkwardness of CPA actually helping him pull off some fun spots like using Delroy as a battering ram, there was fun surrounding the absurdity of it all. The biggest focus we got from this match was on the continuing conflicts between on-and-off Untouchables members Wayward and Bowens, which culminated cleverly in the finish, when Wayward shoved Bowens into CPA, knocking him off the top rope, allowing Wayward to apply his submission finisher on Rikos, making him tap. It has been an interesting feud that can only get better when we get the actual payoff. Wayward has been a strong Champion and a consistently great cocky heel. At the same time, Bowens can emerge as a top babyface in the future.

– The 2-On-1 Handicap match between The Strangers and Fallah Bahh was an obvious squash from the get-go, as The Jackson Family’s hound looked to take out his frustrations of not winning the PWS Championship on the two never-before-seen Mohawked luchadors. Bahh ran through his spots and finished it off with the newly renamed Filipino Flop. Jackson requested a mic afterwards and called an open challenge to the back, which drew out Johnny Howl.

– The Bahh-Howl match was designed to be another squash match, but slightly more glorified. Howl put in some offense that made this stray from utter heel domination, but the result was the same. The basic point of it all was to build Bahh and continue to have him pose a threat to the PWS Championship picture. We’re all for it.

– The Damian Gibbs-Mario Bokara match also revolved around Bokara’s pent-up frustrations of losing his beloved Championship, as we were about to be treated to a match we’d never seen prior. The face-to-face standoff before the bell was solidly entertaining as both guys rubbed each other’s gear in unsanitary fashion and mocked one another. Bokara showed a more comedic side, while still retaining his same tough, ground-and-pound, submission-friendly, technical style. Gibbs provided enough spark to be more than an afterthought and Jay Enterprise at ringside proved to be a factor at certain points, until he was taken out, as Bokara overcame both to come out on top.

– The final segment which saw The Lifeguard Mike Del approach the surfer once again at the tiki bar to throw him out was what it was, as Lifeguard asserted his beach authority to get his way. We were promised a final confrontation, so we guess that’s when the story will pick back up.






Quick Results

  • The Heavenly Bodies (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) def. Reality Check via pinfall
  • Suicidal Six-Way Championship – Bobby Wayward (Champion) def. Nikos Rikos, Anthony Bowens, The Scranton Strangler, The Abominable CPA and Delroy via submission to retain
  • 2-On-1 Handicap Match – Fallah Bahh (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) def. The Strangers via pinfall
  • Open Challenge – Fallah Bahh (w/”Shining” Edward Jackson) def. Johnny Howl via pinfall
  • Mario Bokara def. Damian Gibbs (w/Jay Enterprise) via submission

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